10 September 2008

But I'm still hanging on

Hola! I finally remembered what I've always wanted to write bout`. You know I have this SKL cousin. Its really hard to believe his words and its even harder to guess him. You would not know when is the time he bullshits or when he speaks the truth.

The other day when I was at TTDI, I met him there and immediately he told me that he have 2 tix to the Sg. Wang Merdeka Eve concert where Will Pan, Evonne Xu and few other singers will be there lol. I believed him and I kept bugging him to bring me along wtf. Later then when my aunt, uncle, Alson and Christine (his own family) che saw me bugging, they told me NOT TO believe his words. I chose to believe what his own family member said la duh. They should know Alvin better than I do wut.

But who knows, on Merdeka Eve, he texted me and tried to talk big about him seeing Will Pan performing on stage now haha. So I dared him to record a movie down and mms it to me. I didn't believe him at all one lor! Until ....



We had the Gema Merdeka celebration today during the 1st and 2nd period. Look, I'm not trying to offend anyone here but if you think you're one then too bad la ;P You know the celebration was held at the courtyard which was OPEN AIR and WITHOUT SHADES. Though Mr Sun didn't shine on us yet, but it was hot and most of us were getting sticky.

And the prize winners walk so damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn slow as if their beauty pageant like that wtf. Like you know the runway for people to walk to and fro? Yala, exactly like that and exactly at their speed wtf. If the first few peoples can walk as fast as the last few peoples, how good right! Don't have to get all sticky icky.

Okay la, I sound damn offensive lol. I apologize; its never too late ok!

I have very ugly scratches on both of my thigh. I totally don't know how I got it but it was right after jogging on Sunday. Took pictures of it and I actually had to cut them off. I cannot bare to see comments like, "Omg, Vivian so fat -___-"

Fats on screen.

Lame King, Angmohkia & Suet in library during English.

Candid pix, I love.

cSeong's new toy! Now the whole family uses S.E haha.

Anyway gotta go now. Its getting late.

Loves, V.

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