28 September 2008

Brand New

HOLA! :)

I'm dead tired now but a promise is a promise, I have to update my blog before people starts to leave for good haha.

So, I went out the whole day from morning and I have no time for the computer at all. I know I know, the finals is like less than 2 weeks away and I'm relaxing here wtf. Its just that the holiday mood is on and you can never say no to it. Never ever ;)

Dropped by IKEA with the parents for the very first time. I knew their gonna start their complains about how bad the traffic and the entrance to bla bla bla. Its like a must for them whenever their out so now you know why I'm so outdated because they HARDLY even bring me out for shopping *sigh*

IKEA was packed with people! The moment we step in, we saw a lil kid pushing the alarm door and the alarm went off and rings so damn loudly! Then, they were this familia in front of me and the dad was teling his sons, "You see, you see! >:" It was kind of like a warning to them if they continue to be naughty lol. Tsk tsk, kids nowadays -___-

Couldn't get anything in IKEA except mats for the toilet. I wanted to get the pink chair but it was out of stock so will prolly be back there again next month. I lovee that chair soooo much! Its like a must have thing so Paps gave the green light and we'll be going back there next month heh. I first saw this chair when I was doing manicure somewhere and they were using this chair. Immediately fell in love with the color hahaha.

The color is abit off here. Its the pink that I love if you know me well nuff.

Next, we went over to Desa Petaling or wherever it is to look for Uncle KS. Mummykins is planning to get me a new wardrobe and my old wardrobe will be in the so called "guest" room to put the comforters, cloth bla bla bla. I must now learn to bargain wtf wtf -___- I realise I'm the only person who buy stuffs without bargaining in this familia. I think its a phobia, nvm I'll come to this some other time.

After all those yada yada choosing, settled with my first choice ;P The good thing about the wardrobe is that I can decide which drawer I want and the height, the color almost everything ok! Damn cool 8D. I wanted it in pink but Mummykins thinks that pink is a color for kids wtf hahaha. Okay lor, she's the one paying for it so I cannot really comment much so got it in red.

Besides, I just knew that the paint color she bought for my room IS NOT the pink I wanted/saw from the catalogue wtf -___- She said its something like purple but its not purple, something like red but its not red and something like pink but its not pink HAHAHAHAHAHA. My goodness *smacks forehead*

Just came back from McD's with Jenn. Kim Jen Su shi, go ma oh :) Had a very good laugh with her hahaha. FLORIDA JENN HAHAHHA. You are the one who always save me from my home alone moments haha. Thank goodness I didn't need to stay at home alone for long cos cSeong just came home awhile go and I'm going off to watch Guess Guess Guess with him.

My busuk is coming tomorrow! Great, & I have a 3 long hours English tuition tomorrow -___-


Loves, V.

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