05 September 2008

8 alarms


I love today. It ended and started so perfectly well.

I texted cWey the night before to remind him to set an extra alarm just in case I ignore my bloody alarm again and so he did! He gave me his alarm clock which gave me a freaking shocked. My heartbeat x100 faster than usual and I felt like I couldn't breathe wtf. The last time my heartbeat beated this fast was 2 years ago. Alright, skip skip.

5 alarms in my phone and it should ring every 5 minutes just in case I off the first one. But the alarm clock already gave me a shock and how could I ever sleep again wtf. Well if I do, I can be a pig already ok T__T

When I was brushing my teeth, my phone rang. I was thinking which bloody idiot call at 615 in the bloody morning! The ringtone sound really familiar and.. then I only realise it was Yikhao hahaha. I totally forgot that I texted him the night before and asked him for a favor. He didn't reply so I thought it was a no wtf but he did! *flashes big big big big smile*

It've been quite sometime since we last talked. I really miss those times where we joke around with each other like nobody's business. And until today, his still joking wtf never serious one. I'm still waiting for him to send me his voice clip so that I can set it as my alarm tone hahaha.

Oh and nothing feels better than a yummy breakfast! I had ham for breakies and it was really good. I think my maid is getting real smart like she knows what I wants haha. I did not ask for a cup of milo but she made it for me woohoo. I know ok wtf, typical lazy Vivian *sighs*

Besides, I have no tuition on Fridays no more! I wish I can stop my Mod Maths tuition instead of BM. Speaking of Mod Maths, I have an extra class tomorrow wtf at 2 - 330pm. I'm so so so lazy to go for it so I'm still thinking whether I should tell Mummykins bout it or not. I don't think she would be free to send me there anyway.

I cried badly in today's episode of Moonlight Resonance; Episode 27 T________T Ah Yuet so did not deserve all this shits! She's just being truthful and straight forward and look at that fucking back, Ka Mei. I feel like giving her a tight slap on her bloody face wei. She behaves exactly like how Ah Hong deal with problems. Ah Ka is another problem! Can't he feel how Ah Yuet feels?? wtf stupid guys.

On a brighter note, cSeong is coming home later! I love Guylian chocos mwahahaha.

A video took in Yuric's.

Shweet dreams, sleep tight :)

Loves, V.

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