29 September 2008


Tiring day indeed. Waking up before anyone in the family wakes up is not such a good idea wtf wtf. Tuition was a total bore. We were asked to write 2 freaaaaking long essays and when I was writing the 2nd one, I literally burst into tears quitely haha wtf. Its the only thing I can thought about ok *sigh*

My busuk is here and she'll be staying over again heh. Gotta bounce now. 8am again tomorrow wtf wtf. Give me a break.

I'm sorry for the short post.

Loves, V.

28 September 2008

Brand New

HOLA! :)

I'm dead tired now but a promise is a promise, I have to update my blog before people starts to leave for good haha.

So, I went out the whole day from morning and I have no time for the computer at all. I know I know, the finals is like less than 2 weeks away and I'm relaxing here wtf. Its just that the holiday mood is on and you can never say no to it. Never ever ;)

Dropped by IKEA with the parents for the very first time. I knew their gonna start their complains about how bad the traffic and the entrance to bla bla bla. Its like a must for them whenever their out so now you know why I'm so outdated because they HARDLY even bring me out for shopping *sigh*

IKEA was packed with people! The moment we step in, we saw a lil kid pushing the alarm door and the alarm went off and rings so damn loudly! Then, they were this familia in front of me and the dad was teling his sons, "You see, you see! >:" It was kind of like a warning to them if they continue to be naughty lol. Tsk tsk, kids nowadays -___-

Couldn't get anything in IKEA except mats for the toilet. I wanted to get the pink chair but it was out of stock so will prolly be back there again next month. I lovee that chair soooo much! Its like a must have thing so Paps gave the green light and we'll be going back there next month heh. I first saw this chair when I was doing manicure somewhere and they were using this chair. Immediately fell in love with the color hahaha.

The color is abit off here. Its the pink that I love if you know me well nuff.

Next, we went over to Desa Petaling or wherever it is to look for Uncle KS. Mummykins is planning to get me a new wardrobe and my old wardrobe will be in the so called "guest" room to put the comforters, cloth bla bla bla. I must now learn to bargain wtf wtf -___- I realise I'm the only person who buy stuffs without bargaining in this familia. I think its a phobia, nvm I'll come to this some other time.

After all those yada yada choosing, settled with my first choice ;P The good thing about the wardrobe is that I can decide which drawer I want and the height, the color almost everything ok! Damn cool 8D. I wanted it in pink but Mummykins thinks that pink is a color for kids wtf hahaha. Okay lor, she's the one paying for it so I cannot really comment much so got it in red.

Besides, I just knew that the paint color she bought for my room IS NOT the pink I wanted/saw from the catalogue wtf -___- She said its something like purple but its not purple, something like red but its not red and something like pink but its not pink HAHAHAHAHAHA. My goodness *smacks forehead*

Just came back from McD's with Jenn. Kim Jen Su shi, go ma oh :) Had a very good laugh with her hahaha. FLORIDA JENN HAHAHHA. You are the one who always save me from my home alone moments haha. Thank goodness I didn't need to stay at home alone for long cos cSeong just came home awhile go and I'm going off to watch Guess Guess Guess with him.

My busuk is coming tomorrow! Great, & I have a 3 long hours English tuition tomorrow -___-


Loves, V.

25 September 2008


.... on a freaking morning.

You know the bunch of guys in my class have this huge "thing" for balls? Any types of ball will do, even a deflated one works well nuff. Being the very inconsiderate them, they play it in the classroom in between periods when the teacher left or during break/lunch. The teachers knew about it but none of them keeps the ball for good.

Moral got burnt. No relief teachers came in either so the guys were busy playing at the back of the class. When I was quietly stressing over some stupid Maths question, something hit on my head *insert the sound where you won a jackpot at the machine wtf* A VERY FUCKING HARD ONE which I do not know till now whether its the ball or Wen Jie's freaking disgusting dirty shoes. The next thing I know, I stood up and started shouting and swears like there's no tomorrow.

He apologised (IT WASN'T EVEN A SINCERE ONE!!!) but oh well, I rolled my eyes. Then, my tears started to roll wtf very embarassing dot com. MIND YOU, THEY DID NOT EVEN STOP PLAYING!! They continued shouting, yelling and enjoying their game wtf. CAN SOMEONE JUST SEND THEM TO THE ETIQUETTE CLASS, ASAP? The pain was agony. Imagine a flying object just hit your head like that, how can you possibly not shout, get pissed, blame it on them and swear like there's not tomorrow!

Thereupon, my head was vertiginous but it wasn't for long. The tears was still rolling for more than half a period. At that very moment, I told myself that I will never ever talk to THESE KINDA GUYS anymore ESPECIALLY the ones who were part of the bloody game. I practically rolled my eyes, turned my back or walk away whenever they calls my name.

I was all jolly happy again after one period lol but I wasn't talking to them except the few ones near me and they were actually expecting me to forgive that stickman?! NO fucking WAY! I am trying to be someone forgiving but ffs, it totally went off my limits. I admit I was somewhere close to talking to him again when he cracks his never ending lame jokes and I smiled to him wtf.

AND THEN, you know what I heard from him??????

"Don't talk then don't talk laaa. I don't care also,"

THEN WHY DID HE BOTHER TO APOLOGISE HUH HUH HUH! I told you it wasn't even a sincere one hah! Conclusion is, the guys in my class stinks and their freaking childish. I dare to say I'm simply much more mature than them lor. Do you even see a bunch of Sec 4 guys playing police & thieves? Running around the whole courtyard? DO YOU DO YOU DO YOU! I don't even see any upper primary kids play that!

To add on to my suay-ness, my phone is in deep shit wtf. The dialled, missed and received calls history is not working. & my last call is supposingly 15 mins ago but its written 14 Sept which was last week wtf. I need to get it done asap man. I can't bare to see my phone sick at all :( I had to constantly check on the call list, hoping that miracle would happened *sigh* I was hoping that I would get a new phone wtf haha. I AM REALLY DREAMING -____-

Moi shall snooze.

Very pissed, V.

24 September 2008


I've downloaded the whole of Hyori Lee's latest album, It's Hyorish. Frankly, her latest songs ain't as good as it used to be. When I first heard Anymotion, it was fuhreaaaaaking good. I literally had a crush over her body, look and voice heh. And I got really shocked when I wiki-ed her, she's reaching her 30s very soon! ♥ ♥ her body.

We had a motivational talk by an ex-student of my school this morning. He started telling us his stories when he was in Form 4 of trying to be a hero, break the school system, take up ciggies & drugs, getting a 20 to 30% and playing truant for more than half a year of Form 4.

It was very motivating honestly. He was really a bad student back in highschool. He said he was as good as the rubbish inside the rubbish bins. He only started to work hard when he was 16 and he managed to get 2 A's in SPM. That's quite an achievement for a student like that ok. His hard works pay off la. He got few scholarships and finishes his degree in the States. Miracle?

My room is done heh. I am so happy with the result and it made me felt like I had just move into a new house haha. Mummykins is planning to get me new wardrobe, cupboard and curtains. As for painting, I am not gonna paint my room yet *sigh* No hot pink room YET wtf -___-



Not much of a difference from the photo but the floor is so smooth now. The room is also squeaaaky clean! The maid vacumed, mopped and swept the floor in the evening just now. Poor thing. Felt kinda bad though.

Gotta go for GG now ;)

Loves, V.

23 September 2008

Talk to me

A very tiring day.

Teachers have been really nice today. All lessons were free and easy. They must've gobbled down happy pills. Even Miss Voo was nice enough to give us a last 10 minutes break which the whole class fell asleep in the end. Economics was free too ;P The guys were bugging her for a one day break and she did but she promised us for long notes tomorrow.

Had English in the library. We're supposed to do research on our essays "My Ideal Home" but ended up, the guys were having their drawing anime session whereas the girls were busy chit chatting all the way haha.

This was on Monday.


Suet looking into the cook book wtf.

The many faces of my beloved! She still look ahdoorabblle in either ways.

The zit on my nose is gone heh but I have a incoming big zit wtf that actually makes me look like Nancy Sit who has a mole right in the middle of her forehead? That HK lady? Any idea?

Why does karma only happens on me but not any other people? T___T I was laughing at Hendrich le Lame King because he had a scar on his forehead, exactly like Nancy's mole. I made fun of him and the next day itself, I have a freaaakinng big incoming zit on the exact same spot!

Karma is my new bestfriend.

*cries in pain again wtf*

Loves, V.

22 September 2008

All This Time

Mmm mmm, dinner was great hahaha.

As usual, Monday would always be my favourite day of all. Was having quite a tough day when I woke up this morning. My hands were freezing numb and I felt like I couldn't touch the ground at all. The blood wasn't flowing properly brr. Plus, the OMO pain is not doing good at all wtf. I cannot drink cold drinks, I cannot drink cold drinks *brainwashing in process*

Classes went on as usual. Our robotic gangstaa Economics teacher was absent today *three cheers* The whole class was practically cheering when the teacher came to relief. I finished my G1 ink in less than a month's time! And to where did I finish using it? MY ECONOMICS NOTES. We practically copy everything she copies from her reference book and her explanation is as simple as ever. She reads whatever is written on the board, thats her job haha. Thank God for one thing, she's nice :)

Came home and was shocked when I saw the house compound outside filled with tiles. Quickly rushed up to the living hall and everything was in a mess as though we were on a world war wtf. I totally forgot about the whole plan of painting all our rooms and new nice smooth tiles for the rooms heh. I'm so looking forward for the new look of le chambre!

Had a long nice bath and came down for dramas. I think I nearly went on a suicide when I saw..


I am so not dead wtf wtf how can he do such thing behind my back in front of the screen where the whole Taiwan is gonna watch huh huh huh!!?! I screamed a lil when I saw them kissing, woke the brother up from his nap heh. I think I saw tongues also wtf wtf T_____T Please tell me I'm dreaming.

I need to learn to be a professional wife *cries in deep pain*

Loves, V.

21 September 2008

Moonlight Resonance *two thumbs up*

The drama has finally come to an end. I'm sure I'm gonna miss such a nice drama. I love love love love the ending! I don't quite remember when was the last time I saw a drama with such perfect ending. I had goosebumps when I saw Ka Mei stood up and pointed at Yan Hong wtf wtf! SHE SHOULD'VE DID THAT SINCE THE VERY BEGINNING!! Nvm, watch it yourself ;D

Banting was boring as ever but gotta play around with those lil kids. Haven't seen them since months ago. Looking at them grow, makes me feel very very old. I lost count at all their ages and I hardly can remember their names man T__T Is this symptoms of getting old? They grow really really fast *sigh*

Finals is just around the corner (I do realise the amount of times I remind myself ok) but I haven't start to flip my books yet. Friends around me have been stressing over this issue and when people around you get stress, you get stress as well. That's why I don't wish to talk about it at all and I don't even remind my friend bout' how close it is.

I don't like seeing them stressing because it influences me. And when they stress, I felt really useless because I haven't been studying. When they starts talking bout the amount of books, the amount of facts they have to memorize, I felt like I'm crying right inside *bigger sigh* So much to read, so little time to prepare. So, I'll start studying tomorrow! DON'T BREAK MY DETERMINATION AHH!

Since the upcoming dramas don't look that interesting to me, so I guess I'll only watch the repeated ones. Don't try to call me in between my studying time to break my determination ok. I am a very determined person wtf wtf T___T

Sleep tight readers.

Loves, V.

So Hot

Blogging at such time is sooooo weird. Am not used to it at all but I've got no choice :( I don't think I'll be able to blog tonight cause I'm going back to Banting, Mummykins is forcing me to just because almost all my relatives going back. cSeong is not going :( Whose gonna keep me accompany?

Anyway, went out with Jenn last night and had a good laugh. Especially when we saw a very familiar guy friend of ours hahahaha. Finally had lok lok after soooo loonngggg! cSeong doesn't allow me to eat that because its dirty. Mummykins thinks that too so sigh, havta eat it when their not around.

Oops, I made a typo last night in the previous post. Its supposed to be epi38. As for tonight, epi39 will start at 8, followed by epi40 at 845.

Have you all notice the new KiWi nuffnang adv? Its soooo cuteee haha. Will blog again tonight I guess :)

Lee Meng Yee!!

Loves, V.

19 September 2008


Again, my beauty sleep has to be disturbed by the Mummykins. Had tomyam beehoon for breakies. Boyyyyyyyyyyy, it tasted so good wtf.

Had to be all home alone again. I planned to do some reading but later did I realise, I don't have any books with me at home haha, so much for studying. Mmm, went for a short jog just now and bumped into a tuition friend. I tried to walk away as fast as I could but I'm too big wtf wtf how to hide right? -____-

Came home and I just knew that I'm gonna be all home alone again *sigh* Mummykins and Paps is out for dindin somewhere which I don't even know where. cSeong's out for friend's wedding and cWey, as usual out again. If Mummykins informed me earlier, prolly I'll choose to go out to dine with friends instead of fried rice *bigger sigh*

Soooo, if you notice my blog is now slightly different! I've always wanted it wider but I've no idea how. I even asked help from some bloggers but none of them seem to get what I'm trying to say :( Until, I decided to play around with the HTML codings in the afternoon. God, nothing feels better than this. As for the font, I like it round and cute heh :)

Moonlight Resonance epi38 tonight at 830 only on AOD! Just in case any of the AOD subscribers forget about it heh. So did anyone of you watched the part where Ka Mei got rotan by Sa Yee? My heart was beating damn fast yet feeling a lil sad for her and her mum. But the happiest thing is to see Sa Yee turning into a good person again. Can't wait for the last epi :)

Am going out with Jenn now. Gotta watch epi28 later! At least I don't need to be all home alone again. I'mma happy happy kid ;D






Love Marriage. I'm currently watchin this K-drama. Pretty good :)

Oh and you can play around with your faces too at http://www.yearbookyourself.com/
You guys are not that blind right haha.

Loves, V.

This Time

Wonder Girls - This Time is a must hear to all of you! It is actually the song playing right now in my blog. I didn't like it the very first time when Sengster thinks that he have cooler songs than I do wtf wtf. He talks about Ahn So Hee almost everytime I talks to him so yeah as days passes, I start to love this song - my current ringtone haha. GO GET YOUR DOWNLOADS! ;)

Was looking forward to the end of school today. Couldn't really pay attention on what the teacher's trying to teach in front. My heart is just not in the class at all. All I ever wanna do was to get ma ass home asap and have a nice afternoon nap.

Dragged Stephy and Kyearn out today. Fats tagged along as well. Followed Kyearn to the post office and had a nice time with the aircond after walking under the sun for idk how many minutes wtf.

The minute I reached home, I dropped dead at cSeong's bed and had nice long 4 hour nap wtf if you call that a nap la haha. Woke up, had a nice bath then twas' dinner.

I have a soon-to-be-growing zit somewhere near my nostril wtf. I can barely move my nose now cos its hurts so badly. Am finding ways to get rid of it. Also, my face is as rough as the sandpaper wtff damn sad lor. I think its the allergy again *sigh*

Mr. Kenny Thong is back but I don't seem to have the mood to go out lately. I can only get my allowance on the 22th next month wtf. I'm also saving money for all sorts of things so havta spend wisely already. Money not enough wtf. Omg speaking of that, I've yet to watch Money Not Enough 2 -________-

Gtg watch my drama!


Your smile.. is to die for.

Loves, V.

17 September 2008


So Mummykins did not ffk me woohoo. I'mma happy happy kid again, Sengster ;P

Went over to Pyramid. Bought 4 pants which are super comfy & reasonable, a tee, a pink handphone pouch and a fucking beautiful bag! Omg I'm so in love with the bag though its a lil expensive. Salesgirls nowadays are so powderful. Despite being happy, I also feel very guilty wtf. We have to do shopping without letting Paps knew haha just so he wouldn't get mad, spending money in such economy.

Just came back from tuition. This is the most borinnggggg Mod Maths tuition everrrr! Everyone seems so dead. I should've just told Mummykins that today's tuition is cancelled wtf wtf wtf. Ok la karma karma.

And something to entertain you guys.





Stay tune for more hahaha.

Loves, V.

16 September 2008

Typical nuff

Why is it that whenever a guy is going after a girl, he totally forgot bout' his friends. And if the relationship ends, the guy will turn back to his bunch of friends? Why is he so sure that his bunch of peeps will be there to welcome hime back wtf.

Losaaaas I tell you. If you're ever reading this, I really felt like having a guy friend like you is worthless.

Loves, V.

15 September 2008



I am so happy to finally decide what to take for college. Its still early to make my final decision but no harm right. It does not even requires calculation omg how great man! Mummykins thinks that if I don't do calculation, I would be stupid wtf. Fuck, I better stick to the same plan.

Some bastard pushed my head against the edge of the window frame. IT HURTS AND TILL NOW, IT STILL HURTS! No sign of blueblack but IT STILL HURTS! I was fucking pissed and those suk chun bastards in my class never admit for what they do. They dropped almost everything on my table when I came back after lunch but when I ask, no one admits wtf wtf.

LOSAAAAAAAAASSSSS! Did you guys just swallow your fucking balls? *roll eyes* Its fun to hang around you guys but come on, admit for what you did la its not like we would grab a knife and stab on you right? What's so bad to admit for what you did wrong? Why can't people apologize huh huh huh huh! The extinction of the word sorry begins -__-

And for that suk chun bastard who pushed my head, I believe in karma. Prolly you would lost one of your bola tomorrow? Who knows right ;) Good luck! Karma is awaiting you.

Lotsa loves, V.

14 September 2008

Its time to put an end

I loathe you.
I despise you.
I hate you.
I do not need a friend like you.

I believe in forgive and forget. I believe in everyone deserves a second chance. But you? No matter how many chances given, you don't seem to appreciate it. You don't seem to know your conscience at all. Why do you even bother promising when you can't even keep a simple promise? nuff said.

Its sad to know that my analytics are diminishing! Like very very very badly and it dropped by around 20 person lol. Who can I blame but myself right -___- *big big sigh* That's why I couldn't be bothered anymore. The Nuffnang plan is not working on me anymore WHETHER readers wanna stay or go also I cannot do anything anymore :(

Jenn came and pick me up and we went for McDees last night. We had a super dooper loooonnggggggggg chat there - prolly around 3 hours. I only went home after receiving a grumpy call from cSeong. I've finally got Mummykins approval wtf wtf *tears of joy* She don't doubt me anymoreeeee and she seems to trust Jenn alot. The advantage to have older friends? *grin* Anyway, gomaoh Jenn!

Before I forget, Happy Mooncake Festival! Be good and stay at home for a proper dinner with the Familia ok. Like tradition, I'm going over to my Uncle's house in PJ later for family dinner. My Aunt cooks really nice meals especially the soup *drools*

My dog nose bleed when he saw me this morning! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA okok not funny. I don't want Smellyn to call me thick face bitch again T___T The fur around GP's nose is a lil purple-red. I don't know what did he do to himself but I'm sure its because of his greediness. Now he look like a clown dog haha.

Gotta get ready. Taaaaaa! I hate Accounts test :(

Disgusting smelly tofu!



Loves, V.

12 September 2008

What goes around, comes around

Yap Liang is suffering from toothache! And the best thing is its the exact problem that I had the other time!

Too early for celebration wtf. I laughed at him and kinda shouted a "SERVE YOU RIGHT" when he said his tooth hurts. And guess whaaaaaaat? I'M HAVING TOOTHACHE AGAIN WTF. mahai its from the same tooth and Mummykins is most prolly dragging me to the dentist T____T I think I'm gonna pee in my pants tomorrow.

Thats why, we must watch our mouth when we talk. Cause' karma do exist and its fucking scary. I know I often say this but lemme repeat it again k. I LEARNT MY LESSON T______T

I had to rely on painkillers now sigh. I know its real bad but what to do. I am scared of almost everything. I can make small lil things sound as though its some shit ass big muthafcking big problem lol. I think God is trying to hint me again cause the painkiller is not working! It still kinda hurts now but its mild already.

Ate dinner with Mark & cSeong. Had smelly tofu and wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf it smelt like I DON'T KNOW WHAT and he it stinks like I DON'T KNOW WHAT TOO. It tasted a lil sour after eating omg omg omg that smell! I can remember the smell -_____- Never eating it again.

No fate with Jenn again :(

I think I better watch my Dark Knight now MUAHAHAHAHA.

Loves, V.

11 September 2008

Searching for a place to hide

Whenever I see young girls (prolly just older than me a lil) driving alone, I feel like I'm seeing myself in them wtf. Seriously, I don't know how the rest of the people does it. I am super afraid of being alone whenever I'm outside.

You only have the radio to keep you accompany. Takkan you wanna call your friend when you're driving right? Possible but can you like really concentrate on the road wtf. And if you get pissed at your friend for some reason, your face turns red and you shout in the car like nobody's business. Hence, you speed like petrol iz water and.... BANG! Damn dangerous -___-

"Driving alone is the best. You don't need to take care of the other person's life," - cSeong.

I. IZ. SO. DEAD. THIZ. FINALZ T_____________________T

Loves, V.

10 September 2008

But I'm still hanging on

Hola! I finally remembered what I've always wanted to write bout`. You know I have this SKL cousin. Its really hard to believe his words and its even harder to guess him. You would not know when is the time he bullshits or when he speaks the truth.

The other day when I was at TTDI, I met him there and immediately he told me that he have 2 tix to the Sg. Wang Merdeka Eve concert where Will Pan, Evonne Xu and few other singers will be there lol. I believed him and I kept bugging him to bring me along wtf. Later then when my aunt, uncle, Alson and Christine (his own family) che saw me bugging, they told me NOT TO believe his words. I chose to believe what his own family member said la duh. They should know Alvin better than I do wut.

But who knows, on Merdeka Eve, he texted me and tried to talk big about him seeing Will Pan performing on stage now haha. So I dared him to record a movie down and mms it to me. I didn't believe him at all one lor! Until ....



We had the Gema Merdeka celebration today during the 1st and 2nd period. Look, I'm not trying to offend anyone here but if you think you're one then too bad la ;P You know the celebration was held at the courtyard which was OPEN AIR and WITHOUT SHADES. Though Mr Sun didn't shine on us yet, but it was hot and most of us were getting sticky.

And the prize winners walk so damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn slow as if their beauty pageant like that wtf. Like you know the runway for people to walk to and fro? Yala, exactly like that and exactly at their speed wtf. If the first few peoples can walk as fast as the last few peoples, how good right! Don't have to get all sticky icky.

Okay la, I sound damn offensive lol. I apologize; its never too late ok!

I have very ugly scratches on both of my thigh. I totally don't know how I got it but it was right after jogging on Sunday. Took pictures of it and I actually had to cut them off. I cannot bare to see comments like, "Omg, Vivian so fat -___-"

Fats on screen.

Lame King, Angmohkia & Suet in library during English.

Candid pix, I love.

cSeong's new toy! Now the whole family uses S.E haha.

Anyway gotta go now. Its getting late.

Loves, V.

08 September 2008

Miss No Good

I just watched Miss No Good. Why can't Rainie just speak like how she usually speak instead of shouting and screaming to one another?! -___- And her friend is just in front of her wtf. I'm sure the drama would turn out better one lor. And Xiao Call talks like everyone is deaf ok! I'm not joking, prolly you should watch it too.

Oh and don't give me comments bout' the show at all man! I hate receiving negative remarks about Will. Not even a insy winsy bit ok! Just that day when Mayteng took out his old secondary photo where she got it from Youtube, claiming that its a before and after surgery photo wtf. I got so pissed and they were having a good laugh mahai *grrrrrrrr*

Oh God, how I wish we have assembly every single day! They had the Prefect Installation of o8' & o9' today. Nothing to do with me but the assembly was really long and I love it haha. Peiwuon and I basically talked throughout the whole assembly. I even taught Shawn how to sing the *cough* very-hamsap-version-of-Xiao-Wei *cough*

I feel deeply sorry for Yikhao *burst out laughing loudly* He have been a good alarm lately but his gonna take a day off tomorrow cause he didn't have enough sleep the nights before and he had to wake up at 610am to wake me up hahaha. I'm not trying to be mean ok. Its just something he owes me :)

My Bee called from Aussieland today. God damnit, haven't been talking to her lately and thank goodness she's doing fine. Your latest news have definitely gave me a big big surprise, B.

Beetch will be sitting for her SPM Trials for weeks. Lucks beb! xo.


Guess whose hand?

Its either wanted or unwanted.

Loves, V.

07 September 2008

There can be miracle

I wonder why does my MSN always die on me whenever I'm in the mood to chat wtf. I think I have to agree with Sengster wtf; MSN does hates me :( Ugh, whatever man. I like taking shots of people whenever I have a webie convo with them heh. I get happier whenever I see ugly shots of them hahaha.

Had a webie convo with this long lost friend of mine.

why that face?

that's better :)

The feeling didn't turn out to be as awkward as I thought. I really had fun talking to him. And I do realise, its hard to crack a joke nowadays. People around me thinks that I'm the Queen of lame jokes but OBVIOUSLY I'm not la! If I am, I would have to marry Hendrich (Lame King) hahaha. The joke is supposed to be funny but people will be like, "lame wei!" -____- Damn hurtful lor.

Mummykins new ride came last week. You know when Paps was trying to sell the Merc, she kept telling me about how good the turning point bla bla bla and she tried using me to call Paps to tell him that I would miss the Merc if he sell it off and I did help her haha. Now, I need not hear all her rants and complains because she's loving her car badly wtf -___-

The good news for me is I do not need to sit the van to school anymore!! *cheeeeerrsss* Okay noone knew about it lol. I had to wake up like 10 minutes earlier than usual in order to get to school earlier than anyone just so noone would see me coming out from the van T__T Sitting a van to school is no biggie but FYI, the van is full of very ugly battery stickers even cSeong is not willing to sit on it ok wtf. I'm not spoilt! Try putting yourself in my shoe T__T

I was quite pissed la somemore cSeong finished his finals already and Paps doesn't wanna send me to school so cWey would have to do it and he had to use the van because Mummykins had no car to use so she had to take his. But as day passes, I got used to it already -___________________-

The other good news is Bad Campus Belle/Miss No Good/Bu Liang Xiao Hua/不良笑花 is coming out tonight in Taiwan! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I can finally watch it after the long awaiting. To be honest, I have a feeling that its gonna be a fucking bad show lol. Will Pan have no experience in acting at all so of course I doubt la. *silence* Okay, I SHOULD NOT doubt my own husband! :D

Speaking of Will, almost all my relatives asked me whether I went to see him or not T__T The moment I step into granny's house, my aunt started asking me all sorts of question. My granny wanted to see his picture too lol. I blamed my aunt hahaha because I had no transport to KL and her being my aunt, should offer a ride. From no regrets to I think I'm feeling damn regret *sigh*

Okay gotta end before people start complaining I talk too much!

4/10 -____-

GP :)

Loves, V.

06 September 2008


Dramas man, drama!

This is the last thing that I wish would happened. Going through all those shivering, crying and worried moments is just plain dumb. You got all of us worried for you and yet you turned on the silent mode and continue sleeping. I was fucking disappointed when I knew you weren't at Ally's house. What happened to you? What happened to those promises you made? What happened to 2am hardcore studies? What happened to getting in colleges? I miss the old you..

Just got off the webcam with Dean McDumb. The whole convo was prolly bout' how the whole world got included on the drama wtf and we're still talking about it now. Maybe you should stop being sorry for everything although the blame will be put on you but prolly you should give yourself a break. And, I mean a real break and stop clubbing lol.

Sigh, I wish everything did not even happened.

So anyway, I'm so getting these!

Gladiator sandals!

Omg, I love it so so so so much that I even dreamt about me wearing it wtf. I IM-ed the brother this afternoon to talk about it and he agreed to buy it for me as my belated belated birthday present! But later then I realise, its quite pricey to buy it online. The original price is 59.90rm but I would have to plus the shipping fees too which is 12rm. I can actually get rid of the 12rm but there's nothing much that I feel like buying anymore!

I think I can get it at better price outside wtf prolly it'll even look nicer.

Ahhhh damn moody now. I'm so in love with the sandals -____-

Loves, V.