23 August 2008


I'm prolly gonna disappoint you guys cause I only took 4 pix today and 3 of the pix is my camwhore pix HAHAHAHAHA. Ok so that wasn't very funny but seriously there isn't much thing to be snap there. And of course the other reason was because I'm darn shy to snap around random photos. I'm not that sua ku lor what if people misunderstand and thinks that I'm not from the city wei!

Finally get to meet the retarded ones :) Oh and I met Rachel there too! Bloody retarded Alvin Lim Chin Han. He told me that he have the DiGi tickets bla bla where Wilber P would be performing. I'm so stupid to actually believe! Baahhhh, bullshit king -__-

It was dead bored there. The only thing we did there was to watch MYFM's 10th Anniversary thang but also manage to bergossip-gossip with Ms Christine heh. That's what girls do best.

Head over for supper around 12 at Asiba. It was a vegetarian buffet there so cSeong and I was kinda hungry. Ok at least its better than bringing your own nuggest&fries over there where everyone is eating vegetarian and you decided to be the odd one out haha. In your face, Alvin -__-

There were cuppacakes there as well. I've always wanted to try one of those and very big disaapointment wtf. It looks good but wtf the taste is nothing special ok. Its just like those ordinary choco muffin except they have nice toppings.


Ok something looks weird here. SKIP;

Very very O face *cries like a baby wtf*

I have a short neck wadafuck? -__-

Change in color! Black ♥

Its time to snooze now. Shweetest dreams everyone! :)
Remember to brush ya teeth hahahaha.


Loves, V.

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