21 August 2008


I lost the sudden interest in blogging. Because?

Before I start, this is a post which only contain words. I don't have any pictures with me!

You know at times when I'm seriously pissed but yet I can't use those foul words to express my pissedness wtf I feel even more pissed! Just because my principal might stumble across my blog or he even have the url, I have to take precaution. What? Who would like to be call down to the office because of your own personal blog? I have to act as though I'm damn cool when Bryan asked me, "What if Mr Chew call you to his office?"

And the major thing is my blog is very lack of pictures. I'm aware of it ok please don't think I'm stupid like how Sengster thought wtf. I am not stupid, I'm just not that smart. Anyway, in case anyone of you didn't realise, I have a pretty strict parents. I don't get chances to go out and hang around with friends often. Where to find pictures? Honestly, its not like you people really like seeing my camwhore pictures right wtf. Alright, even if you wouldn't mind right, I am not that free to camwhore everyday for the sake of you guys ok. I have better things to do -__-

My whole blog seems so wrong. I don't like how it look right now and I don't know what's the problem. I feel like changing to a bright background but I know myself well nuff that I would change it back to black very soon -__-. I hate my header ok. I tried to do a better header but I suck in Adobe. Those fucking buttons cause me headaches. The header that Darl did for me was nice but there's still something missing which I don't know what is it too -__-.

I'm sorry. I'm fussy and grumpy like that.

Anyway! I went out with cSeong, Gary and Yee Hung today. Went around searching presents for cSeong's friend with a budget of 80rm from 4 person to a 21 years old guy. You know when he told me the amount of people sharing the money, I seriously have no comment. I know 80rm is money but your friend is turning 21 ok and 21 means alot aiya wtv it is I just find 80rm from 4 person is damn wrong la ok!

I wanted a pink mouse and I thought it was pretty limited in Malaysia. Guess what? They have alot of choices in Digital Centre ok wtf. I so wanna get the pink mouse but it was quite unnecessary la. The mouse I'm using now is still fine though it does get cuckoo at times but after re-pluging it, it still work perfectly. Will get it when the current mouse dies.

I thought I should write this in tomorrow's entry but who cares la!

You know when I was in the middle of typing this shit, I don't know what the fuck I did, I accidentally poured the big cup of water and my phone was right next to it!!!!!!!!! GG TO THE MAX!!!!!!

My phone pouch is totally soaked with water. My keyboard is semi-wet but its still working haha. As for my phone...... its still as good as new! The good news is I manage to clean all those hidden dust away HA HA HA HA. The bad news is when I was cleaning it, I saw a small lil dirt in number 2. Somehow, the tissue got stuck inside number 2 and the tissue went inside O_O. Now, number 2 looks cacated cause its a lil senget now wtf. How the fuck am I supposed to get the tissue out now!!

Today is just not my day.

With love, V.

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