25 August 2008

Rewrote Post

Alright, I'm rewriting this again via cSeong's lappie. My perception towards lappies have finally changed. Lappies are not as bad as I thought at least. You can carry it everywhere and its quite convenient. Oh well, if I have a choice, I would rather have a new computer than a lappie because for now, I don't think I really needed one. Besides, a computer have bigger storage!

Its 52 days away from the Finals. I know its a little early to do the calculations but for slow minded people like me, I think I'm short of time right now. I certainly do not agree that Form 4 is a honeymoon year. If you honeymoon this year, how are you supposed to pick up on your studies next year? And you know, finals are never easy. Fuck it, should work on it by now.

Have I told you guys that I hate my new timetable? I've always loved Mondays! But the school decided to change the bloody timetable and I seriously felt like I couldn't breathe in between periods. None of the subs are lovable and the other reason is because I'm tuition-free on Mondays and there's no Add Maths on Mondays! I have double periods of BM and English on Tuesday continuously which prolly means we would have to go for Junior break >:(

You know we finally spoke today. Although there wasn't much but it definitely made me feel better after hectic school life. Despite the topic, everything seems to be great. Hopefully there would be another chance *sticks tongue out*

Can I please have my old timetable back? *big teary eyes*

Brrrrrr. Should've finish watching the Closing Ceremony. The whole class was talking about it this morning until the last minute of school wtf. Wang Lee Hom and Rain was there to perform and I missed it!

Clocks ticking. Snoozey.

Loves, V.

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