26 August 2008


Oh yes baby, 5 more days woohoo! 5 FUCKING MORE DAYS!!


I feel really cold now but I don't feel like turning off the air-conditioner until I finish using the computer. I have dry skins already; which make me feels like a aunteeehhhhh. My hands and legs are so dry but lazy Vivian couldn't be bothered to walk 10 steps to get the lotion baahh.

I hate the new timetable from the bottom of my heart man. Everything is so ugly and I'm not the only person who hates the timetable. I seriously do pity my BM teacher because she have like 6 classes on Mondays one after another. Alright skip!

I should talk about something happy instead.

MY BELOVED 潘潘 ♥ is coming this Thursday! But sadly, I can only meet him on Saturday wtf. I can't even get to hear his interview with MYFM on Thursday because I have a bloody Add Maths tuition to attend. By the time I reach home, I'm left with 20 minutes to listen to his ending. I can actually watch it live through the net but wtf tuition is just rubbish.

I wish I can just attend the concert this Saturday but there's no one that could fetch me from KK all the way to Sg. Wang just to see 潘潘 and the chance of seeing him is damn low because I didn't get to change the tix. I have to stay tune to MYFM everyday just so I can text in and win for the VVIP tix. Let's just pray hard that the seats are what VVIP should deserve wtf wtf I'm talking as though I'm very sure that I can get it wtf hahaha.

On the other hand, I wanna go to Yu Ric's bday party which falls on the same day as the day I'm meeting 潘潘 *curses curses* I'm the one who have been bugging him to celebrate it since last year and I'm also the one who can't attend. I wish Tropicana is nearer to KK wtf. Can anyone shrink Malaysia please? Doraemon? *big wet eyes*

Oops! I'm supposed to watch Legend of the Demigods with Paps! Till then :)

Loves, V.

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Charlene @ 雪琳 said...

aHaha~ I definitely know how it feels.. Happy meeting your husband and Good Luck for the MyFM thingy~!! ^^