28 August 2008


My husband is currently in Malaysia! *evil laugh*
His prolly getting ready for tomorrow's schedule and eating supper!

So did anyone of you stay tuned to MYFM at 7 just now? He was having a interview with Jym! I My sucky computer couldn't connect to MYFM and so I couldn't catch him live pfft. No worries, I'll still meet him this Sunday hehe. His all mine HAHAAHAHAHAHAHHA.

The blogging mood is so off lately. I can't even write a proper post. The analytics is dropping really badly. Nuffnang didn't seem to increase; my hope for it totally just went down the drain *sigh* Anyways, will made it up for pictures real soon. ITS A PROMISE! But.. it'll all be about my husband la duh wtf hahaha.

School's school. I still hate the new timetable no doubt.

Loves, V.

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