30 August 2008

Merdeka Eve

Oohh hello!

Today isn't such a good day at all; I think I'm starting to hate Saturdays wtf. Mummykins woke me up for breakies this morning with cSeong. How rare you actually get to see him eating with us in the morning. Came back and played the computer a lil then watched Big Stan.

Brr, I'm so lazy to type anymore. Pictures?


super sexy mooncakes! *click to enlarge*

A steak..

FOR ME, duh.


at his


his dog!

I'm sorry this is very WilberP-ish. Once again, I'm not regret for not meeting him! So I guess you people should stop asking about it right? I neeed a break -___-

Loves, V.

29 August 2008

We've Got x Faith

So.. going anywhere on Merdeka?

I'm not going to meet my beloved husband anymore wtf. Surprisingly, I don't feel tooo depressed like how I felt last 2 years (Fyi, I couldn't get to go to meet WilberP last 2 years in One-U because Mummykins wants me to accompany her to Cameron Highlands without even informing me at all) where I nearly ended up putting a big fight with her. That moment was really depressing, totally potonged off my steam.

As I was saying, I mistaken Klang Parade as Bukit Tinggi. Neither cSeong nor I knows the exact way to Klang Parade so I finally decided to miss this valuable chance and go over to Yuric's. Suet gave me that wtf face when I told her bout it, "HAR? So you're giving up meeting your husband because of Yuric? Don't regret, you hardly get a chance to meet him. You waited for 2 years."

I think I made the dumbest choice ever but I seriously don't wanna be such a lousy friend. I bugged him for years to celebrate his birthday and he had always refuse to. Now that he is finally celebrating it and I can't attend it because I need to meet my husband whom I rarely even have the chance to meet? Tell me what kinda friend does this wtf -_____-

Besides, its not like I haven't got the chance to tell WilberP how I felt for him and seen him. I'm fine seriously. You better make it up to me Mr Teh! I sacrifice my chance to meet my husband because of you ok!

Moonlight Resonance for now :)

Loves, V.

28 August 2008


My husband is currently in Malaysia! *evil laugh*
His prolly getting ready for tomorrow's schedule and eating supper!

So did anyone of you stay tuned to MYFM at 7 just now? He was having a interview with Jym! I My sucky computer couldn't connect to MYFM and so I couldn't catch him live pfft. No worries, I'll still meet him this Sunday hehe. His all mine HAHAAHAHAHAHAHHA.

The blogging mood is so off lately. I can't even write a proper post. The analytics is dropping really badly. Nuffnang didn't seem to increase; my hope for it totally just went down the drain *sigh* Anyways, will made it up for pictures real soon. ITS A PROMISE! But.. it'll all be about my husband la duh wtf hahaha.

School's school. I still hate the new timetable no doubt.

Loves, V.

27 August 2008


I'm so pissed that I would prolly blow up and drown myself in my own tears. My neighbour cannot make it to meet 潘潘 with me. Nahh don't worry bout it Michelle, I'm fine I guess?

I really wanna go over to Yu Ric's house but wtf I have big problem there. I have big transport problem there. I'm putting my hopes on Kyearn now and hopefully he'll give me the nod tomorrow! And about transport back home, prolly have to trouble cSeong again *big big big sigh*

I don't know what to say other than I'm pissed -___-

Pissed off, Vivian.

26 August 2008


Oh yes baby, 5 more days woohoo! 5 FUCKING MORE DAYS!!


I feel really cold now but I don't feel like turning off the air-conditioner until I finish using the computer. I have dry skins already; which make me feels like a aunteeehhhhh. My hands and legs are so dry but lazy Vivian couldn't be bothered to walk 10 steps to get the lotion baahh.

I hate the new timetable from the bottom of my heart man. Everything is so ugly and I'm not the only person who hates the timetable. I seriously do pity my BM teacher because she have like 6 classes on Mondays one after another. Alright skip!

I should talk about something happy instead.

MY BELOVED 潘潘 ♥ is coming this Thursday! But sadly, I can only meet him on Saturday wtf. I can't even get to hear his interview with MYFM on Thursday because I have a bloody Add Maths tuition to attend. By the time I reach home, I'm left with 20 minutes to listen to his ending. I can actually watch it live through the net but wtf tuition is just rubbish.

I wish I can just attend the concert this Saturday but there's no one that could fetch me from KK all the way to Sg. Wang just to see 潘潘 and the chance of seeing him is damn low because I didn't get to change the tix. I have to stay tune to MYFM everyday just so I can text in and win for the VVIP tix. Let's just pray hard that the seats are what VVIP should deserve wtf wtf I'm talking as though I'm very sure that I can get it wtf hahaha.

On the other hand, I wanna go to Yu Ric's bday party which falls on the same day as the day I'm meeting 潘潘 *curses curses* I'm the one who have been bugging him to celebrate it since last year and I'm also the one who can't attend. I wish Tropicana is nearer to KK wtf. Can anyone shrink Malaysia please? Doraemon? *big wet eyes*

Oops! I'm supposed to watch Legend of the Demigods with Paps! Till then :)

Loves, V.

25 August 2008

Rewrote Post

Alright, I'm rewriting this again via cSeong's lappie. My perception towards lappies have finally changed. Lappies are not as bad as I thought at least. You can carry it everywhere and its quite convenient. Oh well, if I have a choice, I would rather have a new computer than a lappie because for now, I don't think I really needed one. Besides, a computer have bigger storage!

Its 52 days away from the Finals. I know its a little early to do the calculations but for slow minded people like me, I think I'm short of time right now. I certainly do not agree that Form 4 is a honeymoon year. If you honeymoon this year, how are you supposed to pick up on your studies next year? And you know, finals are never easy. Fuck it, should work on it by now.

Have I told you guys that I hate my new timetable? I've always loved Mondays! But the school decided to change the bloody timetable and I seriously felt like I couldn't breathe in between periods. None of the subs are lovable and the other reason is because I'm tuition-free on Mondays and there's no Add Maths on Mondays! I have double periods of BM and English on Tuesday continuously which prolly means we would have to go for Junior break >:(

You know we finally spoke today. Although there wasn't much but it definitely made me feel better after hectic school life. Despite the topic, everything seems to be great. Hopefully there would be another chance *sticks tongue out*

Can I please have my old timetable back? *big teary eyes*

Brrrrrr. Should've finish watching the Closing Ceremony. The whole class was talking about it this morning until the last minute of school wtf. Wang Lee Hom and Rain was there to perform and I missed it!

Clocks ticking. Snoozey.

Loves, V.

24 August 2008

Olympic Closing Ceremony

Guess who was being a good boy doing his extra sub, Accounts this afternoon? ;)

Any clues?

Try a lil harder.

Derrick Khoo Tiong H'ng!

Is anyone watching the Olympic Closing Ceremony? There's gonna be DAVID BECKHAM *drools*

The 1 week holiday ended just like that. So farr.. I've only managed to do my Accounts homework HAHAHAHA! Because I completely forgot how to do all the other calculations like Mod Maths & Add Maths wtf. Awaiting to be screwed tomorrow.

Lousy nailpolish remover wtf. After removing the nail polish off still looks so dirty as if it've not been removed wtf. I miss you Sally Hansen T________T

Gotta go watch the closing ceremony now :)


I just finished half of the closing ceremony. Its so boring lol *yawns* But I managed to see my Beckham bwahahahah. Leona Lewis was there too! How come she looks like she lip-sync to me -__-


Loves, V.

23 August 2008


I'm prolly gonna disappoint you guys cause I only took 4 pix today and 3 of the pix is my camwhore pix HAHAHAHAHA. Ok so that wasn't very funny but seriously there isn't much thing to be snap there. And of course the other reason was because I'm darn shy to snap around random photos. I'm not that sua ku lor what if people misunderstand and thinks that I'm not from the city wei!

Finally get to meet the retarded ones :) Oh and I met Rachel there too! Bloody retarded Alvin Lim Chin Han. He told me that he have the DiGi tickets bla bla where Wilber P would be performing. I'm so stupid to actually believe! Baahhhh, bullshit king -__-

It was dead bored there. The only thing we did there was to watch MYFM's 10th Anniversary thang but also manage to bergossip-gossip with Ms Christine heh. That's what girls do best.

Head over for supper around 12 at Asiba. It was a vegetarian buffet there so cSeong and I was kinda hungry. Ok at least its better than bringing your own nuggest&fries over there where everyone is eating vegetarian and you decided to be the odd one out haha. In your face, Alvin -__-

There were cuppacakes there as well. I've always wanted to try one of those and very big disaapointment wtf. It looks good but wtf the taste is nothing special ok. Its just like those ordinary choco muffin except they have nice toppings.


Ok something looks weird here. SKIP;

Very very O face *cries like a baby wtf*

I have a short neck wadafuck? -__-

Change in color! Black ♥

Its time to snooze now. Shweetest dreams everyone! :)
Remember to brush ya teeth hahahaha.


Loves, V.

22 August 2008

Pocketful of Sunshine

Today is another boring day so this is gonna be another boring post. But you don't give up on me ok cause I will snap some low quality random pictures for tomorrow's post! I'm going over to ma cousie's house for his baby's full moon (or issit 1st b'day) in PJ. That's if I can make it for tomorrow's la.

After so long of not meeting with Banana, Kiamsu and Hui Yee che! As much as I hate being bullied by the 3 of them but they're still nice to me heh *big wide grin*

My lunch for the past few days is gonna be bachangs! *screams* I have never been a fan of bachang so what am I supposed to eat wtf. I only eat it when I have no other choices. To my surprise, I just realise I am the only person in this familia that dislike chinese sausage. *sigh* Why am I so weird.

Spent the whole day doing very unproductive stuffs. I don't know why when some aunt come over for rummy, they have to bring their sons along. Whose gonna take care of your child when you're so busy playing? MY COMPUTER FFS. I hate hate hate it when I have to allow the kids to use my computer.

Just like what happened in the afternoon. Dah la you come over my house and make all sorts of noises, I have to let your kid use my stuffs. Your kid is very boring I understand.. So you think when he play the computer, I don't feel boring? BORED TO DEATH OK ffs. You can just put him at home and let him play the computer right. His big enough to take care of himself I supposed. If you continue to hold on tight, how is he supposed to be independent?

Sheeesh, thank God I have newly downloaded games in my phone. I spent the whole 3 hours playing The OC and I'm done with all the missions. I need new games ;(

I have yet to watch the Dark Knight and Sex & the City! Must watch it by this week god damnit.

Lovelove, V.

21 August 2008


I lost the sudden interest in blogging. Because?

Before I start, this is a post which only contain words. I don't have any pictures with me!

You know at times when I'm seriously pissed but yet I can't use those foul words to express my pissedness wtf I feel even more pissed! Just because my principal might stumble across my blog or he even have the url, I have to take precaution. What? Who would like to be call down to the office because of your own personal blog? I have to act as though I'm damn cool when Bryan asked me, "What if Mr Chew call you to his office?"

And the major thing is my blog is very lack of pictures. I'm aware of it ok please don't think I'm stupid like how Sengster thought wtf. I am not stupid, I'm just not that smart. Anyway, in case anyone of you didn't realise, I have a pretty strict parents. I don't get chances to go out and hang around with friends often. Where to find pictures? Honestly, its not like you people really like seeing my camwhore pictures right wtf. Alright, even if you wouldn't mind right, I am not that free to camwhore everyday for the sake of you guys ok. I have better things to do -__-

My whole blog seems so wrong. I don't like how it look right now and I don't know what's the problem. I feel like changing to a bright background but I know myself well nuff that I would change it back to black very soon -__-. I hate my header ok. I tried to do a better header but I suck in Adobe. Those fucking buttons cause me headaches. The header that Darl did for me was nice but there's still something missing which I don't know what is it too -__-.

I'm sorry. I'm fussy and grumpy like that.

Anyway! I went out with cSeong, Gary and Yee Hung today. Went around searching presents for cSeong's friend with a budget of 80rm from 4 person to a 21 years old guy. You know when he told me the amount of people sharing the money, I seriously have no comment. I know 80rm is money but your friend is turning 21 ok and 21 means alot aiya wtv it is I just find 80rm from 4 person is damn wrong la ok!

I wanted a pink mouse and I thought it was pretty limited in Malaysia. Guess what? They have alot of choices in Digital Centre ok wtf. I so wanna get the pink mouse but it was quite unnecessary la. The mouse I'm using now is still fine though it does get cuckoo at times but after re-pluging it, it still work perfectly. Will get it when the current mouse dies.

I thought I should write this in tomorrow's entry but who cares la!

You know when I was in the middle of typing this shit, I don't know what the fuck I did, I accidentally poured the big cup of water and my phone was right next to it!!!!!!!!! GG TO THE MAX!!!!!!

My phone pouch is totally soaked with water. My keyboard is semi-wet but its still working haha. As for my phone...... its still as good as new! The good news is I manage to clean all those hidden dust away HA HA HA HA. The bad news is when I was cleaning it, I saw a small lil dirt in number 2. Somehow, the tissue got stuck inside number 2 and the tissue went inside O_O. Now, number 2 looks cacated cause its a lil senget now wtf. How the fuck am I supposed to get the tissue out now!!

Today is just not my day.

With love, V.

20 August 2008


I just realised today is 2008.08.2008!

I've been playing Super Puzzle Bobble day and night and I've finally accomplished all the round modes! I'm damn proud of myself ok wtf. I play with it when I'm doing facial, waiting for the teacher in tuition, shitting, watching telly, before I sleep and even when I'm walking. And can you believe it, this is my only entertainment for the past few days when I'm not allowed to use the computer -__-

Mummykins made appointment for facial today at 10am. Thank God all the pain that I went through today was bearable. Unlike the one in CN Beauty wtf. I seriously don't know how the fuck they press the blackheads. Its as though they wanna get my nose senget man. Anyway, its not like I'm going there again soo.. yes its still Thank God.

I watched What Happened in Vegas yesterday night. I don't find it as nice as people commented. Prolly its because I watched it alone wtf. It will influence one ok! Watching a movie alone is very boring and you got no one to discuss about the bloody movie and it makes you feel even bored. OR simply because I don't like Cameron Diaz.


cSeong is considering whether to bring me out for Sushi Zanmai with his friends or not. Yes and he have all the time in this world now. He finally finished his finals and all he have to do is to sit at home and waste his bloody time until his result is out. November would prolly be his convocation. I'm so looking forward to that day where I can give him flowers ok wtf long time to go lol.

I've been watching this new TVB drama lately.

Legend of the Demigods.

Not too good but too bad either. I watched it for the sake of Linda Chung and Benny Chan. Prolly you guys should give it a try too ;)

Havta keep ma fingers crossed tonight! I MUST GET TO GO OUT WTF!
Shweet dreams peepos.

Loves, V.

19 August 2008


I think I'm starting to hate the holidays. Mummykins burst in any minute to wake me up. I cannot use the computer 'guo ming zing dai'-ly. As though I committed a crime wtf, the computer is already mine wut. I don't know what to eat during the holidays T________T. You know when you're in school, you eat what they have but now when you get to make a choice of your own, I really have nothing in mind! I hate holidays ._.

Thank God Sengster saved my night yesterday. For the past few nights, I've been painting my nails to kill the night lol and now I have nice pink nails hahaha. I think I can prolly memorise the telly programmes. How do people survive without the computer man wtf!

I know I have fat and short fingers wtf -______-

And I only knew how to pronounce the word 'lingerie' yesterday night wtf. I've always pronounced it as 'ling-girl-ri' instead of 'lahn-zhuh-rey'. I got the correct pronounciation from Dictionary.com *shows tongue* I'm not stupid but I'm just not that smart ok. I'm not the only person who pronounced it wrongly hahaha. I called up Smelly whose at Genting sleeping and I made her pronounced the word and she got it wrongly also what! See, I'm not the only person whose not that smart -_______-

I have a ....


When Paps saw this on my leg, his face expression totally changed O_O. But before he gonna AK-47 me, I explained la wtf. I sticked it only la karawaleh *smacks forehead* I don't even have the guts to pierce my ears what more tattoo man wtf. But I would love to have a small star on my neck haha.

I'll sign off with a picture of GP :)

Blogger's picture uploader is so gay wtf.

Loves, V.

18 August 2008


Dear beloved readers,
I said I might be MIA-ing not confirm MIA ok wtf. Not even one reader on the 17th Aug? KAI WAN XIAO! damn sad can die dot com T__________T Don't la like that. I also need money to survive ok. Must come back ah! You know you love, xoxo, Vivian Tan wtf.

Oh and did anyone of you watched the badminton match? I WAS DAiMN FRUSTRATED OK! Lee Chong Wei lost but I'm not blaming him. Its that stupid ugly ba-q-pai Lin Dan's fault! When Lee Chong Wei bend down, he will smash wtf wtf. I don't care if this is how badminton works but wtf, like taking advantage of people only! Damn pissed off. Dah lah menang, somemore wanna throw his racket and shoes. WHO WANTS YOUR STINKY SMELLY SHOES MAN!

Not like your shoes is made out of gold. I have shoes at home also what! I have heels somemore ok wtf. Why didn't you get 0 since you're born with that name! Aisshhhhhh, I think I'm starting to hate China. Oh and did you see Lee Chong Wei's face? Very pressure wtf. It wasn't his fault and he was good! So don't put the blame on him, don't put the blame on him ~ *sings*

Can you believe it? I did my Accounts homework hahaha just because I have to kill my time. GOTTA JUMP NOW. I'm blogging in the dark and I can hear cSeong snoring hahahaha.

Shweet dreams!

Loves, V.

16 August 2008

MIA? Prolly

Hi all. Mummykins doesn't allow me to use the computer that frequent anymore and for now, I'm not allowed to touch the fuhreaking computer. I'm blogging via cSeong's lappie. So I gotta find the right timing to use the computer starting today.

To the Loved one,
I'm sorry for everything. I know I've always break those promises that I made and you will always forgive me no matter what. I know this is for my own good. And this will be the very last time I'm doing it, I swear. If I ever do it again, please throw me out of the house. nuff said.


I just came back from yumcha with cSeong and his mates. I really gotta thank him. Though he looks like he doesn't seem to care about me, but deep inside, he does and he really care. He will be the only person willing to bring me around even though his not in good mood. I guess he brought me out for supper cause he knows that I'm unhappy after seeing me crying my heart out late afternoon.

If you're ever reading this which I highly doubt you wouldn't even after posting my url on my personal message, I really wanna thank you for being there for me each time I need a hand.

God, life without the computer passes so slowly. What should I do!

Loves, V.

15 August 2008

Ur So Gay

Oh god man. My blogging mood is so off now but I feel like typing something in to call it a day. School was boring. FUHHHHREAAAAAKINNNNGGG BOHHHHHHREEEEENNGGGG! The guys were playing tumbling tower which they borrowed from some guy from the other class. I had a choice of not being in school! But because I have to finish and hand in all my Science homeworks today which is also the last day wtf, thats why I have to waste my bloody time.

Ah fuck it the blogging mode is so off. My sincere apologies.

You're so sad maybe you should buy a happy meal.
You're so skinny you should really super size the deal.

- Kate Perry ; Ur So Gay.

Loves, V.

14 August 2008


I just came back from my Uncle's in PJ not long ago. Paps wanted me to go so Mummykins have to agree bwahaha. I expected nice yummy dish from my Aunt but disappointment wei! The fried chicken is not yummy. The mihun is kinda tasteless. Okay la at least better than school food zz -_____-

School was seriously crazy! After English, they found an underwear outside our class window wtf. Who actually will leave their underwear behind wtf! No wait, how did anyone leave their underwear behind! O_O. So being the usual them, they played around with the underwear NOT WITH BARE HANDS ok wtf crazy meh. They scare everyone with it and then Yap Liang decided to become the hero wtf. I even have the video of him hanging the undies wtf!!

Shweetest dreams everyone! I'm so lazy to type now zz.

Loves, V.

13 August 2008


I miss those times when I can have dinner together with the others. I miss those times where we can chit chat and have a good laugh while having dinner. I hate tuition, I hate tuition! Now that I have to eat dinner earlier than the others, I didn't like the feeling at all. Its so so lonely *shed a tears*

I'm supposed to be going over to my Uncle's place for a dinner tomorrow but Mummykins thinks that I should stay at home and go for tuition instead. I've never missed any dinner there and because of tuition, I have to stay at home?? Omg seriously, I hate my life. Why does tuition takes up 3/4 of my time?? Very sad wtf very very sad can die dot com *cries like a baby wtf*

I just realise I haven't been talking much about school! Lessons were on as per usual, nothing much to talk about it. Oh and wtf I have something to complain about (insert car exhaust pipe sound)! I think her brain is not functioning properly. She gave us 3 Peka's and the whole of Chapter 5 of Science Practical to be completed too! &&, we have to hand in everything by tomorrow.

Where to find all that time to complete everything? Its not like the answers are given ok. We have to search by text books and her notes to find for the answers. Oh well, not like anyone is planning to hand in any work tomorrow. I think our deadline would be Friday. Why can't she just give to us as a holiday homework right!

Oh and 9 teachers would be leaving for a better offer by the Government. I think? Whatever it is, they are leaving. ThankGOD, I only have 1 teacher leaving. I cannot afford to flung any of my papers in Finals. Pn. Faridah would be leaving *big sad face* Why isn't (insert car exhaust pipe sound) leaving huhh? Why can't she just leave the damn school and give us some peace -____-

&& am I that easy to understand? Why is it that they understand me and know my weakness so well? Mr Ng knew that I can do the questions but I tend to doubt my own answers. Pn. Zan also knew that my brain function very slow when it comes to Maths. Sooteng knew that I would wanna try mihun even though she wanted to have assam laksa and I did not ask her to take mihun! Suet knew that I would want both assam laksa and tomyam fried rice but I took assam laksa instead. She went to take another bowl of fried rice for meee :)

Is it me or people are just considerate and observant? Okay la, I shall go to bed now but before I go, I have a bloody lame joke to share.

Q: Why is dinasour afraid to go to Japan?
A: Because there is Ultraman in Japan -______-

Shweetest dreams everyone! Adios ;)

Loves, V.

12 August 2008

Moonlight Resonance

You know what, Sa Yee (Susanna Kwan) is getting on my nerves man! What the f*ck, her character and personality in the drama will make you drop your jaws or felt like throwing something or even throw her a bitch fit wtf. Her facial expression is wahh I tell you, I think if she's standing in front of me now, I will throw my shoes right to her face man lol.

In case you were wondering who is Susanna Kwan, this is how she looks like.

Why does this photo looks like some.... memorial photo LOL *touchwood*

I slept at 230am yesterday. I was already in deep pain before I went to bed but I thought that I won't feel the pain after I sleep and so I didn't bother doing anything to it not even eating ice. And so, I went on rolling here and there, holding onto my face but you see, the pain was really unbearable. I burst into tears.

WTF! I swear if giving birth is this pain, I rather not give birth wtf. One bloody tooth had already caused me shit lots of problem and I receive the biggest news from Mummykins. Its either she's planning to scare me and make sure I take care of my teeth in the future or she's serious about it. She said that there is no way to make a new wisdom tooth -_________- I hope she's just trying to scare me wtf.

Mummykins came in to my room last night when she saw the lights were on. She saw me struggling in pain and she went down to get me the pain killers. WALA! Pain killers work wonders man. I cannot feel the pain anymore and its not even painful now! I love pain killers, pain killers love me ♥

Its getting late now. Time to snooze.

Shweetest dreams. Nights!

Loves, V.

11 August 2008

Meet Dave!

I must say the director of Meet Dave, Brian Robbins had really filmed a great show! Omg, if you love stupid movies, you would definitely love Meet Dave! Eddie Murphy is seriously a good actor. I didn't laugh as hard as I thought I would maybe because I was watching it alone with my very boring maid. Watch it in the cinemas ok!

9.5/10 *big wide smile*

You know this *cough* (insert car exhaust pipe sound) *cough* gave us 3 Peka to be completed and hand in by Thursday. Like wtf? I've never ever did a Peka by myself because usually the teacher will provide the answer on the board and we'll do it together-gether. No seriously, why is she giving us such a hard time. I rather see her scolding us and write our names in the control book instead of torturing us like that -_______- Give me a break man.

Guess what? My good friend, toothache just visited me again zomfgwtfbbq. The tooth that was ache is still ache but this time... jeng jeng jeng, its shaking already -_____- I'm waiting for the time to come and then I'm free from toothache! But fyi, this tooth that is aching now grew twice already so... I'm gonna have a hole in between my teeth wtf hahaha but thank goodness its right right at the end so its not gonna be obvious. I hope?

Fuck it man, I hate toothache for goodness sakes.

I have homeworks to be completed but I can't be bothered for now. I'm more concern about how to fill the hole in my mouth wtf. Paps said he have no money for me lololololololol. How now brown cow? I don't wanna have a hole can ah T___________T

sakit oi.

Very much in pain, V.

10 August 2008

You Don't Mess With The Zohan

Half of my day was gone because I only woke up at noon today sheeesh. I spent the rest of the time in front of the computer Meetoto-ing, chatting, blog hopping, friendstering and facebooking. Why is my Sunday so boring? -_______-

I just finished watching You Don't Mess With The Zohan and zomfgwtfbbq its not funny and honestly, quite boring wtf. The story is all about very powderful Adam Sandler and his powderfulness in almost everything. Oh and yeah its partly about the war between Palestinian and Iraq but all in very sohai ways la of course. I think my maid enjoyed the show more than I do. Thank goodness I'm not watching in the cinema or else its gonna be another waste of 10rm.


We ordered Dominos for dinner and I was the one who called wtf wtf. This is my first time ordering for a delivery and seriously its damn scarrryyyy. You know I've always tried to change my perception towards the other races but you know they are the ones who start to piss us off!

Like when I called up for delivery, I asked the indian lady to repeat what she just said because for your information, she was speaking as though she is rushing to reincarnation wtf. She replied me in this way, "Haih, coke or sprite?" WTF WTF WTF? SO I'M GIVING YOU FRUSTRATION? Isn't it your job? Didn't anyone tell you that you speak so god damn bloody fast together with the not so comfortable accent?

And maybe I am not the only person who speaks like a train and I don't rap neither do I laugh like a horse/penguin wtf, Sengster. I'm very timid one la ok, I dare not even argue with her about it though Berry said I should. If I'm on PMS mode, I think I would just hang up the call lol. So yes, the next time I wanna eat Dominos and I'm too lazy to get my ass out of the house, it would be done online instead! I have my reasons to be a lil racist one ok wtf.

I don't think I've told you that I'm very broke now T__________________T. I'm actually cashless and I dare not ask the parents for moos. Mummykins gave me 100rm last week before I went out to Pyramid and I already had 100+ with me but I spend it on stuffs like presents and Wilber Pan's new album. I should've just save the 60rm and buy it next time. Damn it, now that I have to start saving moos for Cellnique Pro Sebum Gel.

and its prolly gonna cost me around 200rm wtf -___-

wtf I don't wanna write already. I'm still thinking about the phone call just now. bye bye la!

Pissed, V.

09 August 2008

Another Day

I JOGGED IN THE EVENING TODAY! Mmm, something productive throughout the whole bloody boring week. I like I like! After a whole of 3 months of not jogging, finally had the chance to date my beloved neighbour out. Chelle, you're such a busy woman! Please fit me into your schedule wtf. I cannot continue in this size zz. I think I would die man -_______-

Guess what I've been doing the whole day?

MEETOTO!! http://www.meetoto.com/

My first time there was really bad. Some dude was singing the most horrible song on earth! My speakers was in a very loud volume and he suddenly burst out singing horribly! O__O very much felt like hell ok wtf. I was really bored today so I decided to login to Meetoto. I just finishing singing wtf I was dared by KenVII ok. There was this sohai talking and argueing with another guy in the room and the whole conversation was in BM. can die dot com -_____-

I made 2 friends today! Ok its supposed to sound like a good news, it was in the very beginning but the conversation kinda get a lil awkward later on. So I came to know this guy namely T and he joined us after his 3 whole big big round then he was introduced to me. "So which school are you from, Vivian?" he asked. "Mmm, SRIKL." I answered. "OUH waaah, rich people." he said.

I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE IT! I kept quiet later then. I don't know what to answer after someone said something like that. Then, I was introduced to E. She's nice and friendly but yes she asked me the same question as what T asked but she did not answered the same thing instead.. "So is everyone there very stucked up? I mean I like you but people there are quite stucked up right?" she said.

MAJOR SWTNESS MAN. Just because a handful of the school is stucked up, immediately we are known as "stucked up" as well. I did not answer her question as well. I did not even bother to explain to her man. I was kind of offended la to be honest but I forgot bout it after we parted so I guess it was still fine.

So now you see, Sri KL's name is so well known not because of education but these -_______-I'mma go watch my leftovers. Its Teh Yi Peng's birthday in another 29 minutes!

Lovelove, V.

08 August 2008

080808 ;

Today marks DesperateQueen's 100th post! Am still looking forward to the next hundreds. I must must break my 501th post in Multiply wtf wtf.

You prolly thought I forgot about the Beijing Olympics 2008. For those of you who thought so, hah! In your face because I didn't ok. Pei Wuon reminded me of watchin the opening ceremony but because when we wanted to subscribe for AOD, Mummykins had cut the Sports channel. For those of you who doesn't have th Sports channel like ME, fret not cause you can still watch it through Channel 816. Only on Astro!! :D

I'm not quite sure whether you can watch the events on 816 or not but I was watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics in 816. Give it a try but don't come shooting me with your AK-47 if you can' watch ok wtf -__________- ok very lame not funny sorry wtf.

Beetch did not ffk me this time! Beb, I'm so proud of you *shed a tears* We went over to 7-Eleven after school but there was nothing that I wanted to buy so yeah she was complaining that she's sweating and all wtf. Then, we walked back to school to meet up with Zhou Wei and Pei Wuon. They accompanied me until my bus comes. Thank you very very much! SITTING DOWN ALONE IN THE CANTEEN IS DAMN SAD. which is what usually happens to me on Friday wtf.

Sher did not come for tuition >:( She was still in Subang Parade but today's BM was pretty much ok. I did not feel sleepy at all prolly because of the fuhreaking sunlight that was practically shining on my face. I felt a lil bad for stopping BM next month but I seriously cannot tolerate it anymore. I have transport problem there especially during noons and how can anyone not fall asleep when you have to go for tuition right after you come back from school.

From 'I love Fridays!' to 'F*ck Fridays!'.

Anyway, I gotta go catch up with all the dramas I have been missing out lately D: I do not want to feel as outdated as how Humongous Kok is. Fine, used to ok hahahaha. I know you love me Sengster ;)

My lil brother from another mother aka Venice Chalam's son wtf wtf.

Oh and Beetch, whatever I said today was jokes ok. I know you're very understanding ;P but I do mean whatever I said about Kopi O'. I VERY SERIOUS ONE OK!!

Shmelly dreams peepos.

Loves, V.

07 August 2008

Star Shine Above Me

I bought a red pen that cost me 80c for Xing Rou and I told her that it was meant for her birthday present. And today is her birthday. Suet bought her liquid paper and something to clip the papers. I lied la ok wtf. I where got so cheapskate buy her 80c red pen?! I bought her two quoted tees and a handmade card with my kiss on it HAHAHAHAHAHA.

The class sang her 3 version of Happy Birthday and she was all blushing red. I do mean RED ok. I passed her her other birthday present after school and she thought it was a gift from some other people wtf. Do you think our friendship cost 80c?? -_______-

Tuition was good today. I had a good talk with Sher-Maine after a whole long day of not talking bout *cough* someone *cough*. Its not easy ok? I had to pretend to be ignorant like the do-whatever-you-wanna-do-man-I-don't-give-two-shits face when I do care and I'm very observant ok! I am indeed quite disappointed but I guess this is karma lol.

Have you seen Katie Holmes new haircut yet? It look good but very much Britney looking.

Don't you agree?

Beb is coming to school tomorrow! Like finally man, finally. After all those ffk and cannot make it, you're finally here to accompany me! ngek ngek ngek. To add on to my good news, Xing Rou will be staying back tomorrow too! double the cheerios. Lunch tomorrow? :)

The card I made for Xing Rou.

Right, nice cake wtf.

Gotta snooze now. Shweetest dreams!

By the way, its Vanness Wu Jian Hao's birthday today too :)

Loves, V.

Happy Birthday, Xing Rou!

Happy 16th Birthday, Ng Xing Rou! ♥

Thanks for being there for me when I have to go through shits. You play a big role in my highschool memories ok! I loveeeee you.

Everything I wanted to say is written in the card but its not long la I understand.

Have a good one and may your wish come true qing ai de ;)

Loves, V.

06 August 2008



Hi all. The Familia knew about the blog already. For now, I don't know whether its a good or bad thing because I swear so much in my blog and the only place for me to splurge out my feelings is gone. But I guess I'm fine with it. Its not like the Familia is gonna invade my privacy right? Right.

I am indeed quite down now but surprisingly, the dinner I had 2 hours ago was the one which actually made me feel alot better. I guess its true that there's no one that you can trust except yourself. As for people like who cannot keep things to themselves, I don't know how to live on without telling the babes. I think I'll prolly die instead and to be very honest, only 3 of them can be trusted and is willing to hear about my problems.

PP made me laughed really hard today. He was asking us about why students nowadays like bringing their guitars to school. James told him that girls like guys who can play guitar. So he started telling us that he can play the guitar and because his girlfriend dumped him, he stopped playing. He was feeling very sad and he got electrocuted. Bunch of bullshits but yet he manage to put a smile on my face throughout the day. You gotta love him man! ;)

Had 2 periods burnt. I think the guys in our class are really getting on VrOOm VrOOm's nerves. She reported Wen Jie the other day for I don't know what and he was called to the office. You know sometimes, I really don't get what's going on in her mind at all. I don't know what is there to be complain. I don't get what is there to be all sensitive and angry with.

For your very general information, today is my beloved Hubby's 28th birthday! I know the age gap between the both of us but like what everyone says, age gap is not a problem at all! As long as we love each other wtf wtf, that's all it matters. Don't puke!

Oh and my friend here have something to say.

*photo removed*

& now, I'm waiting for the clock to strike 12. Its Xing Rou's birthday! ;)

This was the video that I promised to post yesterday. Watch only if you understand Hokkien!

Its time to tuck myself to bed. Shweetest dreams.

Loves, V.