30 July 2008

Happy Big Girl

The mosquitoe racquet thing is back in action! So cWey decided to balas budi after seeing his beloved not lil not big sister bitten by shit lots of mosquitoes. I would have to handle it with care from today onwards, in case I'm gonna put myself in deep shit again *gulps* I think I hate mosquitoes more than VrOOm VrOOm hahahaha ;)

School was a-ok today. I've learnt my lesson well nuff that I shouldn't skip school unnecessarily. I have so much to copy for Accounts and Commerce! The notes given are very very long and its not sexy at all. Bad news, I have Accounts class test tomorrow *smacks forehead* zzzzzz. I feel quite sorry for my Accounts teacher honestly. She's nice to us but instead the guys treat her like shit. Her face is always so sour and whenever I see her face, I feel really pek chek -____-

She looks pretty when she smile ok and shes pretty herself. Why must she always come in with a sour face and why don't she smile and make everyday a better day! T_____________T You should see the face of hers, like damn cham like that. The guilt in you will eventually increase. The boys in class are damn ignorant somemore. They make noise like 5 minutes later after teacher got pissed over us zzzzz *smacks forehead* I'm so sorry, cher ;(

I gotta jump now. Sengster is waiting now zzzzz -_________-

I hate to say this but WEI BO LOVES ME OK WTF! :D DONT BE JEALOUS PLS.

Loves, V.

Happy 16th, Hendrich Wong!

Happy 16th Birthday, Wong Joon Yang! ♥
You see I even added a love for you.

I actually had the heart to text you after 12 in fact I stayed up for your birthday! (I was watching Guess Guess Guess ok, who would bother staying up -__-) ..... Okay, sort of stayed up. And what? You didn't even bother giving me a reply and expect me to wish you?
YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Okay la, its your day and I've been very nice to you.

May the day you longed finally comes *hint hint* and be happy ok. Maybe I'll treat you better if you would just stop playing with my fats wtf wtf. Sounds so wrong but I think most of you would know he enjoy playing with others fats wtf wtf. I hate love you :)

Oh and, stop being lame would you! Its so lame that it doesn't even add any marks to your expertise. Is this the only thing you do best? Irritating people? Play their fats? Lame jokes? LMAO! Sorry la :( I can't help it. I should stop, its your day ;P

you suck ;)

Hendrich Wong Joon Yang aka Lamest King.

Much love, V.

28 July 2008

You Must Be Kidding Me

If you know me well enough, you would understand how much I have hated calculations since young. Whenever I get to pass my Maths paper, I will be very thankful. I was sick when I had to sit for my 2nd term Maths paper. I was very very sick that day so I didn't expect much from myself too, not even a passing mark from the paper.

Maths period came and I wasn't looking forward to it. Pn Zan came in and she thought she had gave out our paper previously. I told Xing Rou that I'll be happy enough if she say she lost our papers hahaha. I didn't wanna know my marks at all ok! I wish I can just do my paper and totally forget about it. Someone randomly asked her how was our marks. "6 got A, 6 failed," she answered. "All the girls got A *smiles*," she added.

I was busy copying the questions she gave and to be honest, I have no interest on what she was telling the class at all. I overheard the conversation and Yu Ric and I have the same question mark on our faces. "Cher, Vivian got an A? IMPOSSIBLE!" stupid Yu Ric asked -____-. "Oh yeah, how can I ever get an A -.- Think also know lor." I stupidly added *smacks forehead*

She kept on convincing me about the A and I kept telling her that its her mistake that she counted the marks wrongly. She went down to get the paper and I am very very very very shocked! O_O My stunned face is probably the ugliest stunned face I did and until now, I cannot believe I got an A for Maths! I texted Mummykins immediately and her reply was really disappointing *smacks forehead* "Clever girl lor." she replied -_______- How to not feel disappointed???? hahaha.

I don't remember the last time I got an A for Maths as it is tooo long agooooooooo. I think it was during Form 1 and I only got it once hahaha. I told everyone I could told and all of them are pretty happy for me :)

I felt a sudden useful in myself hahaha but the hatred I have towards anything that has to do with calculation never decreases -_________-

Very boh syok ok. I cannot use wtf and mahai in my sentences and this is damn potong! I don't wanna be call up to the principal office also. How come the school have so much against the internet nowdays -_____-

Migraine is here again. I hate the after sick process T__________________T
I hate headache.

Nuff said.

Loves, V.

27 July 2008

Back in Action


& I'm still sick after a week. The phone lines around my area was cut for 2 days and it just came back this morning. No wonder Miss Khoo couldn't get my house phone :)

Anyway, my head hurts now. I'll update a proper one soon.

Loves, V.

21 July 2008


Hello all, my fever came this morning. My body starts to ache and I felt so restless. I couldn't even open a bottle of water, thanks Suet. Big tupperware bottle is not helping much either. In this case, I would usually skip class for a day or two to rest but....


The guys in class were telling me that you can't re-sit for your paper anymore (Just like what happened to Derrick and YapLiang), so yes I decided to like you know.. go for my war. Fyi, Derrick was away to Penang which I think he can't be excused for personal reasons gua. As for YapLiang, I'm not quite sure dei. He was having competition in idk which state but its not like he would give a damn right lololololol.

AHHHHHHHH ~ My eyes are burning hot. I can barely open my eyes now and the lights are shining so brightly.

Mr Chew was talking about blogs during assembly this morning. Isn't this part of like invading privacy? I don't know why should the school even interfere in this. We *cough* Sri KL students *cough* should not using those nasty and improper word. I think I just coughed my lungs out lol.
If you realise, I didn't use "wtf" in this post! Yes, Sri KL students are not allowed to. I'm not gonna lock my blog either because..


Very sick, V.

20 July 2008

Short Note

You are prolly sick of reading all my stupid, boring post..


This doesn't stops me from blogging either! *evil laugh*

I seem pretty relief for tomorrow and like half of the humans in my list have gone to prepare for the incoming 3 days war. I wish I can stop being in my honeymoon year and buck up for a better future. Note that, I wish ok.

There's so much to study for Commerce, so much formulas to memorise for Add Maths and so much to understand about Literature yet I'm still slacking. HOW NOW BROWN COW! *sad sad*

I'm blogging through cSeong's lappie because Coolo's mouse seems to be kuku and prolly died while I was watching 200 Pounds Beauty half an hour ago heh. I love that movie ok! So yes, I'mma go off now and continue with my 4 long chapters of Commerce.

Wish me luck okie!
Thank you thank you, I know you guys love me wtf wtf. Don't deny.

Good night and have a shweet dream. Dreaming of me perhaps?

Loves, V.

19 July 2008

Boredom Strikes

4th post of the day! *evil laughs*
Was it 3rd? Damn, I lost count but it doesn't really matters doww ;D

I broke my promise.

I know its bad ok but I can't help it. Coolo, nama komputerku, was luring me this afternoon! It seems like he doesn't wants to be wrap up with dust and spiderweb so I did my job as an owner. Chehwah, but the truth is I'm so in need to blog and this is a super good excuse to run away from books! ;)

We had History paper first. Well, all I can say was I tried my best and gave my best shot. I cramped 1 quarter of 2 and a half chapters into my brain in one night. Its HISTORY hello hello! So, I certainly think its a very good achievement.

Next up was BM. One word, tough! By far the worst paper I ever did I guess. I don't know the points for my rumusan and the tatabahasa part was the worst gaawwwdd. EVERY SENTENCE SOUNDS SO WRONG TO ME! I wanted to correct the whole bloody sentence with my own words but the instruction said without changing the structure of the sentence and meaning. Waraaaaaoo, gg dot com lor! This time confirm hailat -_______-

Commerce, + Maths and English on Monday. Thank you very much *Sengster's accent ok!*
I think I'm gonna disappoint Suet and Xing Rou on Monday. Hopefully, I can at least get a blooody C for + Maths please please please.

Connection is very the sucky dot com. Everyone on my list seems to be constantly dc. I think its a sign from God. He wants me to study! But but but.. without highlighters, I can't remember facts.



Loves, V.



Tagged by Michy

7 facts about me :

- i will die without food.
- no wilberpan, no vivian ;)
- if i tell you, i don't judge a book by its cover, i'm definitely lying.
- my friends categorized me as a guy. THIS IS NOT A FACT.
- i loveeee jokes.
- i dislike smelly guys pfft. go get yourself a deodorant or perfume *coughcough*
- i love money.

7 things i treasure :

- family ❤
- besties.
- iBaby! I will definitely die without this.
- the computer.
- my shmelly pillow.
- wilberpan's cds ;)
- moneyyy! $_$

7 things that scares me :

- anything gory wtf.
- mosquitoes! not scares but annoys.
- injection.
- rejection -_____-
- being fat -_____- (I think I'm getting used to it wtf)
- exam papers. (dont come telling me, "relax, their just papers." i swear i'll slap you!)
- results.

7 music at the moment :

- 转机 by Wilber Pan.
- 心墙 by Bae Fong.
- Yesterday Once More by The Carpenters.
- You Are My Angel - Loretta Chow.
- 直觉 by Joyce Cheng.
- Bye Bye by Mariah Carey.
- Hero by Mariah Carey.

7 tings i say the most :

- mahai.
- wtf.
- 你是猪啊!
- fuck.
- lololololol hahahah.
- wafuck.
- waraaaao.

7 people i tag :

- venicetan.
- jazminekhoo. (harhar, im still gonna tag you ;P)
- n/a
- n/a
- n/a
- n/a
- n/a


wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf. I hate it when I come back and theres no food. I hate it I hate it! I texted Mummykins and she told cSeong to tapau but when I came back, he was still sleeping!

I said I wanted it hot but you can just buy like 10 mins before I come back right. I told her the time also wtf why must she ask someone who wouldn't actually bother to wake up just to buy food for his own lil sister?! I ASK YOU I ASK YOU!!!

mahai somemore can't get to see Beetch after so long of not touching her wtf hahhaha wtf not funny. wtf damn pissed ok!!!!


pissed dot com


18 July 2008

2nd Test

Its 2nd Monthly Test tomorrow and I probably should not blog until it ends. Yes, I do not want to regret ok wtf wtf. What more there's so much to read and so little time to get ready! Too bad for me la then, I always do last minute work -_____-

Oh and and, Pan Wei Bo's new album is out! (fuck fuck, pokkai like shit already T___T)



I was thinking whether to buy or not but since it comes in 2 CDs, 1 DVD and Wilber's MV. OMGOMGOMGOMG DIE ALSO HAVE TO BUYYY! It feels so sad that I have to bid goodbye to my cash for this. Somemore I'm not sure whether my love to him will ever fade away or not. Oh god, bad investment -______-

Ok good nuff. I can finally watch Moonlight Resonance or Heart of Greed II on the 28th! Oh yes yes, my long awaiting drama. They switched positions already and the good ones in the first episode will be acting as the bad one. So coool leh!


Got to jump now. Before I go, I have some quite obscene photo of Fats and it shall never be removed! MWAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAH.

Nice cleavage you have there wtf. I can't even hold a glue hahahaa.

Wish me luck, xo!

Loves, V.

15 July 2008



No one is annoying me but I just feel so annoyed. If you would agree that Fats is annoying me because his chatting with me now hahahaha wtf. Nola, his not the reason to it lol. Don't worry Fats! Its not you :) mahai I just feel so annoyed.

I tried to keep my mouth shut for the day to keep up with the current sore throat. Just hope that it would be better by tomorrow *fingers crossed* Mummykins bought the wrong pei pa kou for me so I don't think the effect will work that well. I cannot afford to fall sick at this stage ok, its my 2nd test this Saturday wtf wtf.

I've yet to touch the books neither have I finished reading Twilight. I KNOW OK, I KNOW! I'm so slow and lazy at everything. I hate myself for being so lazy ok but whatfuck can I do lol. Its not like what I say, I can keep up with it. I tried but I failed within half an hour -_____-

I fucking DIYed my pencil case when I had to study for my mid terms. So yes, if it weren't for the coursework marks that helped me, I would've probably failed all my freaaking papers :O

BM seems to be quite tough this coming test. I don't know what teacher is trying to teach in front there. I don't know wtf is ayat cakap pindah wtf wtf. I don't know how to change those sentences at all and its gonna come out this freaking Saturday! Oh yeah, I haven't told Mummykins about it. Not planning to though ;P

Oh and you know what? ITS SO FUCKING HARD TO EARN MOOS IN NUFFNANG LA! So please please do some charity here, I'm so desperate for money $_$ Can you see my money minded face? Click on anything that would be moving in the advertisements lol. As long as its moving ok! JUST CLICK IT AND DON'T BE AFRAID ITS NOT VIRUS FFS, ITS CASH!

Like the current one we have, Mister Potato, Clorets (however you spell this), DiGi etc etc. Just click it ok? I don't know what other advertisements they have BUT JUST PLEASE CLICK IT OK. Your clicks are much much appreciated wtf :)

Buat baik, balas baik :)

My Mi Tian Gung.
Loves, V.

14 July 2008


I'm about to go through a serious sexy sore throat! Congratulations to those who hates my bad mouth and my very the noisy voice because I can finally shut up for once. But according to what they say, I talk more when I have sore throat hahaha. Uhm.. awww? *evil laughs*

Its funny how people greet me nowadays. "Have you shitted?", "How's the constipation?" and "Did you shit yesterday?" -________- someone please hand me over some tissue. I'm SWTing badly ok wtf wtf.

I'm happy because my friends actually care about my health but on the other hand, is that all you can ask about me -_____-. I mean like of all things right, must it be the shit lol? And the most of you ask me early in the bloody morning!

Yap Liang wants to go on a class trip! bwahahah. Hopefully its gonna work out well this year -.- *fingers crossed*


She actually spit on me -_____-

Loves, V.

13 July 2008


You know what?

I bet you don't know. Its something that you don't have to know but I wish to acknowledge you that the muthafucking badminton racquet look alike mosquitoe killer died. Days ago, I was damn eager to kill a mosquitoe (a fat one!) so I accidentally pressed it too hard that the button went in. Its hard to explain but please try to understand ok.

So then, it was still working finely but few minutes ago.. IT CAN'T BE PRESSED ANYMORE! Usually, when you press the button, a red light will light up but the light did not light up when I pressed it just now wtf wtf. I think God realise that I rely too much on that thing and its time for me to exercise.

What exercise?

Run around and kill the mosquitoe la duh.

Its not funny lor. I told Mummykins the good news and she gave me the swt face -_____-. Its supposingly a good news to her because everytime she see me killing the mosquitoes and cursing it, she would be like, "When you kill, can you please say Amitabha? Its very sinful ok."

SINFUL? NOT AT ALL MAN! Its either I die of dengue or they die but my life is much more valuable compared to theirs right? Mankinds cannot extinct ok. If they extinct, I think it would be a good news to all of us. Right?


Shweet dreams & sleep tight :)

Loves, V.

12 July 2008

Charity Fiesta o8'

I'll just put those turned off things aside. I don't think I'll ever forget even after reading this post few years later.

cWey dropped me in school around 945am and I met up with Sengster in the courtyard. It've been quite sometime since I saw this bitchified man. He was busy showing his so called "magic" to the kids. Sat there for awhile and Shawn came to meet up with her half brother, Daniel. I don't know why must she emphasize so much on the word half lol.

We walked around aimlessly and parted from Sengster wtf wtf. I didn't wanna disturb him *cough* d...eare...st...e.st *cough* so I tag along with Daniel but he didn't seem quite happy though. Before that, Sengster was holding my camera and he went around taking random shots of people, asses wtf wtf.

Very candid. Lim Shawn Leng.

Daniel Lim lol.

Went down to look around the games. Not much games were put up compared to the past years. Sooteng came later on and I joined her. We walked around the school aimlessly, thinking on how to finish those coupons asap. She was leaving to Pyramid soon and I was about to be abandon. Then, Pei Wuon to the rescue!

When I went to the toilet, the guys passed by and came in to take a look wtf. As if they had never been to one. "Katak di bawah tempurung". Later on, walked around. Yes, I was still walking aroundddd!

What are you looking at kawan?


Sooteng left and I went to join Shawn again. I was pissed ok like very the muthafucking pissed at almost anyone. I hate the weather, I hate the ones that promised to come but ended up putting aeroplanes but not for long la. Jin Yang was nice enough to accompany me ok, he offered to accompany me somemore wtf! *FATS YOU SEE YOU SEE!* We got Jin Yang to buy us bubble tea while we waited bwahahaha. Daniel was very impatient by then. He wanted to play games but Shawn insist on waiting for Jin Yang. I decided to entertain him instead :)



I think you know who she is already.



Pei Wuon wanted to go into the Haunted Forest. Its PEI WUON by the way wtf. Obviously I nod kao my head and quickly queue up while dragging people in. The line was fucking long and we waited around an hour or two.. I'm not sure, we spend time by entertaining ourselves with the camera dawww :)


Why must it be an emo shot again wtf. -____-

Josef on the left and Lam Shein on the right.


Hendrich Wong butt butt wtf wtf. Lame King.

You think you damn yao yeng? haha.

Don't cry Sheilaa. haha.



almost candid.

Bukan candid.

Why muka I begitu bengkak.

After the fiesta end, we walked over to AC. They cut the balloons which were hanging somewhere and we walked out with it. Its damn disturbing lol. Totally blocked the driver's sight. Everyone wanted to take pictures with it wtf so took it before handing it over to Winston.


I wanna take photo with it tooo! :)

No, very not satisfied with it wtf -____-

JJ THAM JJ. wtf.


Bye balloons.

JJ captioned, "POSER WEI!"

Hou chi hai kam yeong.

Whereas, he himself is a poser.

Very poser lol. I made her pose for the camera haha.

RANDOM HOT GUY WTF WTF WTF DAMN HOT. I will never forget the 2 secs haha.

Went home at 530. Sent JJ and Pei Wuon home.

I feel so old ._.

This post might contains shit lots of errors and thats because I couldn't be bothered to re-read it again. As if rearranging the photos is damn easy liddat mahai. So so, I'm sorry :)

Good night!

Loves, V.

11 July 2008

Pretty Please

My very fucked up History teacher made us attend his class wtf wtf. Not exactly that fucked up but yes you just gotta get used to old but cute teachers.

Elderlies are sooo cute ok but if I had a choice, I rather die than to become old where I have flabby arms, saggy boobs and ugly wrinkles everywhere! Can I just skip the old stage and die immediately after being young? Eh no wait, forget what I just said -____-

A friend of mine is in deep shit.
No, not that shit. The shit that I mentioned sometime ago.

It have always been us, the fanfuckingtastic four. I guess people do change. Whether its physically or mentally, I don't think she's with us anymore. No no, we're not up to a fight. Its like she totally exctinct and started a world of hers with her boyf and she totally forgotten bout us. All she ever thought about would be her boyf than us.

The truth is its quite irritating and pisses some of us off lor. Everything you do, everything you decide, you have to go through him. His not you, whether he agrees or disagrees, I think you're old enough to like make up your mind and be conscience right. Everything we do now, we don't sit together, joke together, scream together like we used to be.

For example, what if he dumps you? You'll be all alone and coming back to us, sobbing all over. I don't mind, really but I would be mean enough to tell you, "I told you so."

I think you know the amount of times I reminded you never to be so deeply in love with him right. You even got irritated by it so I think you knew about the consequence after every used to be sweet relationship right? The girl is the one who would go all emo over everything. If you would just realize how things are drifting apart *sigh*

Eh sorry la! I don't know how did I got all emo over it but it always got me pissed seeing someone falling head over heels for a guy that obviously don't worth it.

Anyway, no teachers came in and we were having fun in class all the time. Uhm, not exactly fun but at least it was fun that we swept the floor, joke around and took pictures which I of course deleted because it was fugly lol. Typical Vivian, I know! *smacks forehead* Mummykins picked me up after school and we headed over to Subang Parade. Bought lingeries, nothing much daw. Tuition at 4. I was dead tired but still I had to force myself there.

Oh and people o people, its the 4 year once, Charity Fiesta again! Please come and be one of the crowd. I think its gonna be fun because there's like so much games and there's gonna be haunted forest too! Don't hesitate anymore, come tomorrow ok! 9am - 3pm.

moody kao kao. bye bye la.

08 July 2008

The Truth


Twilight is finally with me! Oh yes yes. *ooh la la*
Its more than just being happy ok. I know I'm not much of a constant reader of ANY BOOKS but you see I must finish this book! If I finish it, its by far the thickest book I've ever read. A promise to maself ok! I have to finish this book. Come on, 500+ pages is nothing right? Hopefully -_____-


I felt pretty much insulted today though it was a joke though I am very used to hearing bloody insulted jokes, I still feel insulted. Not that I got angry over it instead I didn't even show my temper and YET, I had to fake a smile and laugh as though I enjoy it *sigh*

"How come you're not pissed?" asked Yap Liang.
"Eh yala, how come ah?" Kean Wei added.
"Because I'm already used to those insulting jokes by you guys. Numb already ok?" I replied.

PP said something like why guys like to go over to my table instead of other girls. I didn't invite them over and I've never invited any guys to share table with me ok?! The chair was there because Yu Ric was too lazy to bring it back over to his table and that was an extra chair. I didnt put the chair there to invite those guys. As if I'm not fat enough, why would I wanna ask guys to come over to share table with me when I'm quite in need of space as well? -_______-

Fats asked whether I'm having PMS. ZOMFGWTFBBQ, the way he asked was certainly very not nice to hear also ok. I should have kick his freaking balls and slap his face right? -_____- I know I should hahaha.

I feel like people find me very nice to bully which is too much already. I mean like can't you guys learn to respect girls? No matter what, I am still a girl ok whether I behave like Xing Rou or not, I'm still a female. I still deserve a respect! Don't you know telling almost everyone that there's only 2 girls in class is something mean? What if I go around telling everyone that you don't have balls and that your dick is the length of a soft rubber? Do you like it? YOU SENSI ALSO RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -______-

I pretty much believe that I'm in a class where fun people are not some bunch of dickheads that don't even know how to respect girls ok? If this continue, how do you think I can bare with it until my highschool finishes?

4 Omega o8' ♥

I think I've made myself clear enough. In fact, I wrote about this issue in my old blog ok -___-

Disappointed, V.