30 June 2008

Happy Sexy 16th, Darl!

Happy Shweetest 16th, Jazmine Khoo Bee Yean!

The day you have longed have finally arrived. It's definitely gonna be a shweet birthday with the presence of WoAiNi.

You know, words can barely describe how much you meant to me.
I can be ignorant at times but deep down inside me, I still do care about you.
Though we are hundresed thousand billion miles away from each other, you still meant so much to me and please do bare in mind that, you're irreplacable.

Without you, I wouldn't have even know what Guess? was. I only knew it when I was 13 :/
Without you, I wouldn't had even know any branded goods and how much we should enjoy life.
Without you, I wouldn't had enjoy school. You made my junior highschool days.
Without you, I wouldn't had even know so much about Adobe hahahahaha.

OMG THERES TOO MUCH TO SAY LA! *smacks forehead*


Happy B'day, Darl!

Loves, V.

27 June 2008

Of All Ways

I finally finished the long 30 episodes! Its good, like real good for shows like that. I had a sudden goosebump while watching the last episode just now. Man, it's so worth it waiting for latest episodes daily just for all these! Its highly recommended macha machis ;)

I didn't stayed long in school today (as if 6 hours is not enough wtf). I texted Mummykins and cSeong to fetch me home as I have tuitions on Fridays at 4. I didn't like following the bus home because by the time I reach home, its already 3. I only had like what? 1 hour to get ready and not getting sufficient rest? No way hozay..

So then, I got so grumpy and started to complain about almost everything on my sight. Pei Wuon sent me home in the end. Thank you so so much babe! You don't know how much that ride meant to me. It totally save me from my sadness ♥

Came home and sapu-ed maggi mee for lunch. If it weren't because of finding some bloody transport home and going all grumpy over small lil things, I would've eaten the chicken rice! And, I heard the chicken rice tasted good T__________T. How could this happen to me?

Tuition was as per usual. I had quite a hard time thinking bout what to say to Donovan just now. My england sudah berkarat. I can't speak proper english anymore. Specifically, not to people who speak very good english like how Laura speaks. Therefore, this issue had already become some quite serious thing to me. I need to buck up and stop speaking mandarin in school haha. For your information, I'm still a banana and who the fuck said speaking mandarin is cheap? *flashes spirit finger*

I have to admit that I'm quite lansi during tuitions. I don't know no one there and no one is talking to me either. I tried being nice but seems like people ain't that nice as well. On Tuesday, I usually sit wherever I want and it doesn't really matters whether the person beside me owns a flower or a bird. The space next to me was empty and slowly, guys flooded the area where I was sitting. The girls had a lil corner at the other side of the room.

There was this girl who came in last and there was no more space near the girls anymore and the sit beside me was still empty. She didn't even want to sit next to me!! DO I EVEN SMELL BAD? I DON'T RIGHT? As far as I know, I smell like Envy Me hahahaha. I texted Beetch on the spot and told her what happened. I feel so so so so depressed man lololololol wtf.

Oh and, I didn't have the book with me and I'm supposed to share with someone who has the book. Thank goodness, Donovan offered his book to me! Why is it that girls nowadays are so damn bloody hard to make friends with? Its either their bitchy or their nose is way up the sky. You don't judge someone by its book right! Fine, I very judgmental as well lol.

Last minute plans with the Mummykins and Paps. I agreed to follow them to Genting tomorrow. None of my kakis will be there so I'm gonna mix around with the older ones. Hopefully karaoke will be there to entertain me during the night. Charlotte and Xin Yi better make up their mind by tomorrow!

Gotta snooze. Its getting late. See you guys on Sunday ;)

Loves, V.

26 June 2008


Thank you for your 30rm! I feel so rich now ngek ngek. Okay la Fats, when you hand me over the other 10rm, I didn't really wanna take it haha because robbing your 20rm was more than nuff somemore it was under the sunlight ok (kong tin fat yat)! More like robbery hahaha. Until now I still feel bad holding the additional 10rm of interest but I don't feel like giving you back either LOL. You're welcome :)

I didn't like today :/

I think I said that yesterday as well but I really didn't like today. Everyone seems to be having some PMS problem and everyone was ignoring what I said! What more I damn pantang when I'm saying something and you're not looking at me wtf. If I shut up, people think I'm having PMS but I don't have it at all! Its so irritating that they continuously repeat the same thing. NO PMS ALSO LET THEM KEK UNTIL GOT PMS LA! *smacks forehead*

I had to sacrifice my break time because Suet and Xing Rou were figuring out their maths when they can supposingly do it later or when they're back home but their so insist to finish up the whole paper wtf wtf wtf. I think I'm still mad over this but I can never stand hunger and this would be the last thing I do in my life! To starve myself to death? NEVER MAN.

& GUESS WHAT! TODAY'S LUNCH SUCK BALLS MAN! I'm sorry Jin Yang but I have been complaining it since the very moment I put it into my mouth and I didn't get to it anything during lunch as well and even now, Mummykins is not ready to cook yet so I have to say this. The tomato macaroni is fucking tasteless and it tasted so bad. I think I shouldn't be complaining already. What if Jin Yang shows this to his father and I will never have my food anymore? :/
Sorry CB :)

I'm not gonna go on telling grandfather stories bout my routine in school because "someone" who is more famously known by the name of *cough* FATS *cough* said its boring. Sooooo, I should respect my readers right! After all, they are the one who pay me my nuffnang hahaha.

I have tuition in another 25 minutes time. Gotta shit now.

Loves, V.

25 June 2008

Ai Hen Rong Yi

Halo halo! *read it in cina accent pls*

I just ate chicken sticks and I'm so bloated now. Its from the brand 5 star and if you were to buy please get the original flavour one because I doubt the corn one would taste good. You can just put into your lil oven and leave it on for around 10-15 minutes, according to yourself. Then, it's ready to be served :)

wtf wtf wtf. Introduce foods somemore -____-

I didn't like school today :/
I understand nothing about Accounts and I seriously hate doing Lejar! The most potong steam thing is that Lejar carries the most marks and wtf, that means I must master how the fuck smartypants do Lejar la! wtf how can how can! I need Xing Rou so badly. Like so so badly.

Commerce was fun. Pn Norliza was quite tired so she made us all stand and we have to answer it or we will be punished. Initially, the plan was Xing Rou and I will not answer any questions because we assumed the punishment wouldn't go too far than what we expected. But I had a History to finish and I need to sit down so badly so I got the answers from some people and Xing Rou answered a really dumb question, "Siapakah guru kesayangan kamu?!"

o.m.g man hahaha. She actually answered, "Pn. Norlizaa!" *laughs out fucking loud*
The look on the teacher's face was damn syokk ok. Thank God we answered the question because the punishment was to minus coursework marks haha! That is scary :S

Mod Maths tuition in another hour time. I have to sacrifice nap time for blogging again wtf.
& I have nothing to blog about wtf wtf.

Before I forget, Sri KL would be having a Charity Fiesta on the 12th July 2008. I don't know what time wtf most probably morning hahaha wtf. And we students have to sell off booklets. Each booklets cost 20rm. I know this is damn pricey but its for charity! It must come from the heart and please kindly buy it from me -_____- although the whole Secondary students will be selling it as well lol.

I know I'm damn slow because everyone already blogged about it and I'm probably the last one haha. So please buy it from me ok! & no, Fats 30rm doesn't includes the booklet because you owe me wtf. Please add 20rm for a booklet ok haha. REMEMBER TO PASS ME MY 30RM TOMORROW OR ELSE.. I'LL KEEP ADDING ANOTHER 10RM EVERYDAY! I know I know, more ganas than dai yi long haha but too bad who ask you to step into my house.

Gotta bath now. See you tomorrow :)

Very the bergaya, yao yeng and cool please.

Loves, V.

24 June 2008

Tired & Sleepy

I've tuition in exactly another half an hour's time! Its English today but the 'mood' is just not here. I'm so tired and sleepy now that I'm afraid I might create a new history of my own, sleeping during tuition. I hope the people there would just crank some jokes for once.
I wonder how they stand those cool cool moments -_____-

I had a great time in school today.

Even when I had to attend the bitchface's class, I still had a great time. I ♥ Suet!
If you hit her at the back, she takes like 10 secs to feel the pain and to realise that someone hitted her wtf wtf hahaha.
She would be the only one laughing at my bloody joke where as the others will give me de` very sexy sweat face -____-"

I have a pile of homeworks to be completed today so I'm blogging earlier :)
Its time for dinner and I'mma of to tuition soon!

Oh and if you're a big fan of TVB dramas like moi, please watch Speech of Silence (甜言蜜語) too! Kate Tsui is pretty *drool*

Please click to enlarge.

Loves, V.

23 June 2008


I'm doing a quickie update today. I'm in a rush to catch my next TVB show, Forensic Heroes II.
No, my life is not all about lazing in front of the telly watching HK Dramas.
I will have something better to do someday, somewhere haha.

Assembly was fucking boring yet I loved it. I enjoy sitting on the courtyard, daydreaming, filing my nails and re-arranging things in the wallet.
I admitted that I'm a She-Man today and that the guys know my dirty lil secret. I have a "brother". I'm made in Malaysia not Thailand so please don't get me wrong.
Just so you know, I'm fucking scared of Thailand, Thais & Thailand's horror movies. The only thing I would never get sick of and would want more of it is the food :)
Spicy food is heaven *big wet eyes*

I got earlier today compared to the other days. Oh, my uncle bus is admitted the hospital. I don't think I said this before and the current temporary uncle drives so slow and it actually takes 1 hour for me to reach home!! When the usual ride is only half an hour, the most would be 45 mins *smacks foredead wtf wtf*

Mr Seow Loo Peng introduced me a japanese drama. Something that I would never watch because I simply hate japanese. What I meant is the drama, don't get me wrong please.
Its Hana Kimi by the way haha. The guys are soooo hoooooottt compared to the Taiwan one.
So far so good although I'm only at Episode 1.

The other thing I don't like about Japenese drama is because they have really little episodes and it would be very potong steam to me. I hate long dramas but I also hate short dramas!
Okay la, I admit I damn difficult to layan. This cannot, that cannot.. -_____-
I am out of ideas to layan you people already :(

Suet drew this and I love it haha.

I'm out la!

Loves, V.

22 June 2008

I Remember

You have to believe in karma because it fucking comes true anytime. You wouldn't even know.

There's this guy I knew when I was 13. His a player and it seems like everyone knew about it except me but I wasn't really one of his victim, I think?
Okay anyway, his getting married today. SERVE HIM RIGHT HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH!
I can't help it really. The unlucky girl is pregnant and he have to be responsible for it la duh.

So much for playing around with girls feelings. Your day have finally arrive, losaaaaa ;)
I totally agree with Jennifer. Maybe someone should give the unlucky girl a tap on the shoulder and tell her to think positively haha. Oh btw, his only 21. *laughs out fucking loud*

Woke up at 1030 today in a very weird way. I mean this is probably the weirdest I've ever encountered and I hope I won't wake up in this manner anymore because its so weird and undescribable. wtf what talking I -____-

Had ar neh neh food for breakies again. If I didn't miscount, I've been consuming ar neh neh food every sunday for the past 2 weeks. It was good though :)
Came home and started to glue ma' ass on this chair. I watched She's the Man today after so so many times. At least more than 5 times, no joke.

Ratings: 9.9/10.

This is so irritating already.

You know there are times when people only talk to me for the sake of songs? I mean their the few people that I hardly even talk to a year and whenever they talk to me, they'll be asking for songs or they need help to download some songs.

If you do it once or twice, I'm fine with it but this is too often! I mean like we only talk because you need songs. Is this the only good use of me in your list? I haven't seen you online in ages and you're online today just for songs. I thought I stated what I wanted to say clearly the other day?Just so you know, I don't hate him. His a nice guy but I don't have to always agree with things people do right?

I had a really good dinner today! Curry *drool* Please give me another bowl of rice. I can sapu another pot of curry fish now yumyum wtf lol.
I've always love Mondays. No tuition, no Add Maths, new episode of Fated to Love You to be looking forward, enjoying subjects and assemblys rocks!

I simply don't understand why do people hate assemblys. You can waste your time by sitting down there and you don't even need to listen to what the person is trying to say on the stage.
All you ever do is to sit and shut up, easy job.

I'm watching Mean Girls now. See you tomorrow ;)

Loves, V.

Happy 16th, Big Bully!

Happy Macho 16, Yap Liang!

Its your birthday and I know you should be making the wishes but please let me do this instead of you.

I wish you can stop answering back whatever I say and please treat me better! Because I believe, I deserve something better ok which is obviously true :P. I'm nice wut haha!

May you have a sexy one and don't go all pissy over results ok! There's always next time.
Good luck on your competitions as well :)

Loves, V.

21 June 2008

Kawanku Melawat

Elaine Kok aka Honey woke me up this beautiful morning! AHHHHHHHHH! candietdotcom -___-

Over exhausted talking on the phone with Fats the other night. All we ever talked was craps and I was repeating the same question again and again until I got fed up. I left the notice that the school gave us on Mummykins's dressing table. She saw and she was somewhere near to screwing me up for informing her at such time. Chehwah, I need to make bookings somemore -.-

Cik Siti didn't turned up. Pn Rozita took over her and according to Xing Rou, she've nothing to say at all which is obviously a fucking good thing to me! I love quiet teachers, they rock socks ;)
So, told Mummykins to collect it some other time and we went out for breakies.

Came back and rot in front of the computer. Then, I realised I have a few movies to be finished.
Suburban Girl & PS. I Love You which I didn't finish at all because its so boring and I don't understand the story at all! Their arguements are soo stupid. I loathe -____-
Suburban Girl was better than PS. I Love You but still bad because the story is all about editors and I don't get the story at all. No good looking guys, whats the point of watching lol.

Rating: 2/10.

Bad bad movies tsk tsk tsk. I expected something more than these!
Oh please don't watch the movie just because the guy in the movie poster look good! I'm so regret. The guy in the movie poster above don't even look like him in the movie!
His old. VERY OLD! With wrinkles hello! x sexy langsung *vomits*

Blog hoped and read a good review about a HK movie so decided to watch it. L for Love, L for Lies.

Rating: 9.5/10.

I didn't like the ending. In fact, I hated it!

How can Alex Fong die?! His supposed to live happily ever after with Stephy! But no, he died wtf wtf. I hate stupid endings. & wtf is wrong with Ah Chun please tell me!
Why is he dating everyone around Stephy!

THANK GOODNESS I HAVE THE BEST TASTE AMONG MY BEST FRIENDS! wtf wtf wtf. I know if you girls are reading this will start to ki ki kat kat lol.
Okay, they might have something in common with Wilber Pan but my taste is still good la of course! Its Wilber Pan! So if he wants to date you, you will reject la? No right! -___- *pls save some face for me, jgn la terlalu straight forward*


This is gonna be a very long post :)

Somwhere before evening, Fats called and told me he was in McDees KK. I don't know the way to Julian's house of course. What do you think I am? Your walking map or his girlfriend? -___-
I couldn't guide him there of course. But this si pandai, got down from his car in McDees and expect me to go there to accompany him or allow him to come to my house.

I'm Vivian ok! Since when I'm so nice wtf hahaha!

We hanged up not long after and I told him Mummykins was at the Pasar Malam somewhere near McDees. He actually walked all the way to that place and started looking for Mummykins's car.
I didn't believe him when he said he found Mummykins's car but wtf wei he really found it!
He went around looking for her and I rang her up to tell her that her "son-in-law" is looking for her.
Mummykins was laughing all the way and brought this poor lil loner home with her.

DAMN AWKWARD OK! I don't know what to do when his around and he keep walking here and there behind me wtf very the @#%@#$^@#$.
Watched One Million Star with him but we had to fast forward the whole bloody show. We ate and not long, Mummykins brought him over to Julian house.

We had no idea how to get to 109c so we had to ask some guards there. X-Trails lights are so bloody bright and you know the ar neh neh (I don't like to say indian. So not cool! This is not racist either.) guard was covering his eyes in some funny way.
I cannot help it but to burst out laughing SO LOUDLY!


This is why I don't like to tell jokes online because its as if I tengah syok sendiri but it was really damn funny! Its more like a you have to be there thing. I'm so cool, I don't laugh over lame things but this was damn funny hahahahah wtf.

Mummykins cannot stop praising Fats. "His so well mannered bla bla.." Very well mannered indeed. I think my mum is blind. Please help me *smacks forehead*
Oh and he offered to carry stuffs for Mummykins! Wanna 'da hou kuan hai' somemore.

I think I should stop here. Its indeed a very long post dei!

Some leftover pictures.

Jack is upside down.

"Ahhhh ~, syok!"

Kelvin HoT Chan Wee.

Loves, V.

20 June 2008

Let Go

I woke up with a not so good feeling this morning. The "Fuck, tell me again why must I be in school when all I do is to flung all my subjects?" visited me once again.

But being me, I would end up having good mood immediately I stepped into the car. I would start thinking about all sorts of nonsense that will happen in school later during the day. I have a very wide range of imaginations, indeed haha wtf wtf lol.

No rushing through homeworks or copy the exact same shit from some smartypants today. Felt so free that I ditched my nap to disturb the Han Lun aka mata sepet since fo' once his not sleeping. We sang some fucking sohai song from Ah Long Pte Ltd. I mean the part where this lil man with fugly beard, singing on stage. As though the song is damn meaningful like that -____-

Today's lesson was pretty much the same but I had a good time laughing my ass off. The best thing is no homeworks was given at all! Oh and when I helped out Wai Ren to send the shmelly Science books down, she was there and Desmond told her that he finished her work.
You know what she replied? "I will see Desmond. I'm not blind." - Vroom Vroom.

Was that even necessary? You showed a good example. Imagine if we were to talk to you like that, what would you do? Complain to your Papabear again? *roll eyes till my eye balls pop out wtf*

I laughed so hard during English when Mr Ching was asking for examples of similes.

Suet Sin: "Sir sir, as light feather."

Mr Ching: "Ah yes yes. As fierce as lion."

Suet Sin: "HUH??!?!"

Eh wtf damn funny ok. I laughed so hard that the paper I was holding on my hands cut my eyelids lol. I don't know how did that happened but its so fcuking painful now that I can't even rub my eyes. The cut is so XXXXXXS that I don't even know where it is -_____-

After school, hopped over to 7-Eleven to get my junks restock. Kyearn, Stephy & I played the freaking dirty basketball while waiting for Mummykins. WHY CAN'T I FREAKING PERSPIRE MAN. PLEASE PLEASE. WHERE DID ALL MY SWEAT GO?!?! *sigh sigh sigh wtf*

I finally attend my BM tuition after 2 weeks haha. It wasn't that bad and it was really good catching up with Laura after long long time of not talking! I have to continuously make her repeat what she said almost every sentence because her English is so powerful.
Look at my England man. So powderful -____- Cannot compare ok, one sky one land.
Uhm its a direct translation from mandarin lolololol wtf.

I was home alone again today and guess what I had for dinner.

I know its damn sinful but I'm not gonna do what I used to do anymore which is to force myself to vomit every damn thing out haha. Waste of money and energy.
But Ramly's are seriously so worth it man! Very good investment on food! Its so filling and its cheap and it taste so much better than stupid McDees.

Should I go tomorrow? I cannot make up my mind. I only got 2 As and ..... the others is gg.com

THE BAD CAMPUS BELLE! My neck is damn long already -___-

I think I should go now and tomorrow.

Loves, V.

18 June 2008

Junhaji Mothal Mal

Ahhhhhhhhh!! *rawr*

I don't know what to update anymore. Everyone is sick of what I do daily, even I am sick of it. Its always about school, tuition, home, one month once emo &.. what else? Nothing else -___- But please la my beloved readers, don't get so sick of me so soon.
Let me just get straight to the point k?

Readers = Source of $$
No readers = no $$.
No $$ = GG.

Fucking sensible equation. I think this is the only formula I remember best :)

I know I'm damn money minded but WHO ISN'T?! I mean don't tell me you hate money ok because no one would ever hate money and no one complains that they have too much money and they don't know where to spend it!
If by any chances you meet such water fish, please contact me. I need water fish too.

Who doesn't need money to survive? (I got this from Beetch which is quite true at times.)
No money = no nice clothes, no nice bags, no nice shoes, no cosmetics, no food, no skirts, no dress, no fucking cool gadgets, no telly, no streamyx, no computer, no plushtoys, no si busuk, no Wilber Pan CD's, no car, no petrol, no nuffnang, no advertlets, no SriKL, etc etc etc. I
ts true, money can't buy you love but at least it can buy things you love.
I think for now, this is what it matters most. Who give a fuck about boyfriends? Uhm, definitely not me ;D

Sometimes I don't know why girls are so stupid to put themselves in deep shit aka LOVE because the minute you step in, the shit will never go off man. You're so addicted to the shit that you wanna see it daily, hug it daily, know whats going on about it daily wtf.
And the bloody shit can put you in so many troubles. Some parents are quite conservative so they don't allow their children to be in shits. Its true but we don't listen because we're so in love with the shit wtf. Sound so wrong but okay la if you don't get it, too bad la ;P
I am a girl also ok so I'm also referring to myself. Don't be tooo terasa please haha.

Eh, I unbelievably finished one post full of craps haha.
Sorry la (I KNOW YOU'RE SICK OF ME APOLOGIZING, DON'T DENY!), I'm topicless T___T. Get me a topic to blog about then :)

Mummykins noisy. Gotta hit the busuks now.

Loves, V.

17 June 2008

Calm Surrender

Tuition was cancelled.

So much for rushing through my article and summary ish wtf. Wasted my nap time!

I'm not happy but I'm not sad either because its English today so I'm fine with it in either ways.
School went on pretty well today. I had Science today but nothing "special" happened. Not like I'm hoping that she would pick on me and start asking me some questions that I will never know how to answer but because the look on her face is so fugly that I cannot stop laughing until now.

That was long.

Oh well, PP is so cute today. He was so called trying to trick Hendrich because he said he couldn't see and he wants to be excused from doing the work given on the board.
I tell you, Hendrich have shit lots of excuses for everything and he can talk non stop haha. He is also probably the most busybody guy I've ever met man ;P

Before I leave, please visit http://shopaholic-city.blogspot.com/
The clothes are really nice! Shit shit, sam yok yok already :(

Thats all for today I guess. SORRY FOR THE LAME POST! HAHAHA.
I'm on the phone with Sengster now and his so lame wtf lol.

Yu Ric: "So which is the dog? Left or right?"

_l_ wtfff -.-

16 June 2008

Queen of Airport Runway

Okay you know what, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I don't care if you PMS the whole entire year or your pet just died man. I want a new teacher for fuck sakes!
Why must she even make me re-copy the whole bloody fucking long notes when I could just make my job easier by pasting the notes onto my notebook?! WTF IS WRONG WITH HER!! _l_
This is life torture man.

I told myself that I cannot get pissed over her because indirectly, it means I'm scared of her and that's what she's probably dying for! SHE SO DID NOT WON THE FUCKING GAME! wtf wtf.
I couldn't take it anymore and I was mumbling throughout the whole 2 periods and I even nagged like a grandma to those who spoke to her! Wtf is wrong with me? WTF IS WRONG WITH HER!!

This is the truth ok. At times, it takes alot of effort and time to handle us.
Lets just make it clear. Its a task from God :P

If you give up so easily and turn to the principal each time you have problem with us, isn't that what a lil girl does? Its as if we snatched the toy away from you and you're telling your dad about it. So your dad would come to us and scold the shit out of us.
Its not working come on! In other words, you're adding the hatred dei. You want it to get deeper eyh?

Fine. I'm out and I hate her fo' sure.

Loves, V.

15 June 2008

Happy Papa Day

Happy Papa Day to every Paps around the globe!

To the King of My Heart, Happy Papa Day! ♥

Please forgive me for all I've done. I know I often give Mummykins and you big disappointments but please give me some time. I'm trying hard to brush up.

And to those who argue 24/7 with your Paps, maybe you should give in and give him a warm hug to show your love. After all, his still your dad and its a fact that cannot be change.
Some wants a dad so badly but some are not even appreciating them.
Okay okay, family problems -___-


Loves, V.

14 June 2008

Honey Clover

First of all, I made a new poll! Sorry la but you see, I was damnn bored this whole afternoon that I couldn't bare with the boredom anymore. I have to entertain myself with something too right?
So so so.. please do the poll again haha :)

I was using cSeong's lappie to online after I shut down the computer because the Mummykins woke up out of no where and made me go to bed -___-
But that didn't stop me from getting online! I was blog hopping throughout the night while waiting for Forensic Heroes II to load on tom365. I didn't watch it on telly as I was busy chatting with some people that I haven't been keeping in touch for a looong looonnggg time.

Its Father's Day tomorrow and its also my Grandpa's 1st anniversary.

"Qing ai de Wai Gong,

Ni hui zai kan ma? Ni hai ji de wo ma? Hao xiang nian ni de cun zai oh.
Wo hen hou hui dang ni hai zai de shi hou mei you hao hao de kuan xing ni. Dui bu qi :'(
Dang mei ci kan jian ni na zhang gua zai jiang shang de zhao pian, wo dou hui hui xiang xiao shi hou wo men zhao xiang de shi hou. Wo men you guo de mei hao de hui yi.
Wo hai ji de qu nian, wo yao mian ling kuai yao dao de PMR shi, ni de bing qing yi er hua le.
Dang shi de wo zhen de hen nan guo, wo cheng bu zhu, hao xiang ku.
Jia li de mei yi ge ren dou hen nan guo dan hen ba wo gen ni zai de mei yi fen, mei yi miao.
Dan shi, ni hai shi li wo men er qu le.
Wo bu ying kai ku ying wei nan guo, wo ying kai kai xin ying wei chen jing yong you.
Jia li de mei yi ge ren dou guo de hen hao. Ni yao hao hao zhao gu zhi ji oh.
Yao ji de chi duo yi dian. Hai shi yao guo de jian jian kang kang, kuai kuai le le.
Wo men yong yuan dou na me ai ni.

Ni de yong yuan dou na me pang de sun nv,

I wanna watch movies! Daayyumnnn, I'm so outdated man. I haven't been in the cinema since 27 Dec o7'! HOW CAN HOW CAN!
Why must I watch all the movies through paria DVDs! Why isn't anyone bringing me out!
Since JJ Lau is gone and will never appear in Redbox anymore (I assume), so I shall keep myself back on track with the movies *sigh*. Why la wanna leave :(
I want to watch..

I think I should get going. I need to do something to kill my boredom!
Nights peepoes ;) Have a shweet & shmelly dream.

Loves, V.

Shape of My Heart

I'm trying to chill now but the Mummykins just have to spoil the whole atmosphere. She just came back from I don't know where and I'm not interested to know either, wanting me to go to bed right now when its only 1am! I know I complain bout' my insufficient beauty sleep but I just slept in the afternoon for 3 long hours.

& the muthafcking mosquitoes are so irritating and it annoys the shit out of me. I can't even sit still for a minute man and I'm doing this while standing. How cool :)

School was plain boring but we managed to get 2 periods free without teachers. Mr Ching didn't came in today and so the guys were playing rugby. They screamed, shouted, sweared, argued, etc. and its so damn funny that I couldn't stop laughing. I video-ed them down haha ;D

I should get going. Mummykins will make noise any minute!

Loves, V.

13 June 2008

Happy 14th, Mei Qi!

Happy 14th Birthday, Phan Mei Kei!

I didn't do what a big sister should do instead you looked more like a big sister to me.
Your wish didn't came true and I'm not your sister-in-law please haha.

Have a good one babette ;) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

11 June 2008


Just came back from Mod Maths tuition. Oh and, I met a primary schoolmate there. I saw his sister last week which was my first lesson but I didn't know he was sitting two seats away from me because I couldn't recognize him at all! But we didn't said hi also hahahaha wtf.

School was boring as usual but I've got something to entertain all of you. Its an essay from a classmate of mine. His/She supposed to write a informal letter to a friend about the traditional culture of the races in Malaysia. Its so damn zomfgwtfbbqwtfwtf funny! I'm only gonna write the funny ones out hahaha.

"Saya akan cakap tentang Cina dahulu. Cina adalah kaum yang unik dan saya tahu Cina sangat banyak. Pertama, Cina suka makan sayur kerana mereka percaya makan daging adalah dosa kerana tuhan Cina cakap daging adalah manusia yang kejam pergi potong haiwan yang tidak berdosa."


"Kaum ketiga ialah kaum india. Kaum india pun sangat unik. Orang india suka makan makanan yang pedas kerana merka percaya makan kari yang pedas akan menambah keberanian orang india dan suka makan kari. Orang india suka letak satu barang di kepala daha kerana mereka percaya ini akan menolong mereka menjadi lebih pandai dan tuhan akan merahmati anda."


"Orang kristian ada kala sembahyang pergi minum arak dan makan roti. Orang kristian percaya minum arak merah ialah minum darah tuhan dan makan roti adalah makan badan tuhan."


"Inilah yang saya tahu sahaja sahabatku. Saya telah cakap banyak barang. Haraplah anda berterima kasih. Selamat tengah hari, ambil berat terhadap anda. Ciao."

Omg this is so god damn funny ahhaahha. I cannot stop laughing each time I read it and you didn't expect such essays from a Form 4 right? I'm not making fun of him/her but he/she actually allowed us to read his/her essay and we passed it all around to share. So why not write it here right?

Name will not be revealed as usual haha. If you know who it is, good for you!

Anyway, I gotta go for now. Hope you enjoyed! :)

Loves, V.

10 June 2008

You're Like the Wind

I don't know whether I should be sobbing or laughing at my results wtf lol. Its obveeeyoslyy bad but my results are quite funny to be honest. Just by looking at the figures itself, I cannot stop laughing. On the other hand, I did pretty well for subjects that I aimed for so I guess its sufficient enough to shut Mummykins's mouth.

So it seems like not only me whose not satisfied with her marking scheme. Yap Liang and a few of them were complaining it to Cik Siti, my class teacher and she said its maybe our fault for being naughty in class. The guys went like, "SO VIVIAN IS NAUGHTY IN CLASS?! EVEN SHE HATES HER! SHE BANYAK BANYAK HATE HER CIKGU!"
I don't know who said this but its damn funny and Cik Siti was staring at me lol. Since she didn't like my answers right, I don't give a fuck anymore. She can give me a 0 for all I care _l_

Had English tuition today and Mummykins got me all grumpy for being 5 minutes late but I was fine later then. There's this dude sitting next to me and I'm seriously not trying to be mean!
He smells T___T I don't know what he smells like but he smells one kind. He was being so inconsiderate! He was busy playing with his phones and it kept on ringing "SAY Y'ALL SEAN KINGSTON!" wtffff damn disturbing. I even showed sign that I was being annoyed but he didn't seem to get my message at all wtf -____-

I shall sleep now. Its getting late :)

Loves, V.

09 June 2008

Mutha of All Mutha Pissed

You've no fucking idea on how fucking pissed I am today. My maths book was found inside Ian's bag after a whole fucking month of looking for it. I'm sure someone just put it inside his bag today. And, I think I know who did it too. Whatever it is, fuck it. I cannot be bothered to think about all these remeh temeh stuffs. Its not like I'm the one who misplaced my book.

First day of school after the "half a month" holiday is reaaaallly bad. I really had a tough and bad one. We got back our MYE results and some can be quite disappointing and expected. So, I don't know what should I say about it anymore. I cannot even do anything bout it so just look forward to 2nd Monthly Test which is around the corner I guess.

The thing that got me so pisssy today was my General Science marks wtf. If I crap through my whole paper with something not logical nuff then I'm fine and I've nothing to say about it wtf. But, I don't see why am I getting such low marks when my answers are quite logic lor mahai! I expected you to give me a higher mark in Section C since Section B was really disappointing wtf. Mutha of all bullshits, you call yourself lenient wtf?! Don't you think your expectation on us is a lil way too high??!?!?! WTF!?

Okay la nuff. I'm feeling 1000000x much more better after watching Fated to Love You. I'm starting to hate how Chen XinYi have changed into a prettier and smarter person. Oh and Dylan too! His so irritating ughh.
Omg, hopefully the whole thing won't be so screwed up like Hana Kimi and Romantic Princess wtf. I don't wanna feel so potong steam and pissed for days just because the ending suck balls!

Dinner's ready. Time to bath and mum mum :)

I finally discovered that my greatest fear is not being alone, it's being vulnerable.

08 June 2008


22 year old guy who talks without thinking. Is either I didn't know you well nuff or you changed.
What happened to the old you I once knew?

I was so pissed last night that I wish you could just die right away. I don't care if there's karma because I just want you to disappear immediately! Maybe I was just a lil over to what you said but seriously, have you ever thought bout simple things you say can hurt someone so badly?
Thats the problem, you don't think before you talk!

I wish your friends would all leave you and that you would realise what kind of person you are. You can create all sorts of excuses to cover yourself, made it seems as though you truly mean it but your actions already show how much someone means to you.
When I said someone, I really mean that special someone.

And to the special someone,

I was sheding my tears while talking to you last night. Maybe you're right about the PMS but seriously I feel so disappointed. I don't know what is so fucking good about him that you can be all head over heels about him.
But because its your life, I cannot do anything about it.
All I can do now is pray hard to God that you can just OPEN YOUR EYES.

Anyway, I don't wish to talk about it anymore. Let's just look forward, love one :)

06 June 2008



I'm so sorry for the laziness that hit me for the past few days. Shmellyn stayed for a few days soo I haven't been blogging but busy playing and laughing with this si busuk of mine.
Sorrryyy ;p.

I finally went out on Wednesday after the uncountable number of months! Okay la not exactly alot of months but its about 2 months plus since I last went out. As usual, I went cheong k just to see the freaaaaaaakinnnggggg cute dude but you know what? He quit already. His not there anymoreeee :(

Omg so damn sad I tell you. I go there monthly JUST TO SEE HIM but his not there anymore! How to past my time in Pyramid now? How to?! Fine, at least I know I don't have to spend unnecessary money in Redbox anymore. I should prolly save it more movies this time. Speaking bout movies, I haven't been in the cinema this year -_____-
Nopes, not even once. How sad -.-

After cheong k, we walked around the mall and then settled down in Delifrance. My appetite have been getting terribly bad. I'm not in the mood to eat anymore and I feel like vomiting after I eat. If you're wondering, NOPES, Beetch, I'm not pregnant -______-

Kelvin called to meet them up in uhm.. I don't know where was that but we ffked them haha. We forgot about meeting them and we were just walking around until we saw Yee Sam. Didn't join them though. I bought a few tops with my own money -_____-.
Omg heart pain like shit but I'm out of clothes to wear and I have to wear the same thing over and over again.
Pei Wuon went home not long after and then this si busuk wanted to eat cake so badlyyyy that she've been complaining for the past few days. cSeong picked us up at 5.

Oh and I've been attending tuition hahaha. It feels weird to me though, it've been quite sometime since I attend a tuition centre that I don't know anyone there. The last time was 7 years ago in Mr Lee but because I joined the seniors. I was only 9 fyi. I had to join the Form 4s & 5s for tuition but thank god I made friend with the person next to me, Gavin.
I wonder how he is now..

Ah yes, back to my new tuition.
So uhm its not as bad as I thought it would be. The teachers are quite nice and I met Sher-Maine there yesterday for Add Maths! Omg nothing feels better than this and then I saw Benji there! EHHH SO HAPPYYYY!!! I'm not lonely there anymore and I have BM tuition later. Sher-Maine will be there too :)

Anyway, I downloaded Goong S that Miss J said it was reaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyy goooooood so I'mma watch it now ;D

Pictures okie? But there isn't much. We were so busy catching up with si busuk that we forgot bout taking pictures.


love the wall :)

................... the smile is so dotdotdot lol.

love this.

i didnt like my face here but busuk said its nice and she feel irritated when she see this photo with the star on my face. hahaha!


busuk shot.

@ delifrance with Pei Wuon.

busuk food.

busuk and Wuon :)

threesome <3

Loves, V.

03 June 2008


Holaaaaa! I won't be blogging consistently anymore cos' I'm too stressed up to think of anything to blog about and I'm always out of topic. So if I'm gonna bore my readers, reading craps about what I wrote, so might as well I don't blog for that day until I have something to write bout :)

I miss my late grandpa. I dreamt about him on Sunday and seriously, it was damn freaky.

So it goes,
I don't know why almost all the relatives are here, in my house to meet up. Grandma called and she said that grandpa would be "coming home" tonight. So I was quite eager to see what's gonna happen and I asked cSeong to go along with me.

He agreed and he went to change to a black tee but I don't know why I was still in the living room sitting down when they were all waiting for me to get ready. So somehow, I was in a rush and I just walked out of the house with my red tee.

The next thing I know, everyone was in black and I'm the odd one out. Mummykins locked the door and I wanted to change my tee. So she opened the door and one of my relative said that if you locked the door, then don't open it again bla bla bla stuffs like that (???)
Then, Mummykins asked me to change with the lights off and don't change in my own room.

So here's the thing, I was walking up the stairs and usually from the stairs, I can see the toilet bowl if my door and the toilet door is opened.
It was open that day and when I was walking up the stairs, I turned to my left which is where my room is and I saw my grandpa sitting on the toilet bowl in his usual baju!!!!!!!!

-________- I'm starting to feel a lil scared.

I woke up and my heart was beating damn fast and I was kinda sweating. I jump out of my bed and ran downstairs and told my Paps.
When I told everyone bout it, they were all laughing at me wtff -______-

Its scary ok and its not funny.

Mummykins is back with 2 boxes of Guylian bwahahahaha. I've been watching My Tutor Friend alot of times lately and I'm not sick of it at all.
You guys should watch it as well! Its superb!

I hope Paps will forget bout it *fingers crossed*
Smellyn is here since yesterday and we've been crapping alot lately.

Gotta jump ;)

Loves, V.