19 May 2008

They Can Never Have Yesterday

That's Lenglui up there! I drew that out of boredom with Xing Rou last year when we were inside the auditorium, discussing the papers. I was drawing someone to be specific haha. Haven't been seeing her for quite sometime. I wonder how she is doing now..

I just studied for 1 hour and I'm only at the half of the 1st chapter. And there's like what? 3 long chapters dey! I've always mistaken Perdagangan as Business. Oops, it should be Commerce. So uhm, I have Commerce 1 & 2 tomorrow. I seriously don't know how am I gonna survive.
I'm not planning to study tonight actually haha. I need to watch my new 930 drama! Although it'll repeat but but it always feels good to watch at the same time with the Hongkee's right?!

I'm having such hard time memorising those shits. I don't even understand what I'm reading and its really taking forever for me to memorise just one *toot* line.
Main problem lagi worse. I really can't sit still on my chair for even half an hour man. I have to walk around my room with the room and its so boring to do that. My room is so small! I have to walk the same place again and again wtff.

I saw the poll results. Lack of pictures T__________________T
Sorry but but I haven't been going out so how am I supposed to get pictures right! & its a big no no to take photos with my naked face already -.-
I'm forgiven :D

Loves, V.

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