12 May 2008

Thank You For All You've Done

I wasted my time in front of the computer chatting away for the past few days. I didn't even flip through the pages in the book until this morning. Last minute studies always work but its impossible for you to stuff everything to the brain within hours.

I have History on Wednesday but I'm not quite sure yet on how to manage the time. There's like 5 long chapters to be memorised and their long ones! Probably, I'll read it after revising my Literature tonight.

Mother's day was good yesterday. I followed the brother's instead of the parent's car back because I was so tired after the long phone calls with Beetch & Wing.
Paps woke me up and I lovee the way he wakes people up unlike Mummykins. Its totally the opposite. I don't even know why she need to shout. A very bad start of the day *smack forehead*

Yesterday was really hectic and crazy. 53 of us went there including 8 kids! The Lee's literally flooded the whole restaurant and I heard it from one of my cousins that the other tables were complaining about the amount of noises we made.
cWey bought Chocolate Indulgence for us and thank god there were leftovers for me to eat! *evil laugh* What?!

Oh okay, my download is done! I shall now watch 命中注定我愛你.
Its English 1 & 2 tomorrow.

Lee Wendy.

Tong Tong.


Loves, V.

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