23 May 2008


15 minutes ago, I was crying.


MY WHOLE BLOG WAS GONE YOU KNOW! Not the blog but the contents inside this blog was gone exclude the post. I asked help from Cheryl to put up the Nuffnang adv in between the post and on my header.

So as I was told, the only way to put up these two is to change it back to the old masalah banyakbanyak html codings which is also something I suck in.
She changed it without saving my original copy. I misunderstood her meaning. I was so damn panic and sad as though my heart was crushed into pieces and its 100x much more sad than being dumped by a hot guy.
Everything was white and ugly and and omg out of shape wtfwtfwtf.

My blog is like my boyfriend. A place for me to rant, whine and to tell about what's happening around me and my life. When money increases, I sayang my blog more. When something bad happens to it (i.e, like what just happened), I cry and tell the besties about it. Eh, I don't have a boyfriend okay so you can't blame me for being so sensi -____-

Anyway, everything is back and thanks to Cheryl again! Don't misunderstood me. I'm not trying to put the blame on her in fact I should thank her for helping me out alot :)
Thank you, Ryl! You're the best!

Moral was pretty good I supposed. I manage to tembak the whole paper heh.
I'm not staying for long. I need a nice beauty sleep ;D


Loves, V.

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