30 May 2008

So Sad but True

Thanks Beetch, for accompanying me throughout the whole waiting-for-4am-to-reach. Your phone bill sure wasn't cheap eyh haha. I'll make it to you soon kie?
So Mummykins is in Cambodia already and I'm not feeling quite good. She was shocked when she saw me this morning and I bid my goodbye to her.
I wanted to hug her but.. we don't do this often and its quite obvious that I didn't want her to leave me for 3 days and she'll know I missed her badly right. I need some face also ok lol wtf.
Went back to the room and silently shed a few tears lololololol wtf :(

So before that, yesterday morning, Mummykins brought me to Econsave to restock our groceries so we won't die of hunger when she's away.
I'm sure if Venice were to see the amount of things I grabbed, she will put it all back for me haha. What! I couldn't help it. & I promised her that I would do something with myself lol.

We passed by King's and I randomly told her that I want to eat pandan layered cake. I was telling Mummykins that we should "Happy Eating" on the cake haha.
ZOMFGWTFBBQQQ, she actually asked that man to write it. As if it wasn't enough, she even asked him to added a :) smile on the cake wtfff -___-
I don't know where to put my face. There were other people looking at us ooooommmmmmgg :(

Heh. I just downloaded P.S I Love you and Suburban Girl. I have shit loads of left over dramas that I haven't finish.
Paps called to ask me what I ate. So cute! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Loves, V.

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