05 May 2008


I'm back to blogger! I sound excited but truly deep down my pink heart, I'm not. In fact, I'm scared that I would say something wrong by accident because I say what I felt like saying. Fine I admit, I don't think before I talk. I'm gonna be really careful on my words starting from now.

First and foremost before I start saying rubbish, I would wanna apologise if relinking me is a big big trouble to you. I also took the trouble to go to everyone's blog and leave a message there okay! It took me forever to think whether I should do that or not.
Sigh, I'm missing Multiply already. If only Multiply allows JavaScripts in that case, I can be a nuffnanger! Lack of money okay.

Anyway, I'm somehow blogging bout Sports Day again. T'was probably the best one compared to the past 3 years. I feel so semangated this year though I didn't contribute anything to the house. I actually bothered to remind everyone to come wtff. Don't sound like Vivian at all.

It went on very smooth and successfully. Despite the fact that Mr.Sun shone really brightly or maybe he was PMS-ing ish ish. Thank god I had Ley Tau's sunblock to save me.
Yellow won overall champion. Red won cheer. Yellow won marchpast. We played a lil waterfight after the closing ceremony.

Pei Wuon can't make it for jogging again pfft. I wonder if its excuses or she really can't make it haha ;p.


Loves, V.

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