26 May 2008


My Lovely Sam-Soon

Annyung! I finished watching My Lovely Sam-Soon right before dinner just now. Suet have been bugging me to watch it way before the exams but I wasn't quite in the mood to go on a drama marathon. Besides, the drama poster don't really look like a good k-drama dei.
I was proven wrong lor! Kim Sun Ah is not so pretty, yes this is true but she played her role in this drama damn well okehh. I have the same size as her lololololololol -___-

Oh yeah 1 thing. Pei Wuon, Hyun Bin is so not handsome please. His head looks so big and unbalance. Daniel Henney is so god damn hot okehhhhhhhhhhh wtfwtf! His so hot like very very hot and omg the way he speaks English.. OMGOMGOMGOMG, melt right awayy! His smile.. *smacks forehead* so charming that it can kill me okay!

Daniel Henney.

I'm down with very mild sore throat, flu and cough but its getting worse compared to 2 days ago. I shouldn't had sapu down the idk what snacks is that and the worst thing is, I didn't drink after eating em' wtfwtfwtf. I was too into Stephen Chow's and too lazy to get down from bed wtf.
Yala, serve me right. I think so too.

Now that I cannot go Ian's bbq and I feel so sorry to ffk him. I've no transport there and Derrick is not going and I don't really feel like going either. I might be the only girl there okayy!
Its not a problem to be honest because the guys treat me as one of them INSTEAD OF treating me properly as girl pfft wtf.
I cannot eat anything heaty and dry so what's the point of going there? To see how much people enjoy their food? Crazy -___-


Loves, V.

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