13 May 2008

On Fire

I wrote a really long essay and its the longest one I've wrote for the very first time! I wrote a story and the story is based on true story okay. So, I kept on writing and writing that I didn't know I wrote more than 500words so I cut off a whole lot part of it and finish it up with my ending. Alas, 699 words. While I was writing, I shed a few tears also lol wtff.
I'm not a cry baby! Okay la maybe I am but the tears just have to roll down so what can I do right?

English was bad T____________________T
At least to me it looks bad. I'm stupid so so so so you blow ah! Its a direct translation from cantonese *cough cough*
Starting from tomorrow till next Friday, all the papers are ready for me to flung. I was thinking in the bus today, I shouldn't be scared of the papers. Instead, I'm gonna eat them wtff.
Their just papers wtff BIG DEAL, just do it and hand it in la right.

The best thing is,
its History tomorrow! Beetch will be doing the same paper as I do falalalala. I was planning to take my nap and after that, I skip dinner and start studying but I'm here blogging.
Anyway, I gotta go now for bath and I have to skip dinner tonight! *determination*

Loves, V.

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