30 May 2008

Oh God

#1: I ate so much today.
#2: Paps told me during dinner that its gonna start on the coming Tuesday.
#3: I ate more during dinner; very grumpy business.
#4: I miss Mummykins. I miss her food. I miss her so badly.
#5: My #%@$@#% brother is not helping me instead his making things worst.
#6: I wanna go out and have fun this coming Wednesday with the besties!
#7: Everyone is asking why aren't I going out when I'M ON A HOLIDAY.
#8: My fingers are so numb and its so irritating cos I'm typing so slowly.
#10: Why can't I fucking be determined and finish up what I'm supposed to do.
#11: I feel so insecure without Mummykins around.
#12: I need to eat the same thing again tomorrow morning!

I'm soooo grummmmpyyyyy! I think I got it from my Paps. "I got it from my Papa, I got it from my Papa." wtffffff. I'm not pissed neither angry but I'm just feeling so annoyed and grumpy! I feel..... grumpy! -___-

I've so many things to buy and with the amount of money I have now is really taking forever. I can't even afford the things I want by end of this year man.
With the amount of money that I'm given, I think its only sufficient until next year man.

Hey, gtg now. I'm on the phone with Che Seng now hahahahahahahhahaahahah!

Loves, V.

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