09 May 2008


I just had ramily's and nestum for supper. *sinful sinful sinful sinful*

Fine it is my fault to eat but... its Mummykins's fault too. She cooked 'lou shu fan' but I didn't feel like eating it today so I couldn't finish it.
Oh and guess what? Its less than 3 days away from my killer mid term. How now brown cow?!

I'm getting bored blogging bout school and I know you guys are bored reading bout my daily stupid routine but don't leave me okay T__________T
I'm afraid of being lonely wtffff.

Lessons is starting to get a lil boring but I've always love Moral! Pn.Norhanizah rocks socks and she can start gossiping with us. Plus, she's really open minded but we don't talk dirttaayy with her la of course.
How silly. I used to think that she's really scary because there was once she shouted during relief and zomfgwtfbbq the whole class actually kept quiet throughout the whole period.

I went out with Soo Teng for bubble tea after school and while we were walking back from school, I spotted cSeong's car and I actually ran to his car and knocked on his window.

He was shocked and he asked me what I want in the middle of the road haha. He sent us back to school and he decided to send me home as well.
Well you see, my brother is quite selfish at times just because Mummykins paid for the bus fees so he thinks that if I'm not sitting bus it would be very wasting money thing.
Even if his classes ends at the same time as mine, he wont send me home. I repeat, HE WON'T! *cough cough*

I'm waiting for cSeong to come back and watch Hot Chick with me but his out yumcha with friends ish ish. I'm feeling sleepy already ;(

She replaced me because I asked her to =b

Loves, V.

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