08 May 2008

Just a Kiss by Tears & Clouds


I hate mosquitoes so badly that I feel like burning them in hell. I enjoy so much when I kill them and see them squashed by my hands. The feeling of satisfaction is so good >:)
I'm not sick neither am I mad okay. Its just ...... nevermind, you wouldn't get it haha.

Teacher's day was really dumb. Not the teachers but the students who performed. No offence to that particular guy but he really made my day. I laughed so hard at his singing and his facial expression. Everyone started to make all kind of noises but he can ignore the existence of us and continue singing.

The Form 5's were really funny and they kept shouting, screaming and even show the rock sign haha. Seriously, if you were there as well, you would probably roll on the floor laughing because none of us could hear what the heck he was singing! *salutes*

Lessons were on as usual but time passes by very quickly therefore we only had Malay, English and PE. It was really a quick one and teachers are in a good mood today :)

My eyes can close any minute, crazy. I'm so sleepy now! I don't really know what I've typed and I couldn't be bothered to correct my mistakes.

So, apologies.

Fluffy is not dead yet fyi.

Loves, V.

2 bombs thrown:

雪儿 said...

You post a lot huh? I'm running out of ideas. *sniffs

雪儿 said...

You post a lot huh? I'm running out of ideas. *sniffs