11 May 2008

I'll Be

Hey, I just killed a mosquitoe. Yeah, it definitely feels really good :)
Oh and uhm, I'm watching Cinderella Story now to release some stress in me but it seems like its not working at all. I've been watching this for an uncountable number of times and I cannot shed any tears anymore! Hello, very the potong steam *roll eyes*

Before I start anything, I would wanna wish every mother in the world,


After all of the hard times I'm going through, I still need to spend money today. Its fine actually, I'm spending this only once a year besides its Mother's Day hello. I cannot be stingy, can I?

We'll be celebrating it back at Banting with every mum in the family there but dinner will be in Pandamaran, Klang at my all time favo restaurant that serves super yummylicious black pepper prawn! *drools*

There goes my diet plan, sigh.

Oh oh, I just finished watching the movie. Although I did not manage to shed any tears but I'm still loving this movie more than anything! It seems so real yet its like fantasy.

How often do you get true love in cyberspace? Ans: 1%.

Its Malay1 & 2 on Monday. I'm really panic bout it to be honest. I have a shitloads of words to paste on my face and probably 3 sticks of big UHU glue for me to stick my butt on the chair.

I cannot even sit still on the chair for 1/2 hour when it comes to reading. Its so boring that I'll ended up painting my nails or cleaning my drawers.

At least something beneficial than the computer.

Oopsie, gotta run.

Loves, V.

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