14 May 2008

If You Just Realize

I wish my brain will work 2x faster than usual.
I wish my brain will absorb anything that I'm gonna start brainstorming tonight.
In short, I just hope that this sexy brain of mine will work better than it usually does for the coming 3 days!


I have stupid subjects that requires stupid calculation la wtff.

History can go suck balls for good! As I said before, I don't know why am I studying this when its not gonna be a very important thing in my life later on. Who needs history to live?!
For once, I actually don't feel scared because I know that more than half of the class is gonna fail with me. Together as one hahaha wtff.

Everyone started flipping through the pages once the paper was given out. All the "OMG, WTF, GG" was going on around the class. We can't even copy ok wtff! Its a freaking subjective paper and I don't know how am I supposed to pass it during my SPM next year wtff.
I spend around 2 1/2 hour day dreaming and scribbling the paper. Oh yeah, we were required to answer the section B in essay form wtf. History is so not my cup of tea urghh.

Accounts 1 & 2 tomorrow.
Shit shit. Die also must pass this paper! I NEED TO SCORE IN THEORY! *gg*

I have RM1 :)

Loves, V.

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