06 May 2008

I love ShinChan

Mid term is just around the corner and ready to sapu me away. Its 6 days to be exact and its gonna last for as long as two weeks wtff. I haven't master my accountings neither is my add maths and modern maths but I can't be bothered to be honest.

I haven't memorise those shits of business, economics, history and general science. I don't understand anything bout my english short stories neither the stupid bukit kepong story. And everything mentioned above are coming out for mid term! *shoot me* x_x

The shopping mood is already turned on just because I've been saving moos for around one and a half month. I am so so so desperate for money, so could you guys kindly click the nuffnang adv for me? *big wet eyes*
Eh shortage of money ok. Mummykins don't wanna sponsor abit so what can I do? Its not like I can work outside as part time right.. So the only way is to earn through the net! Your co-operation is much much appreciated haha.

Felt so restless being in school today. Thank god I enjoyed the lessons though we have add maths and maths. I don't know why I suck so badly in calculations when the others in the family are quite good in it pfft. I DON'T WANNA BE THE ODD ONE OUT! *brush up, vivian!*

Oh yeah, I finally eyed on a LV bag which will prolly take me 10 years of time to get it. Yes, dreaming dreaming again.

Monogram Mini Lin Speedy.

Loves, V.

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