27 May 2008

Guardian Angel


My post are getting boring day by day. I'm so sorry but there's nothing happening happened yet so you must forgive me for the boring post kay? *talks to the air*
Excuse me.

I was woken up by the call of Wai Ren this morning *frustrated*. Why can't I have a nice 12 hours sleep huh! Why can't you people just let me enjoy my sleep! If you're gonna say I can just off my phone bla bla bla. I DON'T LIKE!
What if *touchwood* something bad happens? I need at least 2 to 3 minutes to on the phone and load everything. And you know, I always have late night calls from unexpected people whom I will wake up just to answer their calls hahahaha. It depends on who it is okay :)
So yes la, why off phone then? You don't call early in the morning la!

I woke up after picking up his call and answered his stupid question. I was really looking forward to breakfast because I expected something nice for the day. I need a good start.
Mummykins wasn't around and so no food. Then, I decided to eat fried rice!
Washed the rice and waited for it to cook. ZOMFGWTFBBQ, my fried rice tasted better this time. Mummykins, whom like to step on me so much, said my fried rice tasted damn good okehh. My maid thinks so too! *shy shy shy* wtf -__-

So much for staying in. I'm going to Pei Wuon's house tomorrow! She needed a company since her parents will be away to the Northern Europe in 1st class *jealous jealous*
Anyway, will be going over for spa and sauna BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA.
But please excuse me today because I have no pictures at all :(

Loves, V.

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