20 May 2008

Freaked Out

I left ze home at 645am today and Kesas was having this really heavy traffic jam. cSeong was so sure that we will be late to school today but I disagree because I thought its the traffic jam at the turning to Sri Muda which happens daily.
I wanted to kepoh awhile as well and then I saw something that I never wanna see in my life ever again! A man lying down on the floor and there was bloody everywhere *pukes*
I have this phobia of blood so uhm no thank you -____-

Immediately, I text Pei Wuon to tell her bout the massive jam and remind her to leave her house earlier but she left only at 7. I was already somewhere near the school lol.
I was in school by 715 whereas Pei Wuon was in school 5 minutes before the bell rang. We started talking bout the accident and all..

Vivian: "I think that guy i seriously injured."

Pei Wuon: "I thought his dead?"

Vivian: "O_O Huh?! No la. I saw him lying down and there was 2 guys standing there chatting."

Pei Wuon: "I saw the ambulance and that guy was covered with white cloth."

Ian: "White cloth means dead la."


May that guy rest in peace :(
I think my leg is shivering again wtfff.

Okay so uhm, Commerce 1 was good. At least I manage to tembak questions that I don't know and I did the paper based on my general knowledge, common sense and my parents conversation in the office. Yeah sooooo... basically, I tembaked the whole paper.

Commerce 2 can go suck balls. I didn't have time to crap throughout the paper. I thought we were supposed to do all the questions but Desmond whispered to me, asking me which question was I doing.
I read through the question and I am only asked to choose 3 questions out of 5. Not liket he 5 questions are easy peasy ones.

Economics 1 & 2 tomorrow :(

Loves, V.

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