07 May 2008



I am so so exhausted today because I glued my face in front of thick papers that requires calculations! Here goes my weakness of all weaky, I gave up on Add maths and I turned to Suet for almost every questions.
I did the same thing for Maths but this time I found another victim, Xing Rou bwahahah.

I really salute Suet's patience. She never gives up on me even if she knows she have to repeat the same single thing for 4651025751324698 times. Felt so touched, exactly like what Teacher Kelly did to me *sniffs*

Tomorrow will be the first time in my 11 years of school in Sri KL, celebrating Teacher's Day only for 3 periods and then, lessons will be on as usual during the 4th period. This is soooooooooo poootong. If I have a choice, I rather choose to not celebrate it.

I did my Buku Tunai all by myself today! I'm super proud of myself because I can finally catch up with the teacher's world and not being left out. We have objectives for accounts which requires a lot of theories wtfff.

I have to be the "bad" person today during Science. The last period was supposed to be Moral but somehow Ms.Voo took the class over because she thinks our Science is really bad.
So, fine then. It was after PE. As per usual, the guys took forever to get themselves change and some of them enjoy staying outdoors. So Hendrich was one of em'.

My class have this "backstabbing" thing around so the guys like telling teachers where they are and stuff like that. Someone told Ms.Voo that Hendrich is inside 4 Delta and asked her to see from the lil window.

She did and Hendrich ran back to our class without her noticing. It was damn funny but Ms.Voo, I assume she's really sensitive, she wanted Hendrich to see Mr. Tan immediately for being late to class but of course, Hendrich didn't want to. Then this is where the whole Hendrich was fucking pissed at the other half of the class for backstabbing him and he left the class just like that and shouted to the teacher.

Uh huh.. Ms.Voo was randomly picking some "trustable" girls to pass her note to Mr.Tan and I just don't know why she picked me instead of Suet lor! She always calls Suet name for whatever she does but why must I be the one to this problem? I didn't want to and she was like you have to whether you want it or not pfft.

I went down and Mr.Tan wanted Hendrich to see him. I really feel guilty for doing this but I've got no choice right? So its not partly my fault although the guys actually asked me to walk around the school instead of going to the staffroom. Her patience is gone but its just some small problem and he does it almost daily, ain't she used to it yet? wtff.

The worst thing is after he left the class, the class started to put the blame on each other. Eh wtf, everyone of you told her that he was in the other class right, why can't they just admit it instead of blaming it on others? *roll eyes*

I smell yummy chicken wing. Adios!

Loves, V.

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