16 May 2008

Do I Know You?

2 down and my last calculation paper is tomorrow! *cheer cheer cheer*
And next week, its all about memorising and understandings. Hopefully I'll get my study mood back and oh please Vivian! Please sit still on the chair for more than 2 hours.
I study on the bed everyday, holding Fluffy and shmelly piwow with me. And each time I held a book on my hands, lying down on the bed, I fall asleep immediately.
I'll just keep my fingers crossed T_________T

Add Maths was fun today. Like really really fun! The whole class was talking during exam and it was so damn funny when. Yap Liang and Han Lun were making stupid faces to each other and even Pn Faridah burst out laughing. I think my guts grew bigger man wtf wtf *gulps*
Shall not go to deep on it or else... I'll be in big trouble lol.

I just finished watching Catch Me Now last episode. OMG LA! How can all those people I like just die like that! Their supposed to have a happy ending instead wtff. Very emo sheesh -___-
Oh and GossipGirl's episode 17 really disappointing man! When Serena said she killed someone to Blair, I start to feel so scared about it. Scared shouldn't be the term but its like your hair stands, your skin feel soo .... OMG WTF MAN! Just try to understand okay -____-

&& yeah, I thought her term of killing will be something with knife and all. I assumed it has something to do with Serena killing Georgina but nooooo! It was just some stupid past of her and the dude died because of drug overdose wtff.

Its Mod Maths tomorrow. How great -.-

Loves, V.

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