28 May 2008

A day at Wuon's

Hola everyone!

BWAHAHAHAHAH. I finally have pictures to sumbat people who thinks this blog is lack of pictures haah. Okay la I have to admit that its really lack of pictures but its impossible you expect me to take pictures randomly or camwhore daily right?
Its not like you people would like to see my face also lololol wtf. If you see too much of my face, you think I'm so self obsessed. I think I've just said this before, did I? AIYA DONT CARE LA! -.-

I set the alarm at 930am this morning but I switched the alarm off and continue sleeping until 1015am. Mummykins brought me to tapao wanton mee and brought it over to Pei Wuon's.
After eating, we went into the karaoke room to sing with her lil cousins. I don't know how did I manage to sing with my flu and sexy voice man. Every pitch of mine was out of tuned.
I laughed at myself instead of them laughing at me -__-

After that, we played Nintendo Wii! Omg finally have the chance to try this stupid thing out. I played tennis, boxing, golf and bowling and my hand hurts badly now.
I shouted, I screamed, I laughed so loudly when I was playing boxing. Typical me lol wtf. Boxing and bowling is superb! Its way better than tennis and golf. Its a must play :)

Everyone was really exhausted and we went up to Pei Wuon's room to watch NANA which I brought over. Its a very good show to be honest. I cried the first few times I watched it but because I've watched it toooo many times that I already lost count, my tears can't even roll down anymore.

After NANA, its time for jacuzzi yoooo! It was where I had a bestie to bestie talk with her. Its very comfortable talking to her because she knows me really well and she will talk to me with patience and not getting frustrated.
We took alot of pictures but I deleted many of em' because I look fcuking pale in it and I don't know how to edit it lol wtf. So uhm, deleting it would be the best way.

I stayed in for dinner and cSeong came to fetch me later then.
Anyway, its pictures time. I'm warning you, I look really fugly in some pictures.

Nintendo Wii.

Pei Wuon :)



Jing Jing & I. PLEASE excuse the look -__-



Our very disgusting feet haha.


Second shot haha.


Excuse me for being so haha.

Tan Pei Wuon :)

Loves, V.

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