18 May 2008


Jennifer is so happy that I got conned. Stupid Kim Jun Su :(

Anyway, I was sort of conned. SORT OF!
Beetch called me last night and told me bout the idk what radiation thingy going on and if you on your phone at night, your phone might explode and you'll die!! wtf wtf wtf.

I don't wanna die at young age ok. I didn't bother to think wisely whether its just some scam or it really will happen. All I know was if I really die, I will not forgive myself >:(
I don't wanna die! There's so much things that I've never come across. I wanna try bungee jump! I wanna pierce my ears wtff. I wanna become rich! I wanna buy brandeds!
So if I die, I will not be able to fulfill all my hopes. Very sad ok.

I pm-ed almost every online users in my MSN yesterday night, immediately after I hanged up Beetch's call. So uhm, I kinda stopped after Rekha told me something. I dare not even walk. I sit still on the chair quietly and start playing my prayer's song on my phone wtffff. I got no balls :(
cSeong came down not long after and immediately I shut down the computer and ran upstairs with him. I am that scared ok.

I text Mummykins and cWey. I turned off my phone right after texting. I am so stupid to believe man.
When I on my phone this morning, I received quite a few text saying, "Haha stupid kena con :P"
wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf!

The text that cWey sent was, "Its just some scam la. Its out on the newspaper already what."
zomfgwtfbbqknn. I learnt my lesson -______-.
I have to read the newspapers ._.

Loves, V.

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