21 May 2008


Fluffy on bus ♥

Hollaaaalalalalla :)

There was this uhm lil drama going on in class today. Someone was caught red handed copying answers of the smartypants in class by Pn Faridah. Yeah the teacher who set the Economics paper and she was invigilating our class during the last period.

It happened 10 minutes before the bell rang. Poor thing for smartypants! His gonna get 0 for helping out. I know its partly our fault to help our friends to cheat during exams but you see, when someone asks you for help, its quite impossible to say no and just turn away. At least for me, I cannot bare to be so cold blooded but so far so good. No one asked me for answers lololol.
In other words, people know I'm stupid haha.

I brought Fluffy to school today because Xing Rou missed it hahha riiighht wtfwtf. It was with Xing Rou all the time sooooo I wasn't really playing with it but her! Secretly in love with Fluffy.
At least someone starts to fall for Fluffy and Xing Rou is planning to buy the male one so that Fluffy can marry to him haha wtff. I'm still awaiting for my bigger version of Fluffy >:(
Anyone? I heard you can get it from One-U *hint hint*.

2 more days till my mid term officially ends. Sadly, the holidays are just for 2 weeks. WHAT CAN YOU DO IN 2 WEEKS! I wanna go Singapore so badly. I need to go thereeeeeeee!
It'll be good if I can get to see Mr Kenny Thong Handsome there as well... Yalayala, dreaming -.-

I have combined papers of General Science tomorrow heh. I don't know I'm supposed to laugh or cry. I cannot really get what Ms Voo is teaching.
So yeah, wish me luck!

Who says Jack is innocent! >:D

Loves, V.

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