24 May 2008

Best In Me

I'm so addicted to..


Its really very addictive especially with the help of my friend, the racquet-look-alike, I can kill more and more mosquitoes! BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.
I sound crazy but yes. I hate mosquitoes so god damn much that I wish they burn in hell.
I'm not even afraid of the cockroach but mosquitoes. I'M SERIOUSS! I stepped on a cockroach with my bare foot lol.
I cannot ignore the mosquitoes making noises whereas I could ignore the cockroach.
Why did God even created disgusting pest like the mice and mosquitoes?!

I'm starting to hate Saturdays. Everyone is so restless and boring.
I haven't been going out. I'm so sleepy.

Sorry for the boring post.

Loves, V.

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