31 May 2008

I Learnt My Lesson


Define it please. When you're in need of help, they just turned back and walk away. They can even act stupid or rather act don't know. Worse comes to worst, they can just ignore you or change the bloody fucking topic. Seriously, tell me what's the point to have friends then?

I finally learnt my lesson. From now onwards, I'm gonna do the exact same thing to those who did this to me! Forgive and forget? *nahhhhhhhh* wtf.
All I asked for was just a simple thing and it doesn't even requires money but a lil knowledge and effort! Must you just... *sigh* I'm so disappointed. So so so disappointed.
Don't call yourself a friend when you can't even do simple lil things for a friend.

I had a long talk with Beetch late last night till 4am if I'm not wrong. Woke up due to ze stomach making noises wtff. Went down and fried rice again hahaha.
It tasted better this time because I added chili sauce into it and a lil shugar. I'm gonna try adding other stuffs next time bwahaha. cSeong tasted it for the very first time but he just kept quiet so I assume it tasted way better than he expected ;)

Stayed in the whole day, doing absolutely nothing but downloaded brushes and dramas.
I took the initiative to learn how to do more stuffs with Adobe Photoshop but wtf, I seriously have no talent in this man. I tried so hard but the result was disappointing nuff.
I gave up and got really grumpy and pissed.

Just came back from dinner at Yu Ee. I miss Mummykins food *shed a tear*
Khai Yeh called and I'm going over to Mei Qi's tomorrow. Oh and, its gonna start on Monday not Tuesday *sigh* Loner sial.

wtf wtf wtf. Sorry for the boring post okay. I'm just too grumpy lately and the blogging mood is constantly changing. I don't know what to write anymore.

The poll is new. So pleasee fill in :)

Loves, V.

30 May 2008

Oh God

#1: I ate so much today.
#2: Paps told me during dinner that its gonna start on the coming Tuesday.
#3: I ate more during dinner; very grumpy business.
#4: I miss Mummykins. I miss her food. I miss her so badly.
#5: My #%@$@#% brother is not helping me instead his making things worst.
#6: I wanna go out and have fun this coming Wednesday with the besties!
#7: Everyone is asking why aren't I going out when I'M ON A HOLIDAY.
#8: My fingers are so numb and its so irritating cos I'm typing so slowly.
#10: Why can't I fucking be determined and finish up what I'm supposed to do.
#11: I feel so insecure without Mummykins around.
#12: I need to eat the same thing again tomorrow morning!

I'm soooo grummmmpyyyyy! I think I got it from my Paps. "I got it from my Papa, I got it from my Papa." wtffffff. I'm not pissed neither angry but I'm just feeling so annoyed and grumpy! I feel..... grumpy! -___-

I've so many things to buy and with the amount of money I have now is really taking forever. I can't even afford the things I want by end of this year man.
With the amount of money that I'm given, I think its only sufficient until next year man.

Hey, gtg now. I'm on the phone with Che Seng now hahahahahahahhahaahahah!

Loves, V.

So Sad but True

Thanks Beetch, for accompanying me throughout the whole waiting-for-4am-to-reach. Your phone bill sure wasn't cheap eyh haha. I'll make it to you soon kie?
So Mummykins is in Cambodia already and I'm not feeling quite good. She was shocked when she saw me this morning and I bid my goodbye to her.
I wanted to hug her but.. we don't do this often and its quite obvious that I didn't want her to leave me for 3 days and she'll know I missed her badly right. I need some face also ok lol wtf.
Went back to the room and silently shed a few tears lololololol wtf :(

So before that, yesterday morning, Mummykins brought me to Econsave to restock our groceries so we won't die of hunger when she's away.
I'm sure if Venice were to see the amount of things I grabbed, she will put it all back for me haha. What! I couldn't help it. & I promised her that I would do something with myself lol.

We passed by King's and I randomly told her that I want to eat pandan layered cake. I was telling Mummykins that we should "Happy Eating" on the cake haha.
ZOMFGWTFBBQQQ, she actually asked that man to write it. As if it wasn't enough, she even asked him to added a :) smile on the cake wtfff -___-
I don't know where to put my face. There were other people looking at us ooooommmmmmgg :(

Heh. I just downloaded P.S I Love you and Suburban Girl. I have shit loads of left over dramas that I haven't finish.
Paps called to ask me what I ate. So cute! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Loves, V.

Tagged by Siew Wei

Tagged By Siew Wei.

8 Things I'm Passionate About.

2. Cosmetics.
3. Clothes.
4. Singing.
5. Photography.
6. Hunks.
7. Foods.
8. Blogging.

8 Things I Say Or Do Often.

1. Mahai.
2. Lol.
3. WTF.
4. Waraooo.
5. Yerrr.
6. Chiu.
7. Yiuuuu.
8. Cheh.

8 Things I've Read Recently.

1. Blogs.
2. Thesuperficial.com
3. Trent.blogspot.com
4. Bumper stickers.
5. Ingredients -__-
6. Bye bye lyrics.
7. Instructions for Viwawa.
8. MSN conversation.

8 Songs I Could Listen To Over And Over Again.

1. Bae Fong - Xin Qiang.
2. Mika Nakashima - Glamorous Sky.
3. Mariah Carey - Bye Bye.
4. Reira ft Yuna Ito - Endless Story.
5. Coco Lee - Baby, Dui Bu Qi.
6. Elva Xiao - Zui Shu Xi De Mo Sheng Ren.
7. Taylor Swift-Teardrops On My Guitar

8 Things I've Learned This Year And Last Year.

1. No matter how hard I tried, the outcome will still be the same.
2. Respects others before you want them to respect you.
3. I have no talent in calculations at all.
4. You can never take singing as an ambition *sigh*
6. Guys are made out of shit. Not all but most of em'.
7. Be happy with what you have.

8 People I tag.

1. Venice Tan.
2. Jazmine Khoo.
3. Sheila Lee.
4. Cheryl Goh.
5. Shelly Tan.
6. Melisa Lee.
7. Rachael Chin.
8. Zhou Wei.

Loves, V.

29 May 2008

I Stay in Love

Why must you force me to do this? I hate being forced to do something I dislike.
I know this is for my own good but knowing that even if I go for it, I wouldn't get any benefit, so what's the point? I don't wanna waste the money even if you're willing to pay for it.
I don't want to.

I agreed to go for it because of you. I'm doing this just to satisfy you and make you happy. I'm not doing this to myself.
Going to a place where I don't know anyone is like starting a new life and I need make new friends. I don't want to.

Please man, I wasn't undergoing any emotional problems until you created one. Mahai whats your problem seriously. If thats what you call a joke then please go learn one from a joker.
I don't need YOU to link me and I wasn't even requesting you to link me.

I'm not being weird dude. If you fucking don't like how the way I fucking talk, then just fucking get rid of my sight and go mind your fucking business. I deleted you once and you're the one who pm-ed me again okay. MIND YOU, I DELETED YOU OKAY.
Whatever man. I'm not gonna fucking care about how you feel. If you dont like me, DEAL WITH IT.

28 May 2008

A day at Wuon's

Hola everyone!

BWAHAHAHAHAH. I finally have pictures to sumbat people who thinks this blog is lack of pictures haah. Okay la I have to admit that its really lack of pictures but its impossible you expect me to take pictures randomly or camwhore daily right?
Its not like you people would like to see my face also lololol wtf. If you see too much of my face, you think I'm so self obsessed. I think I've just said this before, did I? AIYA DONT CARE LA! -.-

I set the alarm at 930am this morning but I switched the alarm off and continue sleeping until 1015am. Mummykins brought me to tapao wanton mee and brought it over to Pei Wuon's.
After eating, we went into the karaoke room to sing with her lil cousins. I don't know how did I manage to sing with my flu and sexy voice man. Every pitch of mine was out of tuned.
I laughed at myself instead of them laughing at me -__-

After that, we played Nintendo Wii! Omg finally have the chance to try this stupid thing out. I played tennis, boxing, golf and bowling and my hand hurts badly now.
I shouted, I screamed, I laughed so loudly when I was playing boxing. Typical me lol wtf. Boxing and bowling is superb! Its way better than tennis and golf. Its a must play :)

Everyone was really exhausted and we went up to Pei Wuon's room to watch NANA which I brought over. Its a very good show to be honest. I cried the first few times I watched it but because I've watched it toooo many times that I already lost count, my tears can't even roll down anymore.

After NANA, its time for jacuzzi yoooo! It was where I had a bestie to bestie talk with her. Its very comfortable talking to her because she knows me really well and she will talk to me with patience and not getting frustrated.
We took alot of pictures but I deleted many of em' because I look fcuking pale in it and I don't know how to edit it lol wtf. So uhm, deleting it would be the best way.

I stayed in for dinner and cSeong came to fetch me later then.
Anyway, its pictures time. I'm warning you, I look really fugly in some pictures.

Nintendo Wii.

Pei Wuon :)



Jing Jing & I. PLEASE excuse the look -__-



Our very disgusting feet haha.


Second shot haha.


Excuse me for being so haha.

Tan Pei Wuon :)

Loves, V.

27 May 2008

Guardian Angel


My post are getting boring day by day. I'm so sorry but there's nothing happening happened yet so you must forgive me for the boring post kay? *talks to the air*
Excuse me.

I was woken up by the call of Wai Ren this morning *frustrated*. Why can't I have a nice 12 hours sleep huh! Why can't you people just let me enjoy my sleep! If you're gonna say I can just off my phone bla bla bla. I DON'T LIKE!
What if *touchwood* something bad happens? I need at least 2 to 3 minutes to on the phone and load everything. And you know, I always have late night calls from unexpected people whom I will wake up just to answer their calls hahahaha. It depends on who it is okay :)
So yes la, why off phone then? You don't call early in the morning la!

I woke up after picking up his call and answered his stupid question. I was really looking forward to breakfast because I expected something nice for the day. I need a good start.
Mummykins wasn't around and so no food. Then, I decided to eat fried rice!
Washed the rice and waited for it to cook. ZOMFGWTFBBQ, my fried rice tasted better this time. Mummykins, whom like to step on me so much, said my fried rice tasted damn good okehh. My maid thinks so too! *shy shy shy* wtf -__-

So much for staying in. I'm going to Pei Wuon's house tomorrow! She needed a company since her parents will be away to the Northern Europe in 1st class *jealous jealous*
Anyway, will be going over for spa and sauna BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA.
But please excuse me today because I have no pictures at all :(

Loves, V.

26 May 2008


My Lovely Sam-Soon

Annyung! I finished watching My Lovely Sam-Soon right before dinner just now. Suet have been bugging me to watch it way before the exams but I wasn't quite in the mood to go on a drama marathon. Besides, the drama poster don't really look like a good k-drama dei.
I was proven wrong lor! Kim Sun Ah is not so pretty, yes this is true but she played her role in this drama damn well okehh. I have the same size as her lololololololol -___-

Oh yeah 1 thing. Pei Wuon, Hyun Bin is so not handsome please. His head looks so big and unbalance. Daniel Henney is so god damn hot okehhhhhhhhhhh wtfwtf! His so hot like very very hot and omg the way he speaks English.. OMGOMGOMGOMG, melt right awayy! His smile.. *smacks forehead* so charming that it can kill me okay!

Daniel Henney.

I'm down with very mild sore throat, flu and cough but its getting worse compared to 2 days ago. I shouldn't had sapu down the idk what snacks is that and the worst thing is, I didn't drink after eating em' wtfwtfwtf. I was too into Stephen Chow's and too lazy to get down from bed wtf.
Yala, serve me right. I think so too.

Now that I cannot go Ian's bbq and I feel so sorry to ffk him. I've no transport there and Derrick is not going and I don't really feel like going either. I might be the only girl there okayy!
Its not a problem to be honest because the guys treat me as one of them INSTEAD OF treating me properly as girl pfft wtf.
I cannot eat anything heaty and dry so what's the point of going there? To see how much people enjoy their food? Crazy -___-


Loves, V.

25 May 2008


I haven't get sufficient beauty sleep! 12 hours is more than nuff. But this Mummykins of mine just have to spoil my plan. She have something against waking up late ish ish.
So anyhoo, she woke me up at 10am just to accompany Paps and her for breakies. I had capati and milo ice yumyum.
Eh, why do I feel so syok sendiri -____-

I didn't follow them back to Banting so we have to settle everything ourselves. cSeong and I fried our own fried rice! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!
I know you expected my fried rice to be burnt and inedible right right right. No, it tasted so good that prolly for the next few days where Mummykins will be off to Cambodia, I'm gonna fry my own rice again. I'm not lying! My fried rice tasted danm good okehh.


I cleaned the computer table, swept the floor and washed the dishes today!
I'm sorry la. I really don't have the mood to blog nowadays and I saw the poll results lol. I DONT HAVE PICTURES TO POST UP LA!
If I post too much of my photos, you people will think I love myself so much not like I have a pretty face or hot body. HAH, I CAN READ YOUR MIND DEI!
I'm finding pictures to post up and I've been so random okehh. Taking pictures at all these unnecessary stuffs.
















Fluffy and her godmother :)

Loves, V.

24 May 2008

Best In Me

I'm so addicted to..


Its really very addictive especially with the help of my friend, the racquet-look-alike, I can kill more and more mosquitoes! BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.
I sound crazy but yes. I hate mosquitoes so god damn much that I wish they burn in hell.
I'm not even afraid of the cockroach but mosquitoes. I'M SERIOUSS! I stepped on a cockroach with my bare foot lol.
I cannot ignore the mosquitoes making noises whereas I could ignore the cockroach.
Why did God even created disgusting pest like the mice and mosquitoes?!

I'm starting to hate Saturdays. Everyone is so restless and boring.
I haven't been going out. I'm so sleepy.

Sorry for the boring post.

Loves, V.

23 May 2008


15 minutes ago, I was crying.


MY WHOLE BLOG WAS GONE YOU KNOW! Not the blog but the contents inside this blog was gone exclude the post. I asked help from Cheryl to put up the Nuffnang adv in between the post and on my header.

So as I was told, the only way to put up these two is to change it back to the old masalah banyakbanyak html codings which is also something I suck in.
She changed it without saving my original copy. I misunderstood her meaning. I was so damn panic and sad as though my heart was crushed into pieces and its 100x much more sad than being dumped by a hot guy.
Everything was white and ugly and and omg out of shape wtfwtfwtf.

My blog is like my boyfriend. A place for me to rant, whine and to tell about what's happening around me and my life. When money increases, I sayang my blog more. When something bad happens to it (i.e, like what just happened), I cry and tell the besties about it. Eh, I don't have a boyfriend okay so you can't blame me for being so sensi -____-

Anyway, everything is back and thanks to Cheryl again! Don't misunderstood me. I'm not trying to put the blame on her in fact I should thank her for helping me out alot :)
Thank you, Ryl! You're the best!

Moral was pretty good I supposed. I manage to tembak the whole paper heh.
I'm not staying for long. I need a nice beauty sleep ;D


Loves, V.

22 May 2008

Only You


General Science turned out to be far easier than I expected! Frankly speaking, if you study for the paper even though just thoroughly, you will confirm pass the paper man!
The paper was after lunch so I assumed I would have time to do a last minute studying but you know what? Wen Jie & Han Lun just have to disturb me! No seriously, they didn't allow me to even open my book -___-
Wherever I go, they will disturb me so how do you expect me to open my book! :(

& I have Moral ._.

I'm sorry for the short post but I'm running out of time. I have 12 definition and 24 keywords to memorise. Sounds easy to you but NOT ME!
I cannot sleep! I cannot sleep! I cannot sleep! I cannot sleep! I cannot sleep! I cannot sleep!
Fluffy is coming to school tomorrow heh. Xing Rou missed the presence of her haha.

The good ol` times back in Form 1.
L - R : JamesC, Michael Lim, *iforgotwho*, Chen Ji.

Loves, V.

21 May 2008


Fluffy on bus ♥

Hollaaaalalalalla :)

There was this uhm lil drama going on in class today. Someone was caught red handed copying answers of the smartypants in class by Pn Faridah. Yeah the teacher who set the Economics paper and she was invigilating our class during the last period.

It happened 10 minutes before the bell rang. Poor thing for smartypants! His gonna get 0 for helping out. I know its partly our fault to help our friends to cheat during exams but you see, when someone asks you for help, its quite impossible to say no and just turn away. At least for me, I cannot bare to be so cold blooded but so far so good. No one asked me for answers lololol.
In other words, people know I'm stupid haha.

I brought Fluffy to school today because Xing Rou missed it hahha riiighht wtfwtf. It was with Xing Rou all the time sooooo I wasn't really playing with it but her! Secretly in love with Fluffy.
At least someone starts to fall for Fluffy and Xing Rou is planning to buy the male one so that Fluffy can marry to him haha wtff. I'm still awaiting for my bigger version of Fluffy >:(
Anyone? I heard you can get it from One-U *hint hint*.

2 more days till my mid term officially ends. Sadly, the holidays are just for 2 weeks. WHAT CAN YOU DO IN 2 WEEKS! I wanna go Singapore so badly. I need to go thereeeeeeee!
It'll be good if I can get to see Mr Kenny Thong Handsome there as well... Yalayala, dreaming -.-

I have combined papers of General Science tomorrow heh. I don't know I'm supposed to laugh or cry. I cannot really get what Ms Voo is teaching.
So yeah, wish me luck!

Who says Jack is innocent! >:D

Loves, V.

Happy Birthday, Paps!

Happy Birthday, Paps! ♥

Thanks for being so hardworking just for the family. I wouldn't have what I have today without you around. I wouldn't even be who I am today if it weren't because of you.
Though we hardly have a father & daughter talk but I know what you're thinking in mind.
Take good care of yourself and don't get sick so often!

"Cheong meng gung fu, cheong meng jou ah, d"

The good news for you is I finally lost count on your age :)

Loves, your one&only beloved daughter.

20 May 2008

Freaked Out

I left ze home at 645am today and Kesas was having this really heavy traffic jam. cSeong was so sure that we will be late to school today but I disagree because I thought its the traffic jam at the turning to Sri Muda which happens daily.
I wanted to kepoh awhile as well and then I saw something that I never wanna see in my life ever again! A man lying down on the floor and there was bloody everywhere *pukes*
I have this phobia of blood so uhm no thank you -____-

Immediately, I text Pei Wuon to tell her bout the massive jam and remind her to leave her house earlier but she left only at 7. I was already somewhere near the school lol.
I was in school by 715 whereas Pei Wuon was in school 5 minutes before the bell rang. We started talking bout the accident and all..

Vivian: "I think that guy i seriously injured."

Pei Wuon: "I thought his dead?"

Vivian: "O_O Huh?! No la. I saw him lying down and there was 2 guys standing there chatting."

Pei Wuon: "I saw the ambulance and that guy was covered with white cloth."

Ian: "White cloth means dead la."


May that guy rest in peace :(
I think my leg is shivering again wtfff.

Okay so uhm, Commerce 1 was good. At least I manage to tembak questions that I don't know and I did the paper based on my general knowledge, common sense and my parents conversation in the office. Yeah sooooo... basically, I tembaked the whole paper.

Commerce 2 can go suck balls. I didn't have time to crap throughout the paper. I thought we were supposed to do all the questions but Desmond whispered to me, asking me which question was I doing.
I read through the question and I am only asked to choose 3 questions out of 5. Not liket he 5 questions are easy peasy ones.

Economics 1 & 2 tomorrow :(

Loves, V.

19 May 2008

They Can Never Have Yesterday

That's Lenglui up there! I drew that out of boredom with Xing Rou last year when we were inside the auditorium, discussing the papers. I was drawing someone to be specific haha. Haven't been seeing her for quite sometime. I wonder how she is doing now..

I just studied for 1 hour and I'm only at the half of the 1st chapter. And there's like what? 3 long chapters dey! I've always mistaken Perdagangan as Business. Oops, it should be Commerce. So uhm, I have Commerce 1 & 2 tomorrow. I seriously don't know how am I gonna survive.
I'm not planning to study tonight actually haha. I need to watch my new 930 drama! Although it'll repeat but but it always feels good to watch at the same time with the Hongkee's right?!

I'm having such hard time memorising those shits. I don't even understand what I'm reading and its really taking forever for me to memorise just one *toot* line.
Main problem lagi worse. I really can't sit still on my chair for even half an hour man. I have to walk around my room with the room and its so boring to do that. My room is so small! I have to walk the same place again and again wtff.

I saw the poll results. Lack of pictures T__________________T
Sorry but but I haven't been going out so how am I supposed to get pictures right! & its a big no no to take photos with my naked face already -.-
I'm forgiven :D

Loves, V.

18 May 2008


Jennifer is so happy that I got conned. Stupid Kim Jun Su :(

Anyway, I was sort of conned. SORT OF!
Beetch called me last night and told me bout the idk what radiation thingy going on and if you on your phone at night, your phone might explode and you'll die!! wtf wtf wtf.

I don't wanna die at young age ok. I didn't bother to think wisely whether its just some scam or it really will happen. All I know was if I really die, I will not forgive myself >:(
I don't wanna die! There's so much things that I've never come across. I wanna try bungee jump! I wanna pierce my ears wtff. I wanna become rich! I wanna buy brandeds!
So if I die, I will not be able to fulfill all my hopes. Very sad ok.

I pm-ed almost every online users in my MSN yesterday night, immediately after I hanged up Beetch's call. So uhm, I kinda stopped after Rekha told me something. I dare not even walk. I sit still on the chair quietly and start playing my prayer's song on my phone wtffff. I got no balls :(
cSeong came down not long after and immediately I shut down the computer and ran upstairs with him. I am that scared ok.

I text Mummykins and cWey. I turned off my phone right after texting. I am so stupid to believe man.
When I on my phone this morning, I received quite a few text saying, "Haha stupid kena con :P"
wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf!

The text that cWey sent was, "Its just some scam la. Its out on the newspaper already what."
zomfgwtfbbqknn. I learnt my lesson -______-.
I have to read the newspapers ._.

Loves, V.

17 May 2008

When It Was Me

Marie Digby is soooo gooooood y'all!
She sings way better than the original singer and I'm glad her album is out! Sucha pretty voice with a beautiful voice tsk tsk tsk *jealous jealous*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us/
Clickret ze photo above.

You've no idea how delighted I am now. I feel so shy telling others I'm a chinese wtff. But, not all chinese is gifted with the mathematical brain right so don't blame me.
That makes me feel special and one of a kind! In short, its called unique yo! ;D

I was quite stressed out this morning and thank god the girls were with me and they helped me out a lil with the formulas wtf. Rachel passed by our class this morning and Suet asked her for help. The minute she saw the question, she already knew the answer. WTF?!!!?!??
Crazy I tell you! I don't know how those smart peoples brain functions. Their brain don't need a rest? 24/7 working in good condition?! *chi sin*
I didn't study last night instead, I watched ...

Rate : 6/10.

I expected something way better than this and its not even funny! I think its because I watched this alone *wtf so lonely* so the feeling wasn't there hmm...

*yawns* I'm feeling sleepy and its only 1030pm.

Loves, V.

16 May 2008

Do I Know You?

2 down and my last calculation paper is tomorrow! *cheer cheer cheer*
And next week, its all about memorising and understandings. Hopefully I'll get my study mood back and oh please Vivian! Please sit still on the chair for more than 2 hours.
I study on the bed everyday, holding Fluffy and shmelly piwow with me. And each time I held a book on my hands, lying down on the bed, I fall asleep immediately.
I'll just keep my fingers crossed T_________T

Add Maths was fun today. Like really really fun! The whole class was talking during exam and it was so damn funny when. Yap Liang and Han Lun were making stupid faces to each other and even Pn Faridah burst out laughing. I think my guts grew bigger man wtf wtf *gulps*
Shall not go to deep on it or else... I'll be in big trouble lol.

I just finished watching Catch Me Now last episode. OMG LA! How can all those people I like just die like that! Their supposed to have a happy ending instead wtff. Very emo sheesh -___-
Oh and GossipGirl's episode 17 really disappointing man! When Serena said she killed someone to Blair, I start to feel so scared about it. Scared shouldn't be the term but its like your hair stands, your skin feel soo .... OMG WTF MAN! Just try to understand okay -____-

&& yeah, I thought her term of killing will be something with knife and all. I assumed it has something to do with Serena killing Georgina but nooooo! It was just some stupid past of her and the dude died because of drug overdose wtff.

Its Mod Maths tomorrow. How great -.-

Loves, V.

15 May 2008

The Sweetest Dream Will Never Do

omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg! GG -

Accounts was crap. I MEAN IT! Paper 1 was eh okay but not when it comes to Paper 2. I did what I knew and the rest was left empty. Stupid Hendrich just have to rub it in, "Die liao Vivian. I'm gonna fail like how you're gonna fail."
Not funny T__________________________T.

The whole class didn't got the amount balance except for Xing Rou and she was the last person who finished. She was practically shivering when she writes haha.
Damn damn, blogging mood turned off because I just saw 2 mosquitoes and I can't take it anymore! Stupid pest >:(

Guess what?! ITS ADD MATHS TOMORROW -_____-
Oh and please do the poll test! Its new :)


14 May 2008

If You Just Realize

I wish my brain will work 2x faster than usual.
I wish my brain will absorb anything that I'm gonna start brainstorming tonight.
In short, I just hope that this sexy brain of mine will work better than it usually does for the coming 3 days!


I have stupid subjects that requires stupid calculation la wtff.

History can go suck balls for good! As I said before, I don't know why am I studying this when its not gonna be a very important thing in my life later on. Who needs history to live?!
For once, I actually don't feel scared because I know that more than half of the class is gonna fail with me. Together as one hahaha wtff.

Everyone started flipping through the pages once the paper was given out. All the "OMG, WTF, GG" was going on around the class. We can't even copy ok wtff! Its a freaking subjective paper and I don't know how am I supposed to pass it during my SPM next year wtff.
I spend around 2 1/2 hour day dreaming and scribbling the paper. Oh yeah, we were required to answer the section B in essay form wtf. History is so not my cup of tea urghh.

Accounts 1 & 2 tomorrow.
Shit shit. Die also must pass this paper! I NEED TO SCORE IN THEORY! *gg*

I have RM1 :)

Loves, V.

13 May 2008

On Fire

I wrote a really long essay and its the longest one I've wrote for the very first time! I wrote a story and the story is based on true story okay. So, I kept on writing and writing that I didn't know I wrote more than 500words so I cut off a whole lot part of it and finish it up with my ending. Alas, 699 words. While I was writing, I shed a few tears also lol wtff.
I'm not a cry baby! Okay la maybe I am but the tears just have to roll down so what can I do right?

English was bad T____________________T
At least to me it looks bad. I'm stupid so so so so you blow ah! Its a direct translation from cantonese *cough cough*
Starting from tomorrow till next Friday, all the papers are ready for me to flung. I was thinking in the bus today, I shouldn't be scared of the papers. Instead, I'm gonna eat them wtff.
Their just papers wtff BIG DEAL, just do it and hand it in la right.

The best thing is,
its History tomorrow! Beetch will be doing the same paper as I do falalalala. I was planning to take my nap and after that, I skip dinner and start studying but I'm here blogging.
Anyway, I gotta go now for bath and I have to skip dinner tonight! *determination*

Loves, V.

Happy 16th, Sherlyn Beh Kar Wei!

Happy 16th Birthday, Smelly!
7 years + and counting chouchou. We'll celebrate it as belated alright?
♥ you many many much much.

Loves, V.

12 May 2008

Thank You For All You've Done

I wasted my time in front of the computer chatting away for the past few days. I didn't even flip through the pages in the book until this morning. Last minute studies always work but its impossible for you to stuff everything to the brain within hours.

I have History on Wednesday but I'm not quite sure yet on how to manage the time. There's like 5 long chapters to be memorised and their long ones! Probably, I'll read it after revising my Literature tonight.

Mother's day was good yesterday. I followed the brother's instead of the parent's car back because I was so tired after the long phone calls with Beetch & Wing.
Paps woke me up and I lovee the way he wakes people up unlike Mummykins. Its totally the opposite. I don't even know why she need to shout. A very bad start of the day *smack forehead*

Yesterday was really hectic and crazy. 53 of us went there including 8 kids! The Lee's literally flooded the whole restaurant and I heard it from one of my cousins that the other tables were complaining about the amount of noises we made.
cWey bought Chocolate Indulgence for us and thank god there were leftovers for me to eat! *evil laugh* What?!

Oh okay, my download is done! I shall now watch 命中注定我愛你.
Its English 1 & 2 tomorrow.

Lee Wendy.

Tong Tong.


Loves, V.

11 May 2008

I'll Be

Hey, I just killed a mosquitoe. Yeah, it definitely feels really good :)
Oh and uhm, I'm watching Cinderella Story now to release some stress in me but it seems like its not working at all. I've been watching this for an uncountable number of times and I cannot shed any tears anymore! Hello, very the potong steam *roll eyes*

Before I start anything, I would wanna wish every mother in the world,


After all of the hard times I'm going through, I still need to spend money today. Its fine actually, I'm spending this only once a year besides its Mother's Day hello. I cannot be stingy, can I?

We'll be celebrating it back at Banting with every mum in the family there but dinner will be in Pandamaran, Klang at my all time favo restaurant that serves super yummylicious black pepper prawn! *drools*

There goes my diet plan, sigh.

Oh oh, I just finished watching the movie. Although I did not manage to shed any tears but I'm still loving this movie more than anything! It seems so real yet its like fantasy.

How often do you get true love in cyberspace? Ans: 1%.

Its Malay1 & 2 on Monday. I'm really panic bout it to be honest. I have a shitloads of words to paste on my face and probably 3 sticks of big UHU glue for me to stick my butt on the chair.

I cannot even sit still on the chair for 1/2 hour when it comes to reading. Its so boring that I'll ended up painting my nails or cleaning my drawers.

At least something beneficial than the computer.

Oopsie, gotta run.

Loves, V.

09 May 2008


I just had ramily's and nestum for supper. *sinful sinful sinful sinful*

Fine it is my fault to eat but... its Mummykins's fault too. She cooked 'lou shu fan' but I didn't feel like eating it today so I couldn't finish it.
Oh and guess what? Its less than 3 days away from my killer mid term. How now brown cow?!

I'm getting bored blogging bout school and I know you guys are bored reading bout my daily stupid routine but don't leave me okay T__________T
I'm afraid of being lonely wtffff.

Lessons is starting to get a lil boring but I've always love Moral! Pn.Norhanizah rocks socks and she can start gossiping with us. Plus, she's really open minded but we don't talk dirttaayy with her la of course.
How silly. I used to think that she's really scary because there was once she shouted during relief and zomfgwtfbbq the whole class actually kept quiet throughout the whole period.

I went out with Soo Teng for bubble tea after school and while we were walking back from school, I spotted cSeong's car and I actually ran to his car and knocked on his window.

He was shocked and he asked me what I want in the middle of the road haha. He sent us back to school and he decided to send me home as well.
Well you see, my brother is quite selfish at times just because Mummykins paid for the bus fees so he thinks that if I'm not sitting bus it would be very wasting money thing.
Even if his classes ends at the same time as mine, he wont send me home. I repeat, HE WON'T! *cough cough*

I'm waiting for cSeong to come back and watch Hot Chick with me but his out yumcha with friends ish ish. I'm feeling sleepy already ;(

She replaced me because I asked her to =b

Loves, V.

08 May 2008

Just a Kiss by Tears & Clouds


I hate mosquitoes so badly that I feel like burning them in hell. I enjoy so much when I kill them and see them squashed by my hands. The feeling of satisfaction is so good >:)
I'm not sick neither am I mad okay. Its just ...... nevermind, you wouldn't get it haha.

Teacher's day was really dumb. Not the teachers but the students who performed. No offence to that particular guy but he really made my day. I laughed so hard at his singing and his facial expression. Everyone started to make all kind of noises but he can ignore the existence of us and continue singing.

The Form 5's were really funny and they kept shouting, screaming and even show the rock sign haha. Seriously, if you were there as well, you would probably roll on the floor laughing because none of us could hear what the heck he was singing! *salutes*

Lessons were on as usual but time passes by very quickly therefore we only had Malay, English and PE. It was really a quick one and teachers are in a good mood today :)

My eyes can close any minute, crazy. I'm so sleepy now! I don't really know what I've typed and I couldn't be bothered to correct my mistakes.

So, apologies.

Fluffy is not dead yet fyi.

Loves, V.

07 May 2008



I am so so exhausted today because I glued my face in front of thick papers that requires calculations! Here goes my weakness of all weaky, I gave up on Add maths and I turned to Suet for almost every questions.
I did the same thing for Maths but this time I found another victim, Xing Rou bwahahah.

I really salute Suet's patience. She never gives up on me even if she knows she have to repeat the same single thing for 4651025751324698 times. Felt so touched, exactly like what Teacher Kelly did to me *sniffs*

Tomorrow will be the first time in my 11 years of school in Sri KL, celebrating Teacher's Day only for 3 periods and then, lessons will be on as usual during the 4th period. This is soooooooooo poootong. If I have a choice, I rather choose to not celebrate it.

I did my Buku Tunai all by myself today! I'm super proud of myself because I can finally catch up with the teacher's world and not being left out. We have objectives for accounts which requires a lot of theories wtfff.

I have to be the "bad" person today during Science. The last period was supposed to be Moral but somehow Ms.Voo took the class over because she thinks our Science is really bad.
So, fine then. It was after PE. As per usual, the guys took forever to get themselves change and some of them enjoy staying outdoors. So Hendrich was one of em'.

My class have this "backstabbing" thing around so the guys like telling teachers where they are and stuff like that. Someone told Ms.Voo that Hendrich is inside 4 Delta and asked her to see from the lil window.

She did and Hendrich ran back to our class without her noticing. It was damn funny but Ms.Voo, I assume she's really sensitive, she wanted Hendrich to see Mr. Tan immediately for being late to class but of course, Hendrich didn't want to. Then this is where the whole Hendrich was fucking pissed at the other half of the class for backstabbing him and he left the class just like that and shouted to the teacher.

Uh huh.. Ms.Voo was randomly picking some "trustable" girls to pass her note to Mr.Tan and I just don't know why she picked me instead of Suet lor! She always calls Suet name for whatever she does but why must I be the one to this problem? I didn't want to and she was like you have to whether you want it or not pfft.

I went down and Mr.Tan wanted Hendrich to see him. I really feel guilty for doing this but I've got no choice right? So its not partly my fault although the guys actually asked me to walk around the school instead of going to the staffroom. Her patience is gone but its just some small problem and he does it almost daily, ain't she used to it yet? wtff.

The worst thing is after he left the class, the class started to put the blame on each other. Eh wtf, everyone of you told her that he was in the other class right, why can't they just admit it instead of blaming it on others? *roll eyes*

I smell yummy chicken wing. Adios!

Loves, V.

06 May 2008

I love ShinChan

Mid term is just around the corner and ready to sapu me away. Its 6 days to be exact and its gonna last for as long as two weeks wtff. I haven't master my accountings neither is my add maths and modern maths but I can't be bothered to be honest.

I haven't memorise those shits of business, economics, history and general science. I don't understand anything bout my english short stories neither the stupid bukit kepong story. And everything mentioned above are coming out for mid term! *shoot me* x_x

The shopping mood is already turned on just because I've been saving moos for around one and a half month. I am so so so desperate for money, so could you guys kindly click the nuffnang adv for me? *big wet eyes*
Eh shortage of money ok. Mummykins don't wanna sponsor abit so what can I do? Its not like I can work outside as part time right.. So the only way is to earn through the net! Your co-operation is much much appreciated haha.

Felt so restless being in school today. Thank god I enjoyed the lessons though we have add maths and maths. I don't know why I suck so badly in calculations when the others in the family are quite good in it pfft. I DON'T WANNA BE THE ODD ONE OUT! *brush up, vivian!*

Oh yeah, I finally eyed on a LV bag which will prolly take me 10 years of time to get it. Yes, dreaming dreaming again.

Monogram Mini Lin Speedy.

Loves, V.

05 May 2008


I'm back to blogger! I sound excited but truly deep down my pink heart, I'm not. In fact, I'm scared that I would say something wrong by accident because I say what I felt like saying. Fine I admit, I don't think before I talk. I'm gonna be really careful on my words starting from now.

First and foremost before I start saying rubbish, I would wanna apologise if relinking me is a big big trouble to you. I also took the trouble to go to everyone's blog and leave a message there okay! It took me forever to think whether I should do that or not.
Sigh, I'm missing Multiply already. If only Multiply allows JavaScripts in that case, I can be a nuffnanger! Lack of money okay.

Anyway, I'm somehow blogging bout Sports Day again. T'was probably the best one compared to the past 3 years. I feel so semangated this year though I didn't contribute anything to the house. I actually bothered to remind everyone to come wtff. Don't sound like Vivian at all.

It went on very smooth and successfully. Despite the fact that Mr.Sun shone really brightly or maybe he was PMS-ing ish ish. Thank god I had Ley Tau's sunblock to save me.
Yellow won overall champion. Red won cheer. Yellow won marchpast. We played a lil waterfight after the closing ceremony.

Pei Wuon can't make it for jogging again pfft. I wonder if its excuses or she really can't make it haha ;p.


Loves, V.