31 December 2008

Its the Last

2008 has finally come to an end. Looking back, I really regret for things I've said and done that hurt all my loved ones. The disappointment and hatred gawd, I wouldn't wanna see that anymore. After what I went through, it made me realize lots of things. I'm proud to say, my mind is finally growing whether to someone wiser or not wtf :)

To the special someone, x, you made me learned alot throughout the whole year. I don't tell you much but we're just close like that. I'm sorry that I made sucha a mistake. I'm sorry that I hurt you deep, I am very very sorry. In the incoming year, I will fulfill all my promises to you and make sure I don't make the same mistakes again. Thank you for giving me another chance. I am not good in words but yeah I hope you'll get me.

Sooo.. did you realize that I made a few changes in the blog? Thanks a million to Melisa for her big big help! Not much difference but I think I prefer it be like that. Prettified ;)

Let's all welcome the incoming year whether you will be staying home or out with friends! I hereby, wishes everyone a Very Happy New Year 2009!

p/s: I'm obsessed with my blog.

p/p/s: New year's resolution? Stop complaining, go on a successful diet, serious studying time! I doubt any of these 3 will come true.

Lotsa love, V.

30 December 2008


I'm in Paps office now. Thankiu Viwawa for the awesome company through the hours and I'm still not bored of it yet. Its not a game for lamers, d'oohh.

My friends cancelled on me! I swear I was muthafcking pissed that I can goble GP down the tummyy.. Its NYE goodness how cheap do you expect it to be dei? You want cheap? Free? Then sing your lungs out in the toilet while you bath. But come to think of it again, paying RM42 for 3 hours + 2 drinks excluding the junks, service charge and 5% tax.. its quite unworthy.

I think we would just stick to dinner, movies, you spray me i spray you, fireworks, get lost and finally home. No I don't like the plan but I don't have better plans and I dislike staying home what more its home alone.

Maxis, I love you ;) despite I still need to wait 2 days from DiGi but whatever! I'm sure you're gonna give me much better service than DiGi. Please don't go bonkers luvluv.

It's 14 days away.


28 December 2008


*pats on my own shoulder*

I did a good job today! I cooked brunch for my maid and myself.. It is edible and its not just your normal fried rice man. Its so nice till I don't even wanna tell you how nice it is. Overall, I rate a 11.5/10! *proud* Like mother, like daughter tsk tsk ;P

I alsoo.. nyahahaha jeng jeng jeng.. wrapped my books! There isn't much to wrap since we will still be using some of our Form 4 books. By the way, thankiuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Jensu for your books! I will look for you for papers, no worries >:) Saved alot on books this year goodness. I need to clean up the book mess in my room. It've been there since last year and I haven't get to clean the mess! I need a empty big box. I have my Form 1, 2, 3 books with me wtf. Donation?

My plan on NYE is on! After so many months of wanting to be in Redbox/Neway sheesh. Now, I have to keep my fingers crossed for available rooms *fingers crossed* They better have rooms!! Sing ma lungs out *joy*

2008 is coming to an end.

Geo Lens can really do magic wtf.

Loves, V.


I'm really tired right now. I'll blog tomorrow instead.

Muffin was the cutest thing ever gosh! ♥

Loves, V.

25 December 2008


Once again, ohmyvivian wishes all readers a Very Happy Merry Christmas! How was your christmas celebration? Sadly, fatty Santa did not drop by my house wtf. Nothing I asked for came true either *sigh* I should've knew it was a fat chance >:(

After yesterday, it really makes me feel like I'm one step closer to my brother. I'm never close to him compared to cSeong. He doesn't stay at home often, he doesn't talk to me often, he doesn't joke with me and all he ever did was to scold me for whatever I do. Its like he have something against me all the time. We can never communicate well like never.

The car ride to Pyramid, fetched by Mengwai was really beneficial. I finally know what's going on around him, the people he hangs out with, girls and family. It wasn't much but it was helpful :) I was told that he really really love the shoe we got him and he was talking bout it all the time to his friends wtf 24 years old liao halo.

& the most shocking thing is that.. jeng jeng jeng! HE EVEN TALKED ABOUT THE IPOD NANO I WANTED MUAHAHAHA. So happy can die ok?!?! Aight maybe his just crapping but it really made me happy cause he actually remembered bout the stuff I asked for and ok la even if his not getting it for me, I'll still be happy (You think I really am?). I'm not a very materialistic sister ok >:(

Anyway, I celebrated my eve with Peiwuon, Shawn and Lamshein in Pyramid. I'm getting really sick of being in Pyramid already but because its the nearest mall from my house. I really wanted to go The Curve badly but wtf man I blame the location I'm staying wtf. Again I'm repeating myself, I stay in the middle of no where!! Anyanyway, we watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.

OMGOODNESSS! I love love love love love love love the movie to the max! Aaron Johnson is so rapeable wtf wtf. I'm sure most of the girls will love it especially those who are still studying in schools ;P. Its a must must watch or you'll regret till you die wtf. We were making noise about the seat we got, like the 4th row from the front lor!! Halo, neck also pain la please. But...

Aaron Johnson is worth the pain wtf. I was very very very very close to him ok! His officially my boyfriend to backup Wilber when his away wtf. I think they should change a better looking girl than Georgia seriously but overall, her acting was okay. Oh btw, its a British movie and Aaron Johnson is a british man! N'ooohhhh, I don't like their accent but wtf his so hot who cares.

Rating: 11/10!!!!!!!

Sadly, he looks really horrible in pictures. I mean VERY VERY HORRIBLE.
Downloading movie in process muahaha.

Random. I saw this car and I couldn't help it but to burst into laughters. It is a problem to me lor -_-

Wow, long post. Let's see how many people bother reading.

Loves, V.

Happy 24th, Brotherbear!

Love you to bits! Muahahaha.

Happy 24th ;)

Loves, V.

24 December 2008

X'mas Eve.


Loves, V.

23 December 2008


I have been very lazy lately, to a stage that I don't give a damn about my analytics anymore. I am very very lazy to even check my Nuffnang. But this doesn't mean that I don't care about how much I get weekly! So don't stop reading please, do some good deed k ;P

Went out yesterday to collect my geo lens. It has finally arrived muahaha! Ok I was really worried if the seller is really lansi or or bitchy kinda girl wtf but I guess I really think too much lol. Busuk got the brown one and I got the grey one. I had a hard time putting the lens into my eyes. The lens is bigger than my eyes wtf. Got damn frus but somehow it ended up inside my eyes already hoho. I look like I'm about to cry with the lens.

Its really uncomfortable at first but got used to it really quick. There ain't much difference :( I should've bought the brown one instead, regret regret. Mummykins didn't even know I was wearing contacts *sigh* I think I just threw 50rm into the seawater wtf.

That's me with my smelly pillow ;P
Don't you feel like telling me stop crying wtf.

On the happier note *evil laughs*, Busuk got me my early birthday pressie! She got me a BB Cream nyahahaha. I've always wanted to try it cause Jensu kept on praising it. I think its a lil dry for my skin :( I have a very very very very very dry skin wtf. Its time to take good care of it already before I start to regret *sigh*

Oh the other day, cSeong brought me out to watch Ip Man along with his friends. Haven't seen KenVII for 5 good years! Finally met him and he was still as funny as ever. He even wanted to cheer me up with popcorn cause I was in a really bad mood the other day but no worries! 我想通了!;)

Its supposed to be pronounce as YIP MAN not I-P MAN wtf wtf. Why did they even come up with such name man! Confuse ppl only wtf.

9.5/10 *two thumbs up*
I am never a fan of action movies. Is this even a action movies? ANYTHING WILL DO LA WTF BUT since I would say this is nice, this has to be nice already! Go watch it, you'll never regret!

Donnie Yen is so hot wtf. He looks so damn good even with wrinkles man.

Watched this again. I didn't even finish it. Its quite boring *yawns*

I'm left with my Day 5 but I don't think I would blog about it cause my battery died the last day I was there. I only had a few pictures with me and I'm too lazy to pass the pendrive to Patrick wtf. Will do it after the editings prolly.

In the mean time, check this out.


Spotted this kid in a temple. So cute can die. But his mum is really lansi can die wtf. She rolled her eyes at me leh when I didn't even do anything. I took this photo without her noticing. The kid loves me ok, he kept on smiling at me *blushes*

shut up.

Loves, V.

21 December 2008

Hong Kong - Day 4

Camwhored with Mummykins before my peningness.

I loveeee the food!

Checked in Venetian after dinner. The lobby hall ;)


Our room. Magnum/Toto anyone? ;D

The minute we entered the room, Mum and I dropped jaws! It's so beautiful and grand. Love love their concept to death man. Everything is very pretty in there. Lemme show you.

Mum's and mine ;P

Paps. WAHAHAHAHA. I know I'm very very mean but Paps was ok with it ;P

Mum's idea -_-

Had a walk around Venetian after we settled down.

Mum thought the clouds were moving wtf -_-

I thought it was a statue when I first passed by until I saw peoples crowding, I had a closer look and wtf that fella winked at me! I stoned and ran to my mum wtf.

Pretty tree ;P

I love love my socks to the max. Its so colorful wahahaha.

Mum left me alone outside the casino. All the shops were closed and I have nothing to do at all! The security guards were staring at me as if I'm looking for a good chance to run inside (I'll come to this later) wtf. Those china men were staring at me like I'm looking for business x_X. I DON'T LOOK LIKE I'M FROM CHINA HELLO WTF. People come asking me if I need ship tix, they're selling it illegally. OMGOODNESSSSSSS, I FELT LIKE DYING THAT MOMENT OK.

So right, they were a bunch of pretty young ladies prolly around my age only but they look really really matured like around 20+. The casinos are only limited to above 18s. They came in a group, around 6 person. And they were running to the entrance till the security guard was shouting for help from his friend lol? Only one manage to get in lol. Very scary mann. I seriously don't know how did these ladies get their balls to do that wtf.

-_- I have no mood to correct my Vinglish.

Loves, V.

20 December 2008

Hong Kong - Day 3

Rise and shine!
Bought the boots for 199hkd. VERY EXPENSIVE CAN DIE but I ♥ it.

Some harbour which I forgot the name of it. Victoria? WHAT ISSIT AGAIN, XIAN? LOL.

"I got it from my Mama ~"
Poser mum.

L - R: Joyce, Moi, Mum and Patrick.

On our way to some beach.

Spot the fatness WTF.

Longevity Bridge (长寿乔)
They say you'll have a 3 years life longer each time you walk the bridge.
(wtv, i dono how to put it in a sentence. understand this urself -_-)

Stanley (赤柱) Market.

A random dog I saw on the street. Its a female btw, very very obedient!

Had dinner here.

Night view of Avenue of Stars (香港星光大道)
Look at the quality of the photo man wtf. X'mas present anyone?

Eric Tsang's mini hand.

Avenue of Stars was crowded with many many people. It wasn't even easy to snap a photo of the hands grr. Gave up after Eric's. Headed over to Lady Street (女人街) after that. Very unproductive shopping.

I am veryy lazy to recall back what I did the whole day so I captionized the pictures. Its not like you would bother reading right! You're here prolly because you're bored or for the pictures >:(

The other probability is.. you love me! ;)

Loves, V.

Happy Anni!

From your beloved daughter ;)

19 December 2008

Hong Kong - Day 2, HK Disneyland

Aight, before I start I have to make myself clear nuff that I AM NOT A GOOD PHOTOGRAPHER hence the BAD ANGLE PHOTOS. I was basically squeezing through the gap between the pole and Patrick. Plus, Patrick's hand was blocking my view! No complains k :)

Got up really early in the morning and walked to some street for dimsum breakies hoho. You gotta love their Hagau (虾较) and Siumai (烧卖)! Its so so so so so so good! Sorry, no food photos ;P Very shy can die haha.


Boarded the bus and off we left to Disneyland. I wasn't looking forward to it at all, like not at all. I rather save the time to do something elses like staying in or anywhere but Disneyland wtf. Its really really small and there's nothing to play at all omg -__-. We stayed there like the whole day and I swear its fucking fucking boring.

Well, let the pictures do the talking then.

Our ticket which cost like 100rm+ wtf.

Our group photo.
If you bother enlarging it, you can never see our eyes haha! Mr.Sun :(

Mum wanted a photo wtf.

On the cinderella ride.
She's a bad photographer so I deleted mine.


Chips & Dale.

Disney's Princesses.

Alice in Wonderland.

Toy Story.


I haven't watch my drama! See you in the next post ;)

Loves, V.